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"A cabal at the heart of the deep state, conjectured by Mark Gorton in his "50 years Of The Deep State", which was formed around the assassination of JFK, and - bound by a treasonous shared secret - could not dissolve, but which has more or less controlled the outcome of US presidential elections ever since, and has consolidated its control of the US government in the process." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
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Interest of Russ Baker, Danny Casolaro, Anton Chaitkin, Bonnie Faulkner, Mark Gorton, Guns And Butter, Peter Dale Scott, Sherman Skolnick
Exposed by Steve Kangas
Membership • Lyndon Johnson
• J Edgar Hoover
• Allen Dulles
• GHW Bush
• Curtis LeMay
• HL Hunt
• Clint Murchison Jr.
• James Jesus Angleton
• Cord Meyer
• E Howard Hunt
• William Harvey
• David Morales
• Edward Lansdale
• Gerald Ford
• Barack Obama
A cabal at the heart of the deep state, conjectured by Mark Gorton in his "50 years Of The Deep State", which was formed around the assassination of JFK, and - bound by a treasonous shared secret - could not dissolve, but which has more or less controlled the outcome of US presidential elections ever since, and has consolidated its control of the US government in the process.

The United States Deep state, sometimes just referred to as The Deep State or, informally, as "the Cabal" is an informal, off-the-books group believed to control the supranational network of deep state groups. Mark Gorton's essay Fifty Years of the Deep State provides an excellent introduction to the trail of footprints this group has left on US history post 1963. He describes how after a group of conspirators had coalesced around the plan to assassinate John F. Kennedy, they were then bound by a treasonous shared secret and so could not dissolve. He describes how the group has more or less controlled the outcome of US presidential elections ever since, and consolidated its control of the US government in the process.[1]


Big money has a long history of organising paid goons to carry out its dirty work, whether through formal agencies (e.g. the Pinkertons) or otherwise. Since WW2 this process has been systematised and improved communications allowed local cabals to coalesce and be replaced by a single, larger group, first of US-wide, then global importance.

The Proto-cabal

Mark Gorton references, without any details, Allen Dulles, John Foster Dulles and Prescott Bush as key members of the 'proto-cabal', i.e. an organised political group which was nevertheless looser than the cabal proper which emerged after the assassination of JFK quickened the conspirators.[2]

CIA Groups

The CIA's assassination squad, Operation 40, was created originally with foreign targets such as Fidel Castro in mind, but it seems highly likely that it played an important role in the JFK assassination. Moreover, Operation 40 members are also involved in a wide range of subsequent clandestine operations such as CIA Drug Trafficking, Arms for Libya, Iran-Contra and 9/11. This was probably the most important single group in the formation the cabal, just as the JFK assassination was the most important event. Another hit squad of importance in that its members seem to recur in deep events is the Vietnam War group, Task Force Alpha.


Originally a single operation clandestine network, the cabal was "quickened" after taking control of the presidency and their shared secrets bound the group together into a multi-generational criminal cabal, which has been more or less in control of the US government ever since. Hiding its tracks has been a top priority ever since 1963, and a range of tactics have been employed to do this, most notably a firm grip over the commercially-controlled media. Gorton introduces his section on the "quickening of the cabal" with the following precis:

“The criminals who took over the government had an incredible fear of being exposed. If exposed, they would be hung for treason. Fear of exposure bound the network behind the Coup of ’63 into an incredibly powerful political force which has dominated the American federal political system for the last 50 years.”
Mark Gorton (2013)  - [3]

Gorton claims that with the shared guilt of the JFK assassination to bind them together, the cabal members have exercised an ever tighter grip over political power in the US, and the US presidency in particular. Their top priority were the ability to cover their tracks, so control of the commercially-controlled media and the US Justice Department have been a top priority, as well as the ability to suppress knowledge by assassinating key witnesses.

Early 1970's Leadership Struggle

“By 1973, the original leaders of the Cabal were dying off: Allen Dulles died in 1969, J Edgar Hoover in 1972, and LBJ in 1973. The death of their leaders created a power vacuum at the top of the Cabal, and as the Cabal was fighting off threats from the outside world, an internal battle was taking place for control of the Cabal and ultimately the control of power in America. Three factions fought for power: a network of old boys from the OSS (the Office of Strategic Services, the WWII precursor to the CIA), a group within the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), and a group within the CIA led by George H. W. Bush.”
Mark Gorton (2013)  - [3]

Gorton suggests that George H. W Bush's leadership of the cabal was assured by his successful pulling off of the Watergate Coup, and that the since that event, the Bush family has been in effective charge of the cabal.[4]

The Cabal The Next Generation

The Cabal-cheney-rumsfeld.jpg

Many of the younger generation of cabal leaders got their big career break in the administration of Gerald Ford following the Watergate coup. Dick Cheney served as Ford’s Chief of Staff, Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense, and George H. W. Bush was made head of the CIA. Gorton references, again without details, George W Bush, Marvin Bush, Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, Condoleezza Rice, (Saudis...) as members of the 'next generation cabal'.[2][5]

Ending The Deep State

In an unfinished section of his essay on the Deep state, Gorton refers to "the rise of the internet and the liberation of the truth"[4], opining that the truth will out, and old methods of censorship are doomed to fail since information is so easily communicable using modern technology. He concludes his essay on The Political Dominance of The Cabal by suggesting a truth commission as one way to break the cycle of criminal and corrupting behaviour: “I call for a Truth Commission to publicly and openly uncover the horrible secrets buried away behind walls of government secrecy. A Truth Commission would provide an opportunity for all people to come forward and confess crimes related to the Cabal... A Truth Commission could be a very effective way to purge the evil of the Cabal from our system. As hard as it may be to believe, things are so bad in the United States, we need a Truth Commission.”[2]


Events carried out

2001 Anthrax attacks18 September 2001 - 9 October 2001West Palm Beach
New York
Washington DC
9-1111 September 2001New York
Washington DC
JFK/Assassination22 November 1963Grassy knoll
Gulf War2 August 1990 - 28 February 1991Kuwait
MLK/Assassination4 April 1968Lorraine Motel
October surprise1980US
Oklahoma City bombing19 April 1995Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
Oklahoma City Bombing
Paul Wellstone/Assassination25 October 2002 10:22:00Minnesota
RFK/Assassination5 June 1968 00:15:00Ambassador Hotel
Los Angeles
Savings and loan fraud1986 - 1995US
Watergate coup17 June 1972 - 9 August 1974Watergate Complex

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