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Money is the technology used to represent wealth.


Money has evolved in many different fashions in different places throughout history. So-caleed "precious" metals such as gold and silver have been used in many places, in part because of its visual appeal, scarcity and relative unreactivity.

Money paper bank notes were derived from gold ownership certificates in the Middle Ages.


The modern system of fractional reserve banking is widely criticised as being tool of the rich used to extract tribute from the poor. Recommended alternatives include nationally issued money, as was the case before the creation of central banks such as the Bank of England.

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Banning high denomination banknotes

In 2016, India and Venezuela banned their highest denomination banknote. Australia was also reported to be considering the same move.[2]

Money laundering

Full article: Money laundering

Money laundering is the process of obscuring the origin of money, e.g. if it arises from theft or drug trafficking.



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  1. Rethinking money - How new currencies turn scarcity into prosperity