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Concept.png Money 
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Money is the technology used to represent wealth.


Money has evolved in many different fashions in different places throughout history. So-caleed "precious" metals such as gold and silver have been used in many places, in part because of its visual appeal, scarcity and relative unreactivity.

Money paper bank notes were derived from gold ownership certificates in the Middle Ages.


The modern system of fractional reserve banking is widely criticised as being tool of the rich used to extract tribute from the poor. Recommended alternatives include nationally issued money, as was the case before the creation of central banks such as the Bank of England.

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Banning high denomination banknotes

In 2016, India and Venezuela banned their highest denomination banknote. Australia was also reported to be considering the same move.[2]

Money laundering

Full article: Money laundering

Money laundering is the process of obscuring the origin of money, e.g. if it arises from theft or drug trafficking.



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John Perry Barlow“The economy of the future is based on relationships rather than possessions.”John Perry Barlow
George Carlin“Now, to balance the scale, I'd like to talk about some things that bring us together, things that point out our similarities instead of our differences. 'Cause that's all you ever hear about in this country. It's our differences. That's all the media and the politicians are ever talking about—the things that separate us, things that make us different from one another. That's the way the ruling class operates in any society. They try to divide the rest of the people. They keep the lower and the middle classes fighting with each other so that they, the rich, can run off with all the fucking money! Fairly simple thing. Happens to work. You know? Anything different—that's what they're gonna talk about—race, religion, ethnic and national background, jobs, income, education, social status, sexuality, anything they can do to keep us fighting with each other, so that they can keep going to the bank! You know how I define the economic and social classes in this country? The upper class keeps all of the money, pays none of the taxes. The middle class pays all of the taxes, does all of the work. The poor are there just to scare the shit out of the middle class. Keep 'em showing up at those jobs.”George Carlin
Document:The Occult Technology of Power“We are undone, my dear sir, if legislation is still permitted which makes our money, much or little, real or imaginary, as the moneyed interests shall choose to make it.”Thomas Jefferson
J. P. Morgan“... [credit] is an evidence of banking, but it [credit] is not the money itself. Money is gold, and nothing else.”J.P. Morgan & Co.
J. P. Morgan
Subsistence“The great enemy of enterprising capital is a self-sustaining life.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a> A family living a self-contained existence on a piece of land is profitable to no one.<a href="#cite_note-2">[2]</a> Once the family is displaced, the land can be put to profit. Dispossessed adults can be ‘gainfully employed’ (whose gain?) and the whole family can be trained up—via advertising and the rest—as consumers. Lastly, in the peculiar perversity of modern economics, the illnesses, depressions, crimes and other discontents of the dependent are of immense profit to the pharmaceutical, insurance, care, security, manufacturing, entertainment and prison industries.”Ivo Mosley2013


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