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Born Huey Pierce Long Jr.
Winnfield, Louisiana, United States
Died 1935-09-10 (Age 42)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Alma mater Tulane University
Children • Rose McConnell Long McFarland
• Russell B. Long
• Palmer Reid Long
Relatives • George S. Long
• Earl Long
• Blanche Long
• Gillis Long
• Speedy O. Long
• Swords Lee
Spouse Rose McConnell Long
Victim of assassination
Party Democratic

Huey Long was a popular ex-governor of Louisiana, 1928-1932; senator from Louisiana, 1932-1935; a promising presidential hopeful, 1935.


A month after deckaring that he would run for US president, Long was shot by a "lone nut" gunman[Who?]. Some people[Who?] suggest that he was shot by one of his own (bribed?) body guards. He was not killed outright and prompt medical attention might have saved his life.[1]


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