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Type nation state
Location Middle East
Subgroups Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah
Member of Arab League, Safari Club
Longtime political ally of the USA, Saudi Arabia possesses larger easily accessible oil reserves than any other nation state.

Saudi Arabia is a large nation state in the Middle East. It has huge oil reserves. In 2013, Saudi Arabia was #4 in the world in terms of military expenditure.[1]

Official narrative

Commercially-controlled media do not say much about the human rights record of the Saudi government. The country has what was termed in Vice an "antiquated legal system based primarily around sharia law", and beheaded dozens of its citizens in 2014, for example.[2]

Fossil fuel reserves

Saudi Arabia has the largest easily accessible oil reserves in the world. Saudi Arabia also has the 6th largest gas reserves of any nation state, nearly 5% of total global reserves.[3]

Human rights

Saudi Arabia has Islamic Sharia laws which allow the death penalty to be imposed for murder, rape, apostasy, armed robbery, drug trafficking and repeated drug use.[4] Amputations and public floggings are also carried out, leading to criticism by the United Nations Committee against Torture.[5]

Sheikh Nimr

In 2012 Sheikh Nimr, a teenager, was shot in the leg, arrested and subsequently tortured. In 15 October 2014, he was sentenced to death by the Specialized Criminal Court for "seeking 'foreign meddling' in [Saudi Arabia], 'disobeying' its rulers and taking up arms against the security forces" and his brother, Mohammad al-Nimr, was arrested on the same day for tweeting information about the death sentence. His nephew, Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr, who also participated in the 2011–12 Saudi Arabian protests, was arrested in 2012, sentenced to death in 2014, and expected ratification of his sentence by King Salman of Saudi Arabia, to be carried out by beheading and crucifixion. The hacker collective, 'Anonymous', protested the plan to kill him and later launched DDOS attacks in protest.[6]

US relationship

As noted by John Perkins in Confessions Of An Economic Hitman, the US has a long standing secret deal to support the Saudi government as long as it has easy access to Saudi oil. CIA/Deep State operative Frank Terpil admits working for the government of Saudi Arabia.[7]

Since President Obama took power, the US has been distancing itself from Saudi Arabia. The most notable single step in this process was probably the Obama administration's decision to declassify the 28 pages of the9-11/Joint Congressional Inquiry, which indicate that Saudi Arabia was involved in 9-11.[8]


Saudi Arabia was the recipient of arms in the corrupt multi-billion dollar Al-Yamamah arms deal with the UK. In 2011, the USA sold $33.4 billion of weapons to the kingdom, just over half its total weapons sales that year.[9]

Nuclear Weapons

In May 2015, the Sunday Times reported that Saudi Arabia had decided to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan.[10]



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