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(businessman, academic, journalist)
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Alma materCornell University
Interests • JFK Assassination
• Diamonds

Dr Edward Jay Epstein is a US researcher, academic and journalist.


Edward Jay Epstein was a close friend of John Taylor Gatto at Cornell.[1] In 1966, while still a graduate student at Cornell, he published Inquest: The Warren Commission and the Establishment of Truth, an influential critique of the Warren Commission. It accepted that Lee Harvey Oswald did kill John F. Kennedy, but challenged the single-bullet theory and cited evidence to suggest that more than one gunman was involved (thus presaging the 1978 fallback official narrative of the House Select Committee on Assassinations).


Epstein wrote Legend (1978) and Deception (1989), both of which drew on interviews with James Jesus Angleton. In 1983 he published Ruling The World Of Money about the BIS.[2]

JFK Assassination

John Simkin writes that "In 1977, George De Mohrenschildt approached Epstein complaining that he was short of money. Epstein offered him $4,000 for an interview. During their talks De Mohrenschildt admitted that in 1962 he had been contacted by J. Walton Moore, who was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency in Dallas. De Mohrenschildt was asked by Moore to find out about Oswald's time in the Soviet Union. In return he was given help with an oil deal he was negotiating with Papa Doc Duvalier, the Haitian dictator. In March 1963, De Mohrenschildt got the contract from the Haitian government. He had assumed that this was because of the help he had given to the CIA. On 29th March, 1977, Epstein and De Mohrenschildt, broke for lunch and decided to meet again at 3 p.m. George De Mohrenschildt returned to his room where he found a card from Gaeton Fonzi, an investigator working for the Select House Committee on Assassinations. George De Mohrenschildt's body was found later that day."[3]

His 1992 obituary of Jim Garrison recalls the man with fondness, but concludes that "In each of these cases, he had, like a true Cabalist, drawn conspiratorial conclusions by attributing to innocent numbers, plucked out of a phone book, the sinister properties of hidden numbers that he claimed were encoded in them".[4]

Control of diamonds

Edward Jay Epstein wrote in 1978 that "If one man can be said to control the world's diamonds it is Harry Frederick Oppenheimer."[5]

Russian apartment bombings

Full article: Rated 4/5 Russian apartment bombings

Epstein supports the theory that the Russian apartment bombings were committed by the FSB, citing the Ryazan Incident as a major piece of evidence.[6]


Events Participated in

Colloquium on Analysis and Estimates30 November 19791 December 1979Spooky 1979 Washington conference
Colloquium on Counterintelligence24 April 198026 April 1980Spooky 1980 Washington conference


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