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Person.png Karel van Wolferen
(Journalist, Professor)
Nationality Dutch
Interests Japan
Dutch journalist and retired professor at the University of Amsterdam

Karel van Wolferen is a Dutch journalist and retired professor at the University of Amsterdam.


He was a panelist for the discussion about Japan: Political Changes at the 1990 Bilderberg.[1]

His book The Enigma of Japanese Power - ISBN 978-0394577968 - first published in 1989, has sold well over 650,000 copies in eleven languages, and he has authored fifteen subsequent books on Japanese politics and society. As a foreign correspondent for NRC Handelsblad he received the highest Dutch award for journalism, and over the years his articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Republic, The National Interest, Le Monde and numerous other newspapers and magazines.  

A Document by Karel van Wolferen

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TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Japan as an American Client Statearticle28 September 2014The Great Game
How the US secured "Regime-Change" in response to the September 2009 DPJ upset to post WWII Japanese subservience.

Event Witnessed

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Bilderberg/199010 May 1990 - 13 May 1990Glen Cove
New York
  1. File:Bilderberg-Conference-Report-1990.pdf
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