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(spook, propagandist)
Cord Meyer.jpg
Born 1920
Died 13 March 2001 (Age 81)
Alma mater Yale University
Spouse Mary Pinchot Meyer
Member of JFK/Assassination/Perpetrators, Scroll and Key, The Georgetown Set, US/Deep state
Perpetrator of Operation Mockingbird

Cord Meyer Jr. was a senior CIA officer and key covert action strategist.[1]


Meyer was born in 1920, the son of a diplomat and grandson of a New York State Democratic chairman. He attended elite schools and entered Yale University in 1939.

JFK assassination

In January 2004, E. Howard Hunt gave a taped interview claiming that Lyndon Johnson instigated the JFK assassination, and that the key organisers were Cord Meyer, David Atlee Phillips, David Sánchez Morales and Frank Sturgis.[2] Mark Gorton states that Meyer was in charge of the cover up operation.

Wife's murder

Cord Meyer's wife, Mary Pinchot Meyer, was shot dead in 1964 as she walked along the towpath of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal in Georgetown. The crime remains unsolved. After her death, Mrs. Meyer's sister and brother-in-law said they saw the top C.I.A. counterintelligence officer, James Jesus Angleton try to break into her home and take her diary,[1] which was never publicly released.[3]


An event carried out

Operation Mockingbird1950 - Present

Event Participated in

Colloquium on Intelligence and Policy9 November 1984 - 10 November 1984