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(Spook, Businessman, Politician, Deep Politician)
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Born George Herbert Walker Bush
Milton, Massachusetts, U.S.
Alma mater Yale University
Religion Episcopalian
Children • George W Bush
• John Ellis Bush
• Neil Mallon Pierce Bush
• Marvin Pierce Bush
• Dorothy Walker Bush Koch
• Pauline Robinson "Robin" Bush
Relatives • See
• Bush family
Spouse Barbara Bush
Founder of The Enterprise, Zapata Oil
Member of Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Bush family, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Skull and Bones, US/Deep state
Perpetrator of Iran-Contra
Party Republican
Skull and bones mastermind of the bush family busine$$.

Seal Of The President Of The United States Of America.png US President Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
January 20, 1989 - January 20, 1993
Employer US Government
Deputy Dan Quayle
Preceded by Ronald Reagan
Succeeded by Bill Clinton
"Embarked on a massive criminal romp"...

US Vice President Seal.png US Vice President Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
January 20, 1981 - January 20, 1989
Employer US Government
Boss Ronald Reagan
Preceded by Walter Mondale
Succeeded by Dan Quayle

CIA.svg Director of Central Intelligence Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
January 30, 1976 - January 20, 1977
Appointed by Gerald Ford
Preceded by William Colby
Succeeded by E. Henry Knoche
Brought in as an outsider to reform the CIA, Bush’s real job - at which he was highly successful - was to staunch the flow of secrets out of it.

Employment.png Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office to the People's Republic of China

In office
September 26, 1974 - December 7, 1975
Appointed by Gerald Ford
Moved as far away from the Watergate investigations as possible, a job which didn't require senate approval.

Employment.png Chair of the Republican National Committee

In office
January 19, 1973 - September 16, 1974
Preceded by Bob Dole

Employment.png United States Ambassador to the United Nations Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
March 1, 1971 - January 18, 1973
Preceded by Charles Woodruff Yost
Nixon upgraded this job especially for George H. W. Bush.

George H.W. Bush is a pivotal deep politician, long time head of the Bush family, who was most efficiently unmasked by Russ Baker's highly recommended Family of Secrets. Like his father, Prescott Bush, George was initiated into the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale. A lot of evidence suggests that he joined the CIA soon after, and that his own gifts as a spook allowed him to capitalize like no one before him on his family connections.[1] As Mark Gorton summarizes:

“George H.W. Bush was such a pivotal figure because he bridged two separate worlds. He was a deep CIA insider, a lifelong intelligence operative, and he also came from an elite family and was intimately tied to the East Coast business elite. His father, Prescott, had been managing partner at the Wall Street investment bank Brown Brothers Harriman and also a US Senator. The Bush and Rockefeller families were very close. George H.W.’s grandfather Samuel had been business partners with John D. Rockefeller’s brother, and over the generation the Bush and Rockefeller clans had remained close. Empowered with these dual networks, George H.W. Bush could work within the dark nether-realms of the intelligence community, as well as, the Republican power elite.”
Mark Gorton (2013)    —   [2]


George Bush, around 1963, on a Zapata Oil Rig

Bush almost certainly joined the US intelligence community (probably the CIA) early in life, although paperwork confirming when has still to surface, presumably because Bush had records of his early CIA career destroyed. His cover story was that of an independent businessman, involved with a variety of apparently unprofitable business ventures. These explained a lot of foreign travel, particularly to areas of the world where CIA operations were ongoing, or being planned. In 1953 he set up Zapata Oil, along with business partners John Overbey, Hugh Liedtke, Bill Liedtke and Thomas J. Devine. Knowledge of his intelligence connections did not become public until much later.[1]

JFK Assassination

George H. W. Bush has claimed that he can't remember exactly where he was on the day of the JFK Assassination, though at times he has said that he was "somewhere in Texas."[3] Russ Baker's Family of Secrets exposes a lot of Bush's connections to a small group of Texas oil men, highlights their concern with the oil depletion allowance (a hugely profitable government measure which Kennedy's successor protected) and to the Cuban exile community involved in the Bay of Pigs operation through Operation 40.

The Parrott Memo

Full article: The Parrott Memo
The Parrot Memo, referencing a call by one "George H. W. Bush", the day that JFK was shot - a day he has claimed he cannot recall.
"Move along folks, nothing to see here..." Just another declassified FBI memo.

Watergate coup

Full article: Watergate Coup

Mark Gorton writes that after bugs planted in Nixon's office revealed that he was planning a purge of the US administration, George H.W. Bush successfully ensconced himself as head of the cabal that carried out the JFK Assassination by pulling off the Watergate coup and replacing the dangerously independent Richard Nixon with the controllable Gerald Ford. This ended a power struggle which had been brewing after the initial leaders had died off.

1976 Role as DCI

In 1976 Gerald Ford brought Bush back to Washington to become Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), replacing William Colby. At that time he was not recognised as a lifelong intelligence operative. Gorton summarises his brief but effective role in office as follows:

Despite his decades long involvement as a deep CIA insider, Bush was falsely brought in as an outsider who could reform the CIA. Bush’s real job was to staunch the flow of secrets out of the CIA and prevent the exposure of the truly explosive evil truths of the now multiple Coups d’état executed by the CIA.

Mark Gorton[2]

Peter Dale Scott points to 1976 as a singularly important year in the evolution of the US Deep State; the Safari Club was launched, and a large number of CIA personnel left during the "clean up" carried out by Bush. They did not, however, give up their tradecraft, merely offshored it as the deep state shifted operations away from the CIA, which in the 1970s had been attracting increasing scrutiny.[4]

Although DCI for just under a year, the Headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia, was named in 1999 the "George Bush Center for Intelligence" as if to pay homage to his key role as CIA plumber. At the naming ceremony, Bush said: "I left here some 22 years ago after a limited tenure, and my stay here had a major impact on me. The CIA became part of my heartbeat back then, and it's never gone away."[5]

Development of the "War on Terror"

Image credit: WhoWhatWhy

George H.W. Bush spoke on "The U.S. and the Fight Against International Terrorism" at Benjamin Netanyahu's seminal 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism. With other key spooks and deep politicians, he laid the clandestine groundwork for he "war on terror" which was to be so publicly be rolled out in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

The Enterprise

Full article: Stub class article The Enterprise

Mark Gorton claims that George H. W. Bush "set out to build a criminal organization without parallel in US history", which Gorton refers to as "the enterprise", a name given it by Iran-Contra conspirator General Richard Secord[2].

The Enterprise was a massive 5000 person large hierarchical criminal organization with George H.W. Bush as its CEO. The Enterprise was a multifaceted criminal conglomerate that ran a large number of criminal activities including: drug trafficking, arms trafficking, savings and loan fraud, securities fraud, oil and gas fraud, insurance fraud, and real estate fraud. Embedded within the national security infrastructure and protected from prosecution by corrupted enforcement agencies like the SEC, FBI, DEA, ATF, etc., The Enterprise embarked on a massive criminal romp.[2]

The most serious public hint of what was underway was Iran-Contra, which was nevertheless largely covered up (especially the drug trafficking angle).[6] Large numbers of mid level operatives (several hundreds, at least) were murdered in order ro

US (Vice) President

Bush was US Vice President under Ronald Reagan from 20 January 1981 - 20 January 1989, followed by 4 years as US President. In 1981[citation needed] he ordered the destruction of all CIA files about his earlier CIA career. The continued existence of The Parrott Memo suggests that he was unable to so cleanly the eliminate evidence from other US agencies.

September 11th

Full article: Rated 4/5 9-11

George H. W. Bush spent the night of September 10th, 2001 at the White House. The next day he attended the 2001 investor conference of the Carlyle Group, at which the "guest of honour" was Shafiq bin Laden.[7] Mark Gorton infers that George H.W. Bush was most likely the key organiser of the September 11 attacks:

“I have seen no evidence directly linking George H.W. (Poppy) Bush directly to the 9/11 attacks, but just as physicists can detect the presence of a black hole by the actions of other bodies around it, so the massive force of George H.W. Bush in the 9/11 op can be inferred. Many people extremely close to Poppy Bush were actively involved in the 9/11 op, including: his son oldest son, George W. Bush; his youngest son, Marvin Bush; Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Prince Bandar, the Iran Contra network, and the BCCI network.”
George H. W. Bush   —  [citation needed]


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Appointments by George H. W. Bush

Carter BeeseSecurities and Exchange Commissioner19921994
J. Daniel HowardUnder Secretary of the Navy7 August 198920 January 1993Acting Secretary of the Navy for 3 weeks.
Lewis Thompson PrestonPresident of the World Bank Group1 September 19911 February 1995Old buddy of Poppy Bush
Louis FreehJudge of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York30 May 199131 August 1993
Richard McCormackUnder Secretary of State for Economic Business and Agricultural Affairs14 April 19893 May 1991Served as the principal coordinator for the President's involvement in the G7 economic summits.
Robert BonnerAdministrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration16 August 199031 October 1993
Thomas Patrick MeladyUnited States Ambassador to the Holy See19891993

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