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Is Wikispooks English Only?

At the moment, yes. Non-English language documents and articles are not suitable unless translated into English. Kindred spirits from other language groups interested in the project should contact an administrator.

What is there here?

The primary focus of the site is "deep politics". Most of the content here is post-WW2, and concerns politics, history, people and events. There is quite a lot on Operation Gladio, and reflecting the current readership, the site has a particular emphasis on UK and USA. Analysis of earlier times is also of interest, especially when it illuminates the hidden purposes and practices of contemporary events. Because this is a volunteer run site with limited resources, information is necessarily very patchy.

How many pages/images/users/readers/etc. does Wikispooks have?

Wikispooks surpassed 10,000 pages in Jun 2016. Up to date statistics are available from Wikiapiary, Special:Statistics and from the online stats page.

Why is there nothing about «topic X»? Is Wikispooks a limited hangout?

A limited hangout displays only partial information, so that description could be said to apply since it certainly has huge gaps[1] - but these do not result from active censorship but a simple lack of resources. Wikispooks Policy is designed to prevent the site from becoming a modified limited hangout (a deliberately misleading mixture truths and falsehoods), requiring that contributions be referenced and to original documents where possible.

Is this site censored?

If you can access the site from your nation state, it seems not. If you saw information here which appears to have vanished, that is probably because, as a wiki, pages change over time. Our page histories are not subject to the same censorship as Wikipedia, so check older versions of the page.


How do I know WikiSpooks is not a honeypot?

Firstly note that in contrast to the lock-in characteristic of commercial enterprises, a comprehensive WikiSpooks:Site_Backup is freely available, so contributions to Wikispooks need not be lost if the site goes offline - and any contributions you make will be a part of the backups which can be revived elsewhere. If Wikispooks becomes popular then doubtless the spooks will take an interest in who visits the site - welcome to the 21st century internet.

How can I be 100% sure WikiSpooks declared objectives are genuine?

You can't. As with everything else in life, you can reach a judgment on the evidence. The WikiSpooks site contains copious evidence that it's stated objectives are genuine and it would be interesting to know of any evidence that they are not. The ultimate answer to questions about trust is that you have the word of the site operator, an individual whose credentials are set out clearly on the WikiSpooks site. You believe them or you don't. It's that simple.

Sharing information

Wikispooks was set up initially as a leak site,[2] but it turned out that so much information was already out there on the internet, that the more important function is the wiki aspect (notably missing from Wikileaks) to facilitate understanding and processing the information. Nevertheless, the site continues to accept anonymous subissions.

Would WikiSpooks publish information likely to damage the "national security" of (enter name of State here)?

WikiSpooks asserts that, a priori, no such categorisation can possibly be made - for two reasons:

1. "National Security" is a nebulous concept of convenience, arbitrarily defined by Governments and Agencies of the State to justify military/police/security and/or other actions and which, to promote/defend the Official Narrative, must be kept nebulous, mysterious and hidden. There is no clear way of knowing beforehand, exactly what WILL be so defined.
2. If the secrecy of your information really is of such grave import, judge that the State will already have taken serious steps to prevent any such leak and that, if they fail, the consequences would be dealt with in an utterly ruthless fashion, which neither WikiSpooks nor anyone else can guarantee would not result in your identity being discovered.

WikiSpooks cannot make any judgment about 'national security interest'. Like any decision on content moderation,[3] decisions about publication are based on the criteria set out in the Anonymous Uploads page.

What if my information really IS that important?

That's your call. Subject to the procedure outlined in the Anonymous Uploads page, WikiSpooks will publish and/or assist others to do so, unless and until ordered, by a court with jurisdiction, to desist - which currently means an Irish court. We cannot disclose your identity to a 3rd party, since WikiSpooks technical measures ensure we do not know it. The most obvious information that could assist in tracing you (such as IP addresses held in log files) is securely deleted on a regular basis.


What's with the spooky triangle logo?

A site needs a logo. This is what User:Peter made.[4] It's "wiki", it's "spooks"y. What's not to like:-) ?

Where is this site hosted?

The live site is currently hosted on a virtual private server, which necessarily widens the required 'circle of trust' in its integrity to include the hosting company. This is a start-up resources issue and it is conceded that a dedicated server is preferable. The site will be moved to a dedicated server as and when traffic dictates or site support allows. The site is backed up hourly and is stored on more than one server at sites in more than one legal jurisdiction.

How secure is the WikiSpooks site?

How long is a piece of string? We do our best. No site can be guaranteed secure against the technical and 'humint' capabilities of the Spooks. On a routine basis those capabilities are probably limited to traffic analysis and selected diversion and interception of traffic. From a user/browser perspective, the most effective counter-measures are respectively: use of an anonymising proxy service such as Tor for browsing and encryption of messages/files for uploads. Files can also be sent in encrypted form as email attachments using the WikiSpooks PGP key. However, there are pros and cons for all these measures and, no matter what you may see claimed elsewhere, NONE are 100% secure against the targeted capabilities of the Spooks.

I have another technical question about the Wikispooks site

First check if it's answered on the page on WikiSpooks' technical aspects.

Anything else ?

If you have any questions not answered here, members can post them on the 'Discussion' page (tab at top).

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  1. Wikispooks has just 12,754 pages, as compared to Wikipedia's millions.
  2. Project:History
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