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This Wikispooks FAQ is intended for new users. Editors may be more interested in the to do page.

What is this site?

The Bilderberg has been organising annual, invitation only conferences, since 1954. ALmost all participants are documented, and most conference reports are now available.

Wikispooks was set up initially as a leak site[1] with wiki functionality. It turned out that so much information was already out there on the net, that the more important function is the wiki aspect (notably missing from Wikileaks). The site had an anonymous subissions facility, but this was shuttered in January 2017.

What sort of material is there here?

Le Cercle is a smaller and more secretive deep state milieu than the Bilderberg, with more connections to the business and politics of "counter-terror".

Our primary focus is deep politics. Most of the content here is post-WW2, and concerns politics, history, people, events, especially spooks. There is a lot of material on whistleblowers, false flag attacks (from Operation Gladio onwards) and the "war on terror". There is also quite a lot about some deep state milieux (especially Le Cercle and the Bilderberg).

Reflecting the current editorship, the site has a particular emphasis on English speaking countries, especially UK and USA. About half the pages on the sites are stubs, very sparse pages which serve as placeholders for more detailed information (or pointers to other information sources). There are a lot of stubs about the JFK assassination, but these are not well connected.

How many pages/images/users/readers/etc. does Wikispooks have?

Up to date site statistics are available from Wikiapiary, Special:Statistics and readership data is available from the online stats page.

Why is there nothing about «topic X»?

While we aim for consistent quality, our coverage of topics is inevitably patchy, since it reflects the interests of our editors. Wikispooks has 18,335 pages, as compared to Wikipedia's millions, so gaps are inevitable. Unlike Wikipedia, which is censored, our omissions result from a simple lack of editors. If you're an expert on «topic X» and would like to contribute your knowledge, feel free to join up.

Is Wikispooks a limited hangout?

Our policies encourage posting of complete documents, with a source attributed where possible. By requiring that contributions be referenced and that they cite original documents where possible, we hope to prevent the site from becoming a modified limited hangout[2].

Is this site censored?

If you can access the site from your nation state, then it seems not:-) If you saw information here which has vanished, that is probably because, as a wiki, pages change over time. All our pages have complete histories, which -- unlike Wikipedia -- are not subject to censorship.

Is this a "Fake News Website"?

According to the spooky (and anonymous) PropOrNot website it is. But then if you were an uncritical consumer of the commercially-controlled media, you probably wouldn't have found your way here. The idea of "fake news", launched in 2016, appears to be an attempt to tarnish the image of independent media on the internet to try to boost flagging faith in corporate media. Wikispooks is proud to be one of the many independent websites which offer non-partisan opinions, backed up by direct links to the available evidence.

Is Wikispooks English Only?

Unfortunately, yes. Foreign language sources may be cited but documents should be posted in English translation. Kindred spirits from other language groups interested in the project should contact an administrator.

Would WikiSpooks publish information likely to damage the "national security" of (enter name of State here)?

WikiSpooks attempts to be non-partisan. Each individual editors attempts to write the truth as they see it, being clear about which claims might be regarded as contentious and sourcing information appropriately. The "National Security" point is bogus since this label is arbitrarily applied by deep state functionaries for purposes which, in order to promote/defend the Official Narrative du jour, are kept nebulous, mysterious and hidden. There is no way of knowing beforehand, whether any particular material will be so labeled. In any case, note that Wikispooks is no longer a leak site. It is for republishing information which has already been published elsewhere on the web.


The site is written by volunteers who believe that, as the late Martin Luther King once said "the truth must be told" and that "there comes a time when silence is betrayal".

How do I know WikiSpooks is not a honeypot?

Firstly note that in contrast to the lock-in characteristic of commercial enterprises, a comprehensive WikiSpooks:Site_Backup is freely available, so edits you make to Wikispooks will not be lost if the site goes offline; the weekly backups can easily be used to revive the site elsewhere. If Wikispooks becomes popular then doubtless the spooks will take an interest in who visits the site - welcome to the 21st century internet.

How can I be 100% sure WikiSpooks declared objectives are genuine?

You can't. As with everything else in life, you can reach a judgment on the evidence. The WikiSpooks site contains copious evidence that it's stated objectives are genuine and it would be interesting to know of any evidence that they are not. The ultimate answer to questions about trust is that you have the word of the site operator, an individual whose credentials are set out clearly on the WikiSpooks site. You believe them or you don't.


What's with the spooky triangle logo?

A site needs a logo. This is the logo that User:Peter made.[3] It's "wiki", it's "spooks"y. Shine a light in dark places. What's not to like:-) ?

Where is this site hosted?

The live site is currently hosted on a virtual private server, which necessarily widens the required 'circle of trust' in its integrity to include the hosting company. This is a start-up resources issue and it is conceded that a dedicated server is preferable. The site will be moved to a dedicated server as and when traffic dictates or site support allows. The site is backed up hourly and is stored on more than one server at sites in more than one legal jurisdiction.

How secure is the WikiSpooks site?

We do our best. One way you might be able to access it anonymously is to use a proxy service such as Tor (but additional measures would be recommended). Another way which would help those with the technical competence would be to download the site backup and install it locally, so you can browse it offline at your leisure.

I have a technical question about the Wikispooks site

First check if it's answered on the page on WikiSpooks' technical aspects.

Anything else ?

If you have any questions not answered here, members can post them on the 'Discussion' page (tab at top).

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  2. i.e. a deliberately misleading mixture truths and falsehoods
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