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ResidenceNew Zealand
Alma materUniversity of Southern California
Founder/Owner ofCryptogon
Interests • US/Foreign policy
• US/Deep state

Kevin Flaherty is a US citizen who emigrated to New Zealand and started Cryptogon in 2006.


Kevin Flaherty graduated from the University of Southern California, in his own words, "with what turned out to be a useless degree in International Relations."[1]



In 2006, Flaherty started Cryptogon. By 2019, the site had over 50,000 pages. He lives on an organic farm with his wife, a native New Zealander.


“Since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, an international, crypto-fascist syndicate has been rapidly consolidating its grip on this planet. Changes to the global system have been implemented slowly, consistently and in a manner so subtle that only a tiny fraction of the population in the industrialized world ever noticed anything was wrong...

I view the output of established media as a slurry of manure and toxic waste; a propaganda product that requires heavy analysis and context fitting in order to recover the 5%-10% of useful information contained within an obfuscated mess.

What’s the solution?

The system is in collapse now. This is my best and only advice: Get into a situation that eliminates your reliance on luck and minimizes the impact of factors that are completely beyond your control. Do this immediately.”
Kevin Flaherty [1]


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