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Heart attacks, like cancer, due affect young people, although they more commonly affect the elderly. Both can be artificially induced (as was revealed by CIA testimony to the HSCA, and so caution is recommended when this death cause removes people of deep political relevance.

As an assassination tool

The chairman Frank Church of the HSCA holds a CIA poison dart gun that could give the target a heart attack.

Allan Francovich, at the age of 56, reportedly died of a heart attack after being called aside by US officials, while going through US customs at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas on April 17, 1997. Its remarkable timing raises the clear possibility that it was not so simple. Testimony to the HSCA in 1975 contains reference to a heart attack gun developed by the CIA to shoot shellfish toxin into a victim, inducing a heart attack.[1]

Heart attacks before HSCA testimony

Some witnesses expected to testify to the HSCA (for example the CIA's Deputy Director for Plans, Thomas Karamessines‎) could not do so because of fatal heart attacks.

Young victims

Heart attack prevalence by age sex race.jpg

The younger the victim, the more suspect the attribution of a "heart attack" as death cause.


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