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The most high profile of the US intelligence agencies, a covert agent of foreign policy. Funded by a 'black budget' derived from the global drug trade, the CIA is experienced at assassination, blackmail, instigating coups and other such covert deep state actions. Its scrutiny in the early 1970s however lead to the development of more secure bases for the most sensitive deep state operations.

Central Intelligence Agency
Motto The Work of a Nation. The Center of Intelligence.
Formation September 18, 1947
Parent organization United States
Type intelligence agency
Leader Director of the CIA
Subgroups • Operation 40
• National Clandestine Service
• Directorate of Intelligence
• Directorate of Science and Technology
• Directorate of Support
• International Organizations Division
• Bin Laden Issue Station
Website http://www.CIA.gov
Interest of Allan Francovich, Peter Dale Scott
Wikipedia page Central Intelligence Agency

The CIA was created by US President Truman in 1947 by the National Security Act.

Official Narrative

The name of the CIA is indicative of its original brief - as a central point of information gathering. It was derived out of problems of information collection in WW2.


The CIA rapidly morphed into a covert agent of foreign policy, after engineering the overthrow of governments in Iran and Guatemala for the sake of the profits of US corporations. Lacking effective government oversight it became the basis for what Mark Gorton calls "The Cabal", using an assassination team to cement its power and silence opposition.[1] It has instigated dozens of covert regime change actions.


The first Director of Central Intelligence, Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, authorised the CIA to carry out covert actions in Italy in 1947 to try to hinder the Italian communists in the elections that year. A year later another directive, NSC 10/2 authorised the CIA to carry out covert actions anywhere in the world, specifically including "propaganda; economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition, and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance movements, guerrillas and refugee liberation groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world." Hillenkoetter’s successor, Walter Bedell Smith, claimed that by 1951 the CIA covert ops had already "far exceeded" even this.[citation needed]

1970s Investigation

After some high profile assassinations during the 1960s, the CIA came under scrutiny from groups such as the House Select Committee on Assassinations and Church Committee in the early 1970s. This created a problem for the deep state, which consequently offshored its most sensitive operations to more secure bases such as the Safari Club. In 1976, George H W Bush made himself director and within a year was effective at stopping most of the leaks from the agency.[2][1]

2004 Restructuring

Following passage of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorist Prevention Act of 2004 the Director of Central Intelligence was replaced as head of the US Intelligence community by a Director of National Intelligence outside the CIA. [3] The real reasons for this are unclear.


Full article: CIA/Torture

The CIA has made extensive use of torture and continues to do so. The torture report by the US Senate released in December 2014 is the tip of the iceberg, but proves that after 9/11 the CIA engaged in a sophisticated program of calculated, aggressive, and egregious state-sanctioned torture, tried to cover this up and lied about how the program operated and the utility of the information obtained.

Agents' worldview

Robin Ramsay remarks about Plame Wilson's autobiography, Fair Game that two things struck him: "the first is the absolute political innocence of even comparatively senior CIA officers like Plame Wilson – about the reality of US foreign policy she has no idea. The second was her comment that within the CIA most of the officers had their TVs tuned to Murdoch’s Fox channel – self-programming, their equivalent of praying five times a day to Mecca."[4]  

Central Intelligence Agency on Wikispooks

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X Redacted.pdfResearch paper1991/11Arms-to-Iraq
Gerald Bull/Death
Redacted CIA Research paper SW91-10076X titled 'Project Babylon' as it appeared on the CIA web site in July 2012
File:CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X summary.pdfIntelligence report1991/11Arms-to-Iraq
Gerald Bull/Death
Gerald Bull
Unredacted 'Intelligence Summary' (pages 22-26) of CIA Research paper SW91-10076X titled 'Project Babylon' and naming two ex-SAS soldiers as having been contracted to eliminate Gerald Bull
File:CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X un-redacted.pdfResearch paper1991/11Gerald Bull
Gerald Bull/Death
Unredacted CIA Research paper SW91-10076X titled 'Project Babylon:The Iraq Supergun' (pages 1-21)
CIA Research Paper SW91-10076X - Intelligence SummaryIntelligence report1991/11Arms-to-Iraq
Gerald Bull/Death
Gerald Bull
Transcription of the unredacted 'Intelligence Summary' (pages 22-26) of CIA Research paper SW91-10076X titled 'Project Babylon' which names two ex-SAS soldiers as having been contracted to eliminate Gerald Bull

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Bob Smyth
A report of William C Chasey's allegation (after being diagnosed with incurable cancer) that CIA agents tried to convince him to plant homing devices on Megrahi and Fhimah as part of the plot to assassinate them before the Lockerbie trial.
CIA-MI6 Intel Ops and Sabotagearticle2012/02/07Felicity ArbuthnotIn 1957, joint plans by the CIA and MI6 to destabilize Syria by means of staged border incidents and special forces assassinations of key political figures were approved by UK PM Harold Macmillan and US President Eisenhower.
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Covert Action in Chile, 1963-73reportUSHearings before the Select Committee to study governmental operations with respect to intelligence activities of the United States Senate.
Fifty Years of the Deep Statebook2013-11-22Mark GortonA remarkable summary of the deep state which names names - the most prominent being that of George H.W. Bush, whom Gorton identifies as the mastermind behind the 9/11 plot.
Limit CIA Role To IntelligenceletterDecember 21, 1963Harry S. TrumanA letter just after the assassination of JFK which was published once and then vanished down the memory hole.
File:The CIA in Western Europe and the Abuse of Human Rights.pdfpaperDaniele Ganser
The Octopusarticle1999David GuyattAn introduction to the involvement of senior US politicians, bureaucrats and the CIA in globalised criminal activities, the investigation of which cost investigative reported Danny Casolaro his life
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The Taking Of America, 1-2-3book1985Richard E. SpragueAn authoritative description of the JFK assassination and succeeding crimes from the photographic expert advisor to Jim Garrison.
Torture, Assassination and the American Way of Lifecommentary17 February 2012Jacob G. Hornberger
Wikileaks and the Mighty Wurlitzerarticle7 August 2010Zahir EbrahimAn in-depth discussion of how dissident organisations are co-opted and or otherwise used, abused, controlled or discredited and destroyed by the secret information services.
Wirt Walker, Russell and Co, CIA, and 911article2010-09-03Kevin Ryan

Events carried out

CIA/Operations in Angola
Chile/1973 coup d'état11 September 1973
Extraordinary rendition
Iran/1953 coup d'état1953 - PresentThe first large scale regime change carried out by the CIA.
Operation Gladio/BA development of Operation Gladio to help roll out the "war on terror" by promoting false flag US-sponsored terrorism to be blamed on Muslim extremists.
Operation Mockingbird1950 - PresentOperation Mockingbird is a CIA covert operation that began in the 1950's and is a continuing manipulation and control of the media by the CIA.
Project ARTICHOKEAn investigation into interrogation methods using drugs (and possibly other things as well).
Project MKUltraAn illegal mind control research programme.
Project MonarchExperimentation research linked to and derived from MKULTRA


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The most high profile of the US intelligence agencies, a covert agent of foreign policy. Funded by a 'black budget' derived from the global drug trade, the CIA is experienced at assassination, blackmail, instigating coups and other such covert deep state actions. Its scrutiny in the early 1970s however lead to the development of more secure bases for the most sensitive deep state operations.
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