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Capital city of the UK

Place.png London
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London' is the capital city of the United Kingdom.


London hosts a lot of organisations' headquarters, as well as private meetings such as Le Cercle.


Pollution is London is estimated to kill perhaps 9,000 people/year.[1]


After the 2016 Berlin Truck Attack, plans were announced to spend £5 million on a "ring of steel" around a section of the City of London, featuring bollards and checkpoints.[2]

CTSFO London.jpg

In August 2016, Bernard Hogan-Howe announced an expansion of "counter terrorist" police - which the Daily Mail described as "awesomely armed (and masked)". Hogan-Howe said that "In some of our big iconic locations, we've already got armed patrols - if you look at Parliament, Downing Street - so it's not entirely new. I think people understand that where you are going to have people as enemies who've got guns, we've got to have guns."[3]



1994 London Israeli Embassy attackTwo car bombs in London, one in front of the Israeli embassy; one next to a building occupied by Jewish organisations. It was blamed on Palestinians, but MI5 whistleblowers have claimed an MI5 investigation concluded that Mossad were behind the attacks.
2005 London bombingsA series of coordinated attacks on London's public transport system during the morning rush hour, allegedly carried out by four Muslim suicide bombers.
2017 Westminster attackA combined vehicle assault and stabbing at an iconic London location
Cold War Then and Now?A free conference that appears to have been part of a broader campaign by the Institute for Statecraft to promote Cold War 2.0.
Diana Spencer/InquestThe inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales
Grenfell Tower fire
Gunpowder Plot
Hyde Park bombing
Iraq Inquiry"The point of the delay is to give the impression Chilcot has been absolutely painstaking and therefore the bucket of whitewash he will throw cannot be hiding anything. Do not be fooled." (Craig Murray)
June 2017 London attack
Le Cercle/1999 (London)
Le Cercle/2013 (London)
Le Cercle/2014 (London)Dates include June 20 but are uncertain
Regent's Park bombingA 1982 London bombing ascribed but never proved to be the work of the Provisional IRA.
Tackling Tools of Malign InfluenceIntegrity Initiative conference about "Russian Propaganda"


Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered HereDescription
Amnesty International
ArmorGroupOne of the largest private security firms operating in Iraq
Association of Chief Police Officers
Astutus IntelligenceA UK limited company dissolved in 2019.
BAE SystemsA global arms company, with interests also in civilian avionics and engineering. Its subsidiaries are also involved in providing intelligence, personnel and logistics support to US/UK military.
BBCA state propaganda apparatus disguised as a quasi-autonomous public service corporation.
Balli Group PlcA privately held company with a subsidiary, Balli Aviation that in 2010 pleaded guilty to charges of illegally exporting Boeing aircraft to Iran, in breach of sanctions.
Bank of Credit and Commerce InternationalThe "Bank of Crooks and Criminals International", as some nicknamed it, was a bank set up to facilitate large scale, global money laundering, mainly to support a range of black operations by intelligence agencies.
Bank of England
Barclays Bank
Bell PottingerReceived $500 million from the US DOD to create a range of propaganda, including fake Al-Qaeda videos
Black CubeSpooky Israeli business intelligence agency
Board of Deputies of British Jews
British CouncilThe British government's cultural propaganda body.
British Petroleum
British Satellite BroadcastingA London based satellite television company
British-American Tobacco
Cabinet Office
Cambridge AnalyticaA big data mining company
Campaign Against Antisemitism
Carlton Club
Carlton Television
Centre for Policy Studies
Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies
Chartered Management Institute
Chatham House
Coalition for Peace Through SecurityA spooky UK front group to try to oppose CND.
Commonwealth of Nations
Conservative Party
Control RisksA British private security company.
Council of Foreign Bondholders
Crown Prosecution ServiceThe principal public prosecuting authority, a non-ministerial UK government department that conducts (almost) all criminal prosecutions in England and Wales.
De Beers
Department for Communities and Local Government
Department for Transport
Department of Trade and Industry
ESCP EuropePrivate business school
Equilibrium Gulf Limited
Fabian Society
Foreign Desk Ltd
Forum World FeaturesA London based CIA propaganda operation which operated as a professional news service from 1965 to 1975.
General Medical CouncilA public body with statutory underpinnings that maintains the official register of medical practitioners in the UK
Green Party of England and Wales
HM Customs
HakluytHakluyt is a privately owned intelligence agency founded in 1995 by UK spooks. It has close ties to the UK deep state, MI6, Shell and BP.
Her Majesty's Revenue and CustomsA non-ministerial department of the UK Government responsible for the collection of taxes, the payment of some forms of state support, and the administration of other regulatory regimes including the national minimum wage.
Imperial Chemical Industries
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Jobs here

Hamzah BehbehaniPrivate Banker19921992Middle East Sales
Jeremy NewmarkChairmanJanuary 2006October 2013
Ella RosePublic Affairs OfficerSeptember 2015August 2016
Ella RosePresidentJune 2014June 2015


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