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Capital city of the UK

Place.png London
550px-Palace of Westminster, London - Feb 2007.jpg

London's pollution is estimated to kill perhaps 9,000 people/year.[1]


After the 2016 Berlin Truck Attack, plans were announced to spend £5 million on a "ring of steel" around a section of the City of London, featuring bollards and checkpoints.[2]

CTSFO London.jpg

In August 2016, Bernard Hogan-Howe announced an expansion of "counter terrorist" police - which the Daily Mail described as "awesomely armed (and masked)". Hogan-Howe said that "In some of our big iconic locations, we've already got armed patrols - if you look at Parliament, Downing Street - so it's not entirely new. I think people understand that where you are going to have people as enemies who've got guns, we've got to have guns."[3]



1994 London Israeli Embassy attack26 July 1994
2005 London bombings7 July 2005 08:50:00 - 7 July 2005 09:47:00
2017 Westminster attack22 March 2017
2017 Westminster terror attack
Diana Spencer/Inquest8 January 2007 - 2 April 2008
Grenfell Tower fire14 June 2017
Gunpowder Plot5 November 1605
Hyde Park bombing20 July 1982
Iraq Inquiry24 November 2009 - 6 July 2016
June 2017 London attack
Le Cercle/1999 (London)1999
Regent's Park bombing20 July 1982 12:55:00


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