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Event.png Bay of Pigs Invasion (invasion,  mid-level deep event)  SpartacusRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Bay of Pigs Invasion.jpg
DateMay 20 1961
LocationNorth America
Exposed byTad Szulc
Interest ofTheodore Achilles, Jacob Esterline
DescriptionA deliberately botched attempt to invade Cuba by the CIA, devised as a way to entrap JFK into full scale military action against Cuba. Unsuccessful, since JFK however refused to be manipulated.

The Bay of Pigs Invasion was a planned invasion of Cuba, designed to fail by the US deep state as a way to lure US President JFK into full scale military action. JFK however refused to be so easily manipulated.

Operational details

Jacob Esterline was a key organiser. He had second thoughts about it and wanted to resign, but was persuaded not to by the CIA Deputy Director for Plans, Richard M. Bissell Jr.[citation needed]


Fletcher Prouty reports that an investigation into the failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion by John F. Kennedy determined that the key operational error was a failure to destroy all of the Cuban planes, which allowed them to destroy the supply boats for the invaders. This was traced to a miscommunication by McGeorge Bundy.[1]


CIA Director at the time of the even, Allen Dulles, left a handwritten confession that the invasion was designed to fail in his Princeton archives. Peter Grose, Dulles’ biographer, discussed this in his 1994 Gentleman Spy.[2]

Usages of the phrase "Bay of Pigs"

Since the "designed to fail" nature of the Bay of Pigs Invasion became widely known,[When?] the phrase has been used to refer to such as plot, especially invasions. For example, the 2020 Invasion of Venezuela has been termed "a Venezuelan Bay of Pigs"[3] or "Trump's Bay of Pigs".[4]

Euphemistic use

When Richard Nixon referred to the "Bay of Pigs" many historians have conjectured that he was actually usinf the phrase as a code to refer to the JFK Assassination plot.


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File:CrimeSoImmense.pdfarticle2000James K. Galbraith
File:The Secret Team.pdfbook1973Fletcher ProutyAn unauthorised history of the CIA from its origins to the Kennedy assassination. Prouty suggested that the assassination was a coup d'état to stop the President from taking control of the CIA after the Bay of Pigs disaster. He also points out that the movement of Kennedy after a bullet struck his head was consistent with a shot from the grassy knoll. He also drew attention to the suspicious actions of the "Umbrella Man".
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