Bay of Pigs Invasion

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Event.png Bay of Pigs Invasion   SpartacusRdf-icon.png
Bay of Pigs Invasion.jpg
Date May 20 1961
Exposed by Tad Szulc
Description A failed attempt to invade Cuba by the CIA.

Operational details

Jacob Esterline was a key organiser. He had second thoughts about it and wanted to resign, but was persuaded not to by the CIA Deputy Director for Plans, Richard M. Bissell Jr.[citation needed]


Fletcher Prouty reports that an investigation into the failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion by John F. Kennedy determined that the key operational error was a failure to destroy all of the Cuban planes, which allowed them to destroy the supply boats for the invaders. This was traced to a miscommunication by McGeorge Bundy.[1]

Euphemistic use

When Richard Nixon refers to the "Bay of Pigs" many historians have conjectured that he was actually referring to the JFK Assassination.

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