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In August 1980, NATO operatives set of a large bomb in Bologna Central Train Station, Italy, killing 85 and wounding about 200 people. This was part of the decades long Strategy of Tension to promote fear among the Italian population. The corporate media blamed it on the communists, as a way of tackling the popularity of communism.

The 1980s saw the end of the Cold War, and a transition by the MICC to a backup plan to keep social control firmly in the hands of the few - the "war on terror". Discussed in Jerusalem in 1979, a gradual increase in flase flag terror events in Western Europe changed people's expectations about what lay ahead for them.

Bologna massacre

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Operation Gladio was set up around the end of WW2, with the aim of resisting a potential invasion from the Soviet Union. Organised outside the national government, this was originally at least an MI6/CIA operation. By the late 1960s, concerns were so great that the Italian voters might vote in a communist leader, that the decision was taken to active the gladiators to prevent a communist government by whatever means were deemed necessary. The Gladiatori committed various murders and acts of false flag "terrorism", including in August 1980, killing 85 people with a bomb in Bologna Central Station.  


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New Groups

Social Affairs UnitSocialaffairsunit.png1980 - PresentThink tank
Washington Speakers BureauWsb-logo.gif1980 - Present
National Intelligence Service (South Africa)Group.png1980 - 1994Intelligence agency
United States Department of Health and Human ServicesUS-DeptOfHHS-Logo.svg4 May 1980 - Present

Groups that were Wound Up

Nugan Hand BankNugan Hand Bank.jpg1973 - 1980
Safari ClubCOLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Toegangspoort van de Mount Kenya Safari Club TMnr 20014548.jpg1 September 1976 - 1980Intelligence agency

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