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SMW.png To describe the official narrative as distinct from the truth, use the alternative Property:ON start.

Status: stable
This property is used to indicate the date on which an event started, or is scheduled to start

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames of events
  • Predicate:  Start
  • Object:        dates (type Date)

23263 Pages use the property "Start"

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Page nameStart
Switzerland/PresidentJanuary 1 JL
Switzerland/Vice PresidentJanuary 1 JL
Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise1 JL
Chester BowlesJanuary 25 JL
Le Cercle/2015 (Washington)25 JL
Dominic BartonOctober 27 JL
NachDenkSeiten30 JL
Larry Craig3 January 200 JL
Karl William HofmannFebruary 200 JL
Andrés Bello Catholic University600 JL
University of Parma13 March 962 JL
Bologna University1088 JL
Knights of Malta1099 JL
Prince and Grand Master of the Order of Malta1099 JL
Abingdon School1100 JL
University of Paris1150 JL
Earl Marshal1165 JL
The Holy Grail1190 JL
Cambridge University1209 JL
Fourth Lateran Council1215 JL
University of Padua1222 JL
University of Oxford/Chancellor1224 JL
University of Naples Federico II1224 JL
University of Toulouse1229 JL
Universidad de Valladolid1241 JL
Oxford University/Merton College1260 JL
1260s1 January 1260 JL
Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports1267 JL
Attorney General for England and Wales1277 JL
Oxford University/St Edmund Hall1278 JL
Co-Prince of Andorra1278 JL
Master of the Great Wardrobe1279 JL
Master of the Rolls2 September 1286 JL
University of Montpellier1289 JL
University of Coimbra1290 JL
Sapienza University of Rome1303 JL
Lord Privy Seal1307 JL
Chancellor of the Exchequer22 June 1316 JL
Université Grenoble Alpes1339 JL
University of Pisa1343 JL
Charles University1348 JL
Chancellor of the Order of the Garter1348 JL
Cambridge University/Trinity Hall1350 JL
Cambridge University/Corpus Christi College1352 JL
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster1361 JL
University of Pavia1361 JL
House of Bolkiah1363 JL
Jagiellonian University1364 JL
University of Vienna1365 JL
Speaker of the House of Commons1377 JL
Oxford University/New College1379 JL
New College School1379 JL
Brussels/Mayor1380 JL
University of Heidelberg1386 JL
University of Cologne1388 JL
Sungkyunkwan University1398 JL
University of Würzburg1402 JL
University of Turin1404 JL
Leipzig University1409 JL
University of Aix-en-Provence1409 JL
University of Rostock1419 JL
Oxford University/All Souls College1438 JL
Eton College1440 JL
Provost of Eton1440 JL
University of Bordeaux1441 JL
City of London School1442 JL
Cambridge University/Queens' College1448 JL
University of Barcelona3 November 1450 JL
University of Freiburg1457 JL
University of Basel4 April 1460 JL
University of Ingolstadt1472 JL
University of Munich1472 JL
Cambridge University/St Catharine's College1473 JL
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz1477 JL
University of Tübingen1 January 1477 JL
Uppsala University1477 JL
University of Genoa1481 JL
Galatasaray High School1481 JL
University of Aberdeen1495 JL
Santiago de Compostela University1495 JL
University of Valencia1499 JL
Mozambique/Governor generalSeptember 1505 JL
Governor of Puerto Rico1508 JL
Cambridge University/Christ's College1511 JL
Royal Mail1516 JL
Postmaster General1517 JL
UK/Postmaster General1517 JL
Oxford University/Corpus Christi College1517 JL
University of Marburg1527 JL
Privy Council/Lord President14 August 1530 JL
Netherlands/Member of the Council of State1531 JL
University of Copenhagen1537 JL
University of Strasbourg1538 JL
Society of Jesus1540 JL
University of Zaragoza1542 JL
John Mason1543 JL
University of Königsberg1544 JL
Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George1545 JL
John Mason1549 JL
Pontifical Gregorian University1551 JL
University of Seville1551 JL
Vatican Secretary of State20 November 1551 JL
Merchant Venturers1552 JL
Christ's Hospital1552 JL
John Mason1552 JL
Tonbridge School1553 JL
Workhouse1555 JL
Poland/Ambassador/Holy See1555 JL
Hampton Grammar School1557 JL
John Mason1558 JL
University of Geneva1559 JL
John Mason1559 JL
University of Sassari1562 JL
Compagnia di San Paolo25 January 1563 JL
Ghisleri College1567 JL
Francis Walsingham1570 JL
Harrow School1572 JL
Francis Walsingham1573 JL
University of Edinburgh1583
University of Graz1585
Francis Walsingham1587
University of Bristol1595
Cambridge University/Sidney Sussex College1596
British East India Company31 December 1600
Gunpowder Plot5 November 1605
University of Giessen1607
Oxford University/Wadham College1610
Charterhouse School1611
Dame Alice Owen's School1613
University of Groningen1614
Central University of Ecuador1620
Pontifical Xavierian University1623
New York Attorney General1626
First Lord of the Admiralty1628
University of Amsterdam1632
University of Tartu1632
Eötvös Loránd University1635
Utrecht University26 March 1636
University of Helsinki1640
Governor of Jamaica1661
New York City/Mayor1665
University of Kiel1665
The London Gazette7 November 1665
Lund University1666
University of Innsbruck1669
University of Zagreb23 September 1669
Governor of South Carolina15 March 1670
Minister/State for Business and Enterprise16 September 1672
Barclays Bank17 November 1690
Coutts Bank1692
College of William and Mary1693
Bank of England1694
Bank of England/Governor1694
Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy1701
New Jersey/Attorney General1704
Secretary of State for Scotland3 February 1705
House of Lords1707
Lord ChancellorMay 1707
Privy Council1 May 1708
UK/Financial Secretary to the Treasury11 June 1711
Lord Commissioner of the Treasury1714
1720s1 January 1720
House of Saud1720
Leader of the House of Lords1721
Russian Empire1721
Leader of the House of Commons4 April 1721
UK/Prime Minister4 April 1721
Secret du Roi1722
Saint Petersburg State University1724
University of Havana5 January 1728
Odd Fellows1730
University of Göttingen1734
University of Pennsylvania1740
George Watson's College1741
Francis Dashwood1741
Woolwich Royal Military Academy1741
Erlangen Nuremberg University1742
University of Delaware1743
Chief of Police of Oslo1744
William Pitt the Elder29 October 1746
Moscow State University25 January 1755
William Pitt the Elder4 December 1756
William Pitt the Elder4 December 1756
UK/Prime Minister/Principal Private Secretary1757
William Pitt the Elder27 June 1757
William Pitt the Elder27 June 1757
1760s1 January 1760
Francis Dashwood1761
Francis Dashwood1762
Francis Dashwood1763
Benjamin FranklinMay 1764
Francis Dashwood1765
Francis Dashwood1765
Rutgers University1766
William Pitt the Elder30 July 1766
William Pitt the Elder30 July 1766
Prussia/Foreign Minister1768
University of Malta1769
1770s1 January 1770
Pontifical Lateran University1773
Dickinson College1773
Istanbul Technical University1773
Governor-General of India20 October 1774
Chabad Lubavitch1775
US/Postmaster General1775
Clausthal Technical University1775
Georgia (State)/Governor12 July 1775
Benjamin Franklin26 July 1775
US/Navy13 October 1775
Rhode Island/Governor7 November 1775
New Hampshire/Governor1776
Phi Beta Kappa5 December 1776
New York State/Governor30 July 1777
Phillips Academy1778
Ackworth School1779
William & Mary Law School1779
Benjamin Franklin23 March 1779
US/Ambassador/Spain29 September 1779
Bullingdon Club1780
1780s1 January 1780
University of Münster1780
Massachusetts/Governor25 October 1780
US/Ambassador/USSR19 December 1780
US/Ambassador/Russia19 December 1780
Phillips Exeter Academy1781
James Madison1 March 1781
Takeda Pharmaceutical12 June 1781
Bank of Spain/Governor1782
Home Secretary27 March 1782
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs27 March 1782
Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations27 March 1782
UK/Foreign Secretary27 March 1782
William Pitt the Younger10 July 1782
Benjamin Franklin28 September 1782
Sweden/Ambassador/United States28 September 1782
Mines ParisTech1783
James Monroe3 November 1783
William Pitt the Younger19 December 1783
William Pitt the Younger19 December 1783
University of New Brunswick1785
The Times1785
Queen Mary University of London1785
University of Georgia1785
Benjamin Franklin18 October 1785
New Hampshire/Senator1787
New Jersey/Senator18 December 1787
US/Supreme Court1789
University of North Carolina1789
President pro tempore of the United States Senate4 March 1789
US/Vice President4 March 1789
James Madison4 March 1789
US/Chief Justice4 March 1789
US/House/Speaker4 March 1789
George Washington30 April 1789
French Revolution5 May 1789
Paris/Mayor15 July 1789
US/Secretary of State27 July 1789
US/Department/State27 July 1789
US/Department/The Treasury2 September 1789
Undersecretary of the Treasury11 September 1789
US/Secretary of the Treasury11 September 1789
Alexander Hamilton11 September 1789
US/Marshals Service24 September 1789
US/Attorney General26 September 1789
1790s1 January 1790
Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs1790
US/Coast Guard4 August 1790
James Monroe9 November 1790
Pennsylvania/Governor21 December 1790
The Observer1791
University of Vermont1791
US/Ambassador/Portugal21 February 1791
State Street1792
James Madison4 March 1793
University of Tennessee1794
École Polytechnique1794
Bowdoin College1794
Secretary of State for War11 July 1794
James Monroe15 August 1794
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1795
University of Strathclyde1796
Lycée Henri-IV1796
Andrew Jackson4 December 1796
Andrew Jackson26 September 1797
Milton Academy1798
Netherlands/Ministry of Justice and Security1798
University of Louisville1798
US/Secretary of the Navy18 June 1798
James Monroe28 December 1799
Librarian of Congress1800
1800s1 January 1800
Church of the United Brethren in Christ1800
Downing College (Cambridge)1800
Bank of France18 January 1800
Nobody's Friends21 June 1800
Middlebury College1 November 1800
University of South Carolina1801
United States Attorney for the District of Columbia1801
Thomas Jefferson4 March 1801
James Madison2 May 1801
New York Post16 November 1801
East Greenwich Academy1802
Ampleforth College1802
Belgium/Minister/Foreign Affairs1802
United States Military Academy1802
Saint-Cyr1 May 1802
James Monroe17 August 1803
Louisiana/Attorney General1804
Moscow State Linguistic University1804
Bonnier Group1804
William Pitt the Younger10 May 1804
William Pitt the Younger10 May 1804
Napoleon2 December 1804
Serbia/Prime Minister27 August 1805
Missouri/Attorney General1806
Dutch Minister of State1806
Haiti/President17 February 1807
UK/Leader of the OppositionMarch 1807
University of Belgrade1808
James Madison4 March 1809
1810s1 January 1810
Lawrenceville School1810
Humboldt University of Berlin1810
Oxford University/Regent's Park College1810
University of Oslo/Rector1811
James Monroe16 January 1811
James Monroe6 April 1811
University of Oslo2 September 1811
Bank of Finland1 March 1812
Governor of Bank of Finland1 March 1812
Robert PeelAugust 1812
Colby College1813
Netherlands/Ministry of Defence1813
Simón Bolívar7 August 1813
President of the Storting1814
Norway/Member of Parliament1814
De Nederlandsche Bank25 March 1814
James Monroe27 September 1814
Pax Brittanica1815
Vienna University of Technology1815
Napoleon20 March 1815
Harvard Divinity School1816
University of Warsaw1816
University of Maryland/Law School1816
Oesterreichische Nationalbank1 June 1816
Norges Bank14 June 1816
Bank of Montreal1817
University of Liège1817
Ghent University1817
James Monroe4 March 1817
Simón BolívarOctober 1817
Bucharest Polytechnic Institute1818
University of Bonn1818
Dalhousie University1818
Governor of Danmarks Nationalbank1818
Saint Louis University1818
Norway/Ministry/Justice and Public Security1818
Danmarks Nationalbank1 August 1818
Bonn University18 October 1818
Alabama/Attorney General1819
ESCP Europe1819
Norwich University1819
Colgate University1819
University of Cincinnati1819
Simón Bolívar24 February 1819
Peterloo Massacre16 August 1819
Alabama/Governor14 December 1819
Colombia/President17 December 1819
1820s1 January 1820
Cambridge Apostles1820
Sunday Times1821
Heriot-Watt University1821
University of Buenos Aires1821
Widener University1821
Mexico/Secretary of Finance and Public Credit1821
Amherst College1821
Andrew Jackson10 March 1821
Saturday Evening Post4 August 1821
Yale Divinity School1822
Greece/Minister/Foreign Affairs1822
Greece/Prime Minister13 January 1822
Robert Peel17 January 1822
Liverpool John Moores University1823
University of London/Birkbeck1823
Peru/President28 February 1823
Andrew Jackson4 March 1823
US/Ambassador/Colombia16 December 1823
Athenaeum Club1824
Russell & Company1824
Kenyon College1824
University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology1824
Edinburgh Academy1824
Manchester Metropolitan University1824
Simón Bolívar17 February 1824
US/Ambassador/Chile23 April 1824
University of Huddersfield1825
US/Ambassador/Mexico1 June 1825
Bolivia/President11 August 1825
Simón Bolívar12 August 1825
US/Ambassador/Brazil29 October 1825
Case Western Reserve University1826
Furman University1826
Le Figaro1826
President of Chile9 July 1826
KTH Royal Institute of Technology1827
Edward Smith-Stanley31 August 1827
Dresden University of Technology1828
The Spectator1828
US/Democratic Party8 January 1828
Robert Peel26 January 1828
George Hamilton-Gordon26 January 1828
Capitol Police2 May 1828
George Hamilton-Gordon2 June 1828
William Bentinck4 July 1828
King's College School1829
Chalmers University of Technology1829
Illinois College1829
University of Cape Town1829
Andrew Jackson4 March 1829
1830s1 January 1830
Colombia/Ambassador/FranceJanuary 1830
Venezuela/President13 January 1830
Henry John Temple22 November 1830
Edward Smith-Stanley29 November 1830
Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies1831
University of Namur1831
Denison University1831
University of Alabama1831
Xavier University1831
Sydney Morning Herald1831
Belgium/Prime Minister26 February 1831
Skull and Bones1832
Carlton Club1832
University of San Simón1832
Jardine Matheson1832
Alpha Delta Phi29 October 1832
William Bentinck1833
Suffield Academy1833
Oberlin College1833
Haverford College1833
Greece/Minister/Education Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs1833
University of Zurich1833
Mercer University1833
Edward Smith-Stanley3 April 1833
Psi Upsilon24 November 1833
Leader of the Conservative Party1834
Tulane University1834
Free University of Brussels1834
Dickinson School of Law1834
Wake Forest University1834
Spain/Prime Minister1834
Abraham Lincoln1834
University of Bern1834
Newcastle University1834
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv1834
Portugal/Prime Minister24 September 1834
Robert Peel10 December 1834
Robert Peel15 December 1834
George Hamilton-Gordon20 December 1834
Henry John Temple18 April 1835
Robert Peel18 April 1835
John Russell (UK PM)18 April 1835
US/Ambassador/Venezuela30 June 1835
Riggs Bank1836
Emory University1836
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