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Concept.png Coronavirus Disease 2019 
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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by the “SARS-CoV-2” virus, was publicly identified in late 2019 in China.

Sometimes asymptomatic, often mild but occasionally fatal, COVID-19 spreads more easily from person to person in uninfected populations than ordinary seasonal flu.[1] As of March 2020 the mortality rate remained disputed, but appeared to be effectively zero for those younger than 30,[2] very low for those under 50 and to be roughly comparable to seasonal flu for people in good health under 70.[3]

In spite of aggressive containment measures, COVID-19 spread globally. The WHO formally declared it a pandemic in March 2020,[4] prompting many governments to mandate lockdowns; by the end of March 25 around 3 billion people had restrictions on their freedom of movement.[5]


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January 2020 reports connected the virus to the local sea food market, which also sells meat from wild animals (bushmeat).[6] At first the consumption of meat from snakes, then later from bats was alleged to be the cause of the outbreak.[7] Reporting by commercially-controlled media downplayed other possibilities.[8][9][10][11][12]


Early 2020 saw a high degree of interest in the origins of the virus, and discussion as to whether it was naturally emerging or whether it originated in a bioweapons laboratory, and if the latter whether it was deliberately or accidentally released. A string of academic publications testify to the active research and development of novel coronaviruses in the nearby Wuhan Institute of Virology, China's only BSL4 facility.[13][14]


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Most cases of COVID-19 are mild, requiring no more than a few days of bed rest. The mortality rate is about twice as higher for men than women and increases with age, especially above 70. It is also higher for people with pre-existing conditions, especially lung conditions.


The virus spreads more easily than seasonal flu, SARS or MERS, with an estimated R0 of around 2-3. The median incubation period is 5-6 days[15] The virus can be completely asymptomatic but still infectious.[16]


Two strains of COVID, "l" and "s" have been reported.[17]

2020 pandemic

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On 11 March 2020, after efforts to confine the disease were failing to stem its global spread, the COVID-19 outbreak was characterised as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. This is the first pandemic known to be caused by the emergence of a new coronavirus. In the past century, there have been four pandemics caused by the emergence of novel influenza viruses. As a result, most research and guidance around pandemics is specific to flu, but the same premises can be applied to the current COVID-19 pandemic.[18]


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us-canada-border-closed-1024x576.jpg Although the UK government stated that "As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK",[19] the 329 page 2020 Coronavirus Bill was introduced to parliament on 22 March and made law on 25 March.[20] Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch termed it "the greatest loss of liberty in our history".[21]


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Many people died in various ways from panicking about Covid, including overdosing on methanol, chloroquine or other supposed prophylactic agents. In the US panic buying was not limited to sanitary products but included stocking up on guns.


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Israel/Deep state“was supposed to be facing trial this week on bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges." Instead, he was shutting down the courts and ordering Israel’s internal security service to identify people who should be quarantined using data harvested from their phones. Both of those extraordinary moves, announced in the dead of night on Sunday and Tuesday, were made in the name of combating the coronavirus. The court shutdown also had the effect of delaying Mr. Netanyahu’s corruption trial by two months.”David Halbfinger
Isabel Kershner
18 March 2020


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