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The 1950s saw an increased bipolarization....

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Cold War

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The Cold War is the backdrop without which other events in the 1950s cannot be understood. The USSR and its empire formed the kernel of a potent enemy image which unified people in fear. In 1951 the US government charged Julius and Ethel Rosenberg with spying and sentenced them to death. They were killed by electrocution in 1953.

Deep State Milieux

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The fear and perceived need for secrecy lead to a number of deep state milieux being formed in the 1950s, of which the most important are probably Le Cercle and the Bilderberg.

Le Cercle

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Konrad Adenauer meets with Antoine Pinay and Jean Violet at a Cercle meeting on 18th August 1958

Originally a French speaking deep state milieu, Le Cercle was set up in the early 1950s. Always a very secretive organisation, this evolved into a series of biannual meetings, alternative in US and the oether side of the Atlantic. Its activities include arms dealing and subversion of elected governments.


Full article: Rated 4/5 Bilderberg

In 1954, a conference was called at the Bilderberg Hotel. This evolved into an annual event, and the group secured control over various significant positions, including NATO Secretary General. The group's known activities in the 1970s include organinsing the Yom Kippur War as a pretext for the 1973 Oil Crisis. In the 1990's the group was important in creating the Euro.

Nuclear Arms Race



The CIA began to carry out acts of terror and subversion abroad, to further what it claimed was the US "national interest". In practice, this seemed to correspond 100% with the interests of the small group who were making decisions about what to do - perhaps unsurprising given that there was little effective oversight. The CIA of this time is well understood as the action arm of Wall St.

Iran/1953 coup d'état

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1954 Guatemalan coup d'état

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United Fruit.