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Group.png Cuba   Sourcewatch Spartacus
Cuba (orthographic projection).svg
Flag of Cuba.svg
Type nation state
Location North America, Caribbean Sea
Leader President of Cuba

Incumbent: Raúl Castro
Since 24 February 2008
Interest of Alfredo Duran, Fair Play for Cuba Committee, Charles Jones
The only country in North America under the influence of the USSR during the cold war.

Cuba is an island Nation State in the aribbean Sea.

Operation 40

Full article: Rated 4/5 Operation 40

Operation 40 was a group of assassins formed in March 1960 to assassinate Fidel Castro. The group was unsuccessful in this endeavour, but later carried out the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Full article: Cuban Missile Crisis



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Cuban Revolution26 July 1953 - 1 January 1959

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