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(author, researcher, psychologist)
ResidenceLos Angeles,  California
Interests • US Deep state
• supranational deep state
• deep politics
• amerithrax
Retired forensic psychologist who has researched the US deep state

Not to be confused with Michael J. Green of the CFR, IISS, Aspen Strategy Group etc.

Michael B. Green, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, a qualified medical examiner (1992-7/2006, retired) and former Assistant Professor of Philosophy University of Texas, Austin, USA

Own words

Dr Green's thumbnail bio in his own words:

I am a retired forensic psychologist living in Los Angeles with enough time on my hands to have spent the past few years studying the deeds whose perpetrators pejoratively deride the correct analysis of which as "conspiracy theories," i.e., USG intelligence community domestic covert operations — fascist politics by unconventional means. A professor of analytic philosophy in a former career, I no longer embrace the Lotus Land argument that if you can work on your abs, then you are not living under a totalitarian state. [1]


Documents by Michael B. Green

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:911 Plotters Bury Anthrax Evidenceessay3 August 20082001 Anthrax attacks
Document:Domestic Covert Ops for Socialists and Progressivesopen letter13 March 20109-11
Document:FBI Anthrax Frame-uparticle19 August 20082001 Anthrax attacks
Document:How They Get Away With Itessay28 June 20069-11/Commission
Lee H. Hamilton
Norman Mineta
The mechanics of a cover-up
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