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Started: January 15, 2001
Founders: Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger

Owner: Wikimedia Foundation


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"Wikipedia/List of COVID-19 conspiracy theorists"3,284The people and groups that Wikipedia consider COVID-19 conspiracy theorists.
Wikipedia/Censorship9,442Wikipedia claims not to be censored. However, wikipedia's policies don't back this up. Their notions of 'reliability' and 'notability' are particularly suspect.
Wikipedia/Gaps1,575Some of wikipedia's most notable gaps.
Wikipedia/Hasbara46,459Systematic gatekeeping for Jewish interest on Wikipedia
Wikipedia/Notability5,610Wikipedia's supposedly impartial test used to censor topics, ideas and evidence from Wikipedia, while easy admission of disinformation sourced from commercially-controlled media.
Wikipedia/Problems23,952An analysis of Wikipedia's problems, which suggests that its failure to challenge the establishment is rooted in its subservience to organised money-power and is the fatal flaw from which a host of other symptoms arise.
Wikipedia/Protection1,760Wikipedia protects sensitive pages, to prevent anonymous edits which are deemed unwanted. Such protection is an indication that a page may be of deep political relevance.
Wikipedia/Reliability3,434Wikipedia deems some information sources as "reliable" and some as "unreliable", which provide an easy mechanism for blacklisting anyone who contradicts or questions the concensus trance promoted by commercially-controlled media. This website, by contrast, insists that wherever the source, information should be subject to critical scrutiny.
Wikipedia/Russian edition3,076The Russian-language version of Wikipedia - but not written by anyone in Russia!
Wikipedia/System gamers5,076Wikipedia accounts accused to manipulate content.

Wikipedia has an impressive 36 million or so articles in around 300 languages. However, once over 50 thousand, the number of active English-language editors Wikipedia has been in decline since 2007, and stood by Summer 2013 at around 30 thousand.[1]

Official Narrative

Wikipedia bills itself as "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit".


Wikipedia is a website, and therefore of necessity centralised. WikiScanner has shown that media organisations, PR companies, agents of the deep state and CIA are systematically editing pages of personal interest to them.

Hierarchical Control

Anyone can edit the site, but reverting people's edits is easy, and so is blocking users or IP addresses. Not everyone can do that. Who decides who can and who can't? Wikipedia editors are kept in line with what has been called "a crushing bureaucracy with an often abrasive atmosphere"[1], one which gives special permissions to a very select group of editors - privileges that can be revoked if someone's decisions are deemed 'out of line' with the Official Narrative. Wikipedia is not as radically unbiased and fair as it purports to be, and increasingly reflects the agendas of those with deep pockets who have invested in shaping it to suit their commercial purposes.

Infiltration by Intelligence Agencies

Craig Murray has suggested that GCHQ and other spooks are "embedded" in Wikipedia,[2] which would explain their failure to challenge even the most facile official narratives. In 2018 he suggested that the "Philip Cross" account was either a "morbidly obsessed" individual, or more likely was being used by multiple people for a campaign to support the UK establishment's pro-war official narrative.

“We do have evidence that the CIA, even as early as 2008, that the CIA and FBI computers were used to edit Wikipedia,”
Larry Sanger (August 1, 2023)  [3]

Infiltration by other interests

The business of paid edits is hard to document. Major companies hire PR agencies to improve their articles,[4] as well as private individuals that can pay for the service.[5] Some professional Wikipedia editors may choose to voluntary report conflicts of interest, but "Undisclosed paid editing, especially on the part of the largest PR firms, is rampant on Wikipedia,".[6]


Wikipedia for Pay.png

Wikipedia is not controlled by a grassroots organisation of volunteers. The number of individuals editing it has been in decline for years[1] and nowadays it receives multi-million dollar donations from companies and grant giving foundations such as from the Ford Foundation, Omidyar Network and Google, some of which have been linked to seats on the board of the Wikimedia foundation[7].

Use in Wikispooks

Full article: Wikispooks:Importing From Wikipedia

Wikipedia has a lot of material, but importing large chunks from Wikipedia into Wikispooks is not recommended, since the deep political content of most articles is diluted and obscured with material of little relevance. Hand written pages are strongly preferred. If you use Wikipedia pages as references, the page version number should also be used.


Full article: Rated 4/5 Wikipedia/Problems

The core problem of Wikipedia is the problem of establishing reliability. In accordance with its increasing professionalization, its decision to depend on "reliable secondary sources such as mainstream media", echoes the pattern of commercially-controlled media the world over. It is therefore inevitable that at least on commercially or politically sensitive topics, Wikipedia tends to display a predictable pattern of symptoms:

Wikipedia-logo-Bias.png Bias Wikipedia-logo-Censorship.png Censorship Wikipedia-logo-Gaps.png Gaps Wikipedia-logo-Spin.png Spin Wikipedia-logo-Obfuscation.png Obfuscation


Full article: Wikipedia/Censorship

Wikipedia is subject to censorship, either by swiftly reverting edits which expressed unwanted views (however factually based)[8], or by disallowing edits on certain, particularly sensitive, topics by the page protection system. Page history is also increasingly subject to censorship.


Quotes by Wikipedia

Australia/1975 coup d'état“There were a number of points of tension between Whitlam's government and the United States intelligence apparatus. Whitlam had close ties with the United States, in 1964 receiving a "Leader" travel grant from the U.S. Department of State to spend three months studying under U.S. government and military officials.

After coming to power, Whitlam quickly removed the last Australian troops from Vietnam. Whitlam government ministers criticised the US bombing of North Vietnam at the end of 1972. The US complained diplomatically about the criticism. In March 1973, US secretary of State William Rogers told Richard Nixon that "the leftists [within the Labor Party would] try to throw overboard all military alliances and eject our highly classified US defence space installations from Australia". In 1973, Whitlam ordered the Australian security organisation ASIS to close its operation in Chile, where it was working as a proxy for the CIA in opposition to Chile's president Salvador Allende. Whitlam's Attorney-General Lionel Murphy used the Australian Federal Police to conduct a raid on the headquarters of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) in March 1973. CIA Chief of Counter-Intelligence, James Angleton, later said Murphy had "barged in and tried to destroy the delicate mechanism of internal security".

Australian journalist Brian Toohey said that Angleton considered then Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam a "serious threat" to the US and was concerned after the 1973 raid on ASIO headquarters. In 1974, Angleton sought to instigate the removal of Whitlam from office by having CIA station chief in Canberra, John Walker, ask the director general of ASIO, Peter Barbour, to make a false declaration that Whitlam had lied about the raid in Parliament. Barbour refused to make the statement. In 1974, Whitlam ordered the head of ASIO, Peter Barbour, to sever all ties with the CIA. Barbour ignored Whitlam's order and contact between Australian and US security agencies was driven underground. Whitlam later established a royal commission into intelligence and security. Jim Cairns became Deputy Prime Minister after the 1974 election. He was viewed by US secretary of state Henry Kissinger and defence secretary James Schlesinger as "a radical with strong anti-American and pro-Chinese sympathies". The US administration was concerned that he would have access to classified United States intelligence.

Whitlam instantly dismissed ASIS chief WT Robinson in 1975 after discovering ASIS had assisted the Timorese Democratic Union in an attempted coup against the Portuguese administration in Timor, without informing Whitlam's government.

Whitlam threatened to reveal the identities of CIA agents working in Australia. He also threatened not to renew the lease of the US spy base at Pine Gap, which was due to expire on 10 December 1975. The US was also concerned about Whitlam's intentions towards its spy base at Nurrungar.”
2022Wikipedia - Alleged CIA involvement in the Whitlam dismissal
Coca-Cola“As part of its corporate propaganda campaign to deflect public attention away from the harmful health effects of its sugary drinks, the Coca-Cola Company has funded front organizations. The company funded creation of the front organization the Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN) to address the growing evidence that the company's products are a leading cause of the epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States and the growing number of Americans, including children, with type 2 diabetes. GEBN designed its own studies to arrive at conclusions set in advance and cherry picked data to support its corporate public relations agenda. After an August 2015 investigative report exposed the GEBN as a Coca-Cola Company front organization, GEBN was shut down.<a href="#cite_note-Clifford_D._Conner_2020_pp._14-16-3">[3]</a>

Three years after the shutdown of GEBN, the company, together with several other junk food giants, was revealed to be behind an initiative in China called "Happy 10 Minutes," funded through a group called the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI). The aim of the initiative was to address decades of research on diet-related diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes and hypertension, by promoting physical exercise to the population but avoiding discussion of the link between such diseases and junk foods, including sugary drinks.<a href="#cite_note-Clifford_D._Conner_2020_pp._14-16-3">[3]</a><a href="#cite_note-4">[4]</a> ILSI through the 1980s and 1990s had been promoting the tobacco industry's agenda in Europe and the United States.<a href="#cite_note-5">[5]</a>


Related Quotations

'Feliks'“Wikipedia is not just what it appears to be. It is more than a lexicon. It is also a bogus encyclopedia, a small but effective opinion manipulation machine. In certain areas, the encyclopedia becomes a pseudo-encyclopedia and has for years been dominated by a small group consisting of approx. 200 people. The only thing remaining is something that looks like a reference book, but is in the hands of dogmatists and people who write in Wikipedia non-stop, but have no qualifications in the areas they write about.”Dirk Pohlmann
Markus Fiedler
24 December 2018
Rosa KoireMinistry of truth: If you are like me you use Wikipedia along with lots of other sources and find it helpful with many fact-based questions. It's the 'peoples encyclopedia'. That is, until you decide to update the Agenda 21, Communitarianism, Sustainable Development, or Asset Based Community Development listings. Then you'll find yourself censored and pounding at the gates. I was successful with a few of these, for a while, but then the gatekeepers found my additions and censored them. They said I was a conspiracy theorist and if I persisted in posting I'd be barred from making any changes or posts to Wikipedia in the future.”Rosa Koire
Frederick Lugard“Read the Wikipedia page on Frederick Lugard and you'd hardly know you were reading about one of the great monsters of history. There isn't even the inevitable Wiki "Notice of Quibbles" or whatever they call'em. The same Anglo academics who comb every Central European writer's works for suspect nouns completely fail to notice their own genocidal horrors. So far, only a few writers from the Subcontinent (Sen,Tharoor) and Africa (Achebe) have sliced through the Empire's post-mortem PR armor. The damn thing's been dead for decades and it still intimidates or bamboozles these American academics (with a few honorable exceptions like Caroline Elkins).”Frederick Lugard
'The War Nerd'


Omidyar NetworkFoundation owned by the the deep state-connected billionaire Pierre Omidyar, financing preferred NGOs


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Document:Wikipedia - J'AccuseArticle1 December 2018Helen Buyniski“If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.” Our in-depth investigation has found that everything we’ve been led to believe about Wikipedia is a lie. Wikipedia serves as a warning that if something sounds too good to be true, it isn’t true. Scratch the surface of the “free encyclopedia anyone can edit” and you find a finely-honed propaganda machine manipulated by experts and used to destroy the reputations of those who dare question the status ...
File:Wikipedia Conflict Dynamics.pdfreport20 June 2012Taha Yasseri
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András Kornai
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