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An group of deep state operatives

A deep state faction is a semi-permanent group of affiliated deep state operatives. In some ways it is the deep political equivalent of a political party, although lacking the public profile, operatives may easily be members of multiple deep state factions.

Relationship to deep state milieux

A deep state milieu is a location in which deep political intrigue is carried out by deep state actors and deep politicians of different factions.


Some deep state factions are personal affairs, and so rise and fall with the particular individual(s) at their heart. Others are more long lived.


Like political parties, deep state factions have often vied for control over a nation state, although their common fear of exposure (and the increasing effectiveness of leaks) may be lessening this tendency.



Page nameDescription
Action Council for Peace in the BalkansAction Council to ensure active support of the Bosnian government through air power and an end to the UN arms embargo
Canada/Privy CouncilNamesake of the UK Privy Council. A means of covert UK control over the Canadian government
Clermont Set"If the original Clermont set were defined by one quality, it was a reckless taste for taking risks." Many members had many connections to other deep state milieux including Le Cercle and The Bilderberg.
Cliveden SetA 1930s incarnation of the UK deep state.
Institute for StatecraftThe UK MoD/FCO funded group that ran the ironically named Integrity Initiative, exposed in 2018 by 'Anonymous' asan organ of the UK/Deep state
Milner GroupThe Milner Group was a key UK deep state group at the turn of the 20th century. It was exposed by Carroll Quigley, who claims that although of great importance, it was particularly difficult to track due to its control of the UK historical record.
Notting Hill Set"A coterie of rich, privileged, Oxbridge-educated careerists who were chums of David Cameron."
Secret EliteAn early 20th century UK deep state. The pseudonym was coined by Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty for their 2013 book Hidden History to describe the people who effectively controlled UK foreign policy from about 1890 into the decade following World War I
Skull and BonesThe most elite US secret society, largely unknown until its influence was publicised by Antony Sutton, who highlighted in particular its members' apparently insatiable desire for power and their mutual loyalty in spite often of public antagonism.
Suite 8F GroupA network of politically active businessman in Texas from the 1930s into the 1960s
The Georgetown SetDeep state faction which creating the CIA.
The Money TrustThe US deep state of the late 19th and early 20th century. After taking control of the US dollar through the Federal Reserve Act, they proceeded on an aggressive project of self-enrichment, leading ultimately to World War II.
Trusted News Initiative
Vaduz InstituteA tight-knit circle of conservative politicians, managers and military strategists who continue to meet in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, four times a year.
Wallenberg SphereSwedish deep state faction centered on the Wallenberg family
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