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World War III (WWIII, WW3 or The Third World War), is the hypothetical successor to World War II (1939–1945). It is a hypothesis well-founded in real but largely suppressed historical evidence. To those schooled in the non-Official Narrative's of the first two world wars and the relentless drive of the post WWII US-UK-NATO alliance towards a 'New World Order' (NWO) controlled by it, WWIII becomes less a matter of hypothesis and more one of inevitability.

It is abundantly clear from post WWII history to date that the arbiters of this drive towards a NWO (a concept drilled into the public by constant use of its more touchy-feely synonyms "International and world community") are not going to volunteer a reduction in the wealth and power it bestows on them by accepting, for example, Russian proposals of "Multi-polarity" as a basis for cooperation and development between the major current power blocks. The internal logic of the globalised corporate capitalism that drives the US-UK-NATO project is, by definition, implacably opposed to any such compromise.

The impending tragedy for humanity is that it is these cold, calculating, devoid-of-humanity interests that also control a vast global military and weapons arsenal, the like of which the world has never before known. Together with State policing and surveillance capabilities that even George Orwell could not have imagined, these capabilities are being relentlessly exploited and further developed. Sadly, it is naive to believe they will not be fully employed before the inhuman monster that controls them concedes that there is a "better way".


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