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Interest ofBulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Intel Slava
DescriptionThe hypothetical dystopian successor to World War II which haunts the MAD holders of nuclear weapons...

World War III (or the Third World War), is the hypothetical successor to World War II. Considering he destructive force of modern WMDs, it could be apocalyptic...


Russian jet shot down by Turkey (2016) - with the "sabre-rattling" getting more intense near Ukraine, a simple local mishap may cause the circumstances that spiral into WW3 - which is a view shared by a NATO official in an interview with Euractiv in January 2022.[1]

Peter Presland (the founder of Wikispooks) wrote in 2014 that the SDS would rather start another world war than accept a reduction in their wealth and influence. His assessment led him to conclude that the US-UK-NATO project is implacably opposed to compromise with Russia and China.[2] The recent drive to promote a New Cold War and stoke Russophobia may be a preparation for a forthcoming hot war. Therefore, unless their control of WMD can be wrested by some means, a tragedy for humanity is impending.

Cui bono?

War was used throughout history to eliminate competitors, but the proliferation and development of WMD mean that mutual annihilation is a real possibility. The threat of such a war was used to close down inquiry into the JFK assassination.

Truth and reconciliation

Although obviously risky, starting a third world war could be used by the SDS to try to escape retributive justice if they felt sufficiently threatened by exposure. This possibility provides further motivation to adopt restorative justice, possibly coupled with a global truth and reconciliation commission (such as that which the incoming South African government used to close the Apartheid era) to address the activities of the supranational deep state.


After the USSR developed nuclear weapons as well as the USA, the prospect of Mutually Assured Destruction (aptly abbreviated MAD) formed the backdrop of the Cold War. The increased destructive power of modern technologies means that WW3 might mean disaster for mankind and much [3] of the natural world.

Nuclear War

Michael Tracey-01July2022.png
Full article: Nuclear war

In late 2021 it was announced that the US will rearm the 56th Artillery Command in Europe with long range missiles (hypersonic ones).[4][5][6][7][8]

Biological War

High powered biological weapons are the most cost effective way to kill masses of people. By 2022 some world experts seem to settle for the idea that the coronavirus has come out of a US bio-weapons lab, while the virus itself may not have caused significant excess mortality in the first year.


In 2019 a novel coronavirus was detected in China. Named COVID-19, it was likely created in a BSL4 lab and deliberately released by the supranational deep state. It is was used for purposes including rapid social change, promoting panic and ultimately the ushering in a global digital ID and BIS-controlled central bank digital currency and associated social credit system. Thus, it was a weapon of war but not used in a war between countries, as much as a war between classes.


Full article: Cyberwar

Cyberwar was pioneered by the US intelligence community and has ever since received the most funding [clarification needed][citation needed], followed by the five eyes countries; leading some commentators [Who?] to remark that the NSA can justifiably become "subject to the very rules of the game (they) have set forth.[9] Increasing reliance on automated system means that a cyber attack could have devastating effects on critical infrastructure.


There is no historical precedent for large scale cyberwar, and the "rules" of cyberwar have not been formalised. Joe Biden warned in 2021 that a significant cyber attack on the US could lead to a "real shooting war".[10][11][12] This is mirrored by statement from Jens Stoltenberg around the same time, that a major cyber attack could trigger a collective response by NATO.[13][14][15]

This escalation policy means that a false flag cyberattack provides an attractive means of starting a shooting war, since determination of the origin of such attacks is extremely difficult.

Ayatollah Khamenei has vowed to take revenge for the killing of Qassem Soleimani, who was assassinated in January 2020.[16] A video released in January 2022 on Khamenei's website shows a drone strike on Donald Trump,[17] who ordered the attack. In the current situation, one high profile assassination like this can be enough.


Full article: Drones

Drones technology is advancing rapidly and could be potentially disastrous for mankind, as the video Slaughterbots explained.[citation needed]


Full article: Nanotechnology


On the occurrence of the 2014 Yukos ruling the Financial Times wrote:

One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine. “There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?”[18]

Cultural references

Dr Strangelove is a tragicomedy about starting World War III, and some of its characters were inspired by real US warmongers.[Who?][citation needed]



Page nameDescription
Bunkers in New ZealandBunkers for the rich to sit out Armageddon.
Svalbard Seed VaultFacility in remote Norwegian Arctic archipelago; often mentioned to be necessary as back-up to restart human civilization.


Related Quotations

2023“Dozens of versions of the above war-game scenario have been enacted over the last few years, most recently in April by the House Select Committee on competition with China. And while the ultimate outcome in these exercises is not always clear — the U.S. does better in some than others — the cost is. In every exercise the U.S. uses up all its long-range air-to-surface missiles in a few days, with a substantial portion of its planes destroyed on the ground. In every exercise the U.S. is not engaged in an abstract push-button war from 30,000 feet up like the ones Americans have come to expect since the end of the Cold War, but a horrifically bloody one. Soldiers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army hold up shotguns. And that’s assuming the U.S.-China war doesn’t go nuclear.”Michael HirshSeptember 2023
Cold War II“The United States remains the world’s leading power with global interests, and it cannot afford to choose between Europe and the Indo-Pacific. Instead, Washington and its allies should develop a defense strategy capable of deterring and, if necessary, defeating Russia and China at the same time.”Atlantic Council
Matthew Kroenig
18 February 2022
Vladimir Putin“Western countries have been saying for centuries that they bring freedom and democracy to other nations. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of bringing democracy they suppressed and exploited, and instead of giving freedom they enslaved and oppressed. The unipolar world is inherently anti-democratic and unfree; it is false and hypocritical through and through.

The United States is the only country in the world that has used nuclear weapons twice, destroying the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. And they created a precedent. Recall that during WWII the United States and Britain reduced Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne and many other German cities to rubble, without the least military necessity. It was done ostentatiously and, to repeat, without any military necessity. They had only one goal, as with the nuclear bombing of Japanese cities: to intimidate our country and the rest of the world.

The United States left a deep scar in the memory of the people of Korea and Vietnam with their carpet bombings and use of napalm and chemical weapons. It actually continues to occupy Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea and other countries, which they cynically refer to as equals and allies. Look now, what kind of alliance is that? The whole world knows that the top officials in these countries are being spied on and that their offices and homes are bugged. It is a disgrace, a disgrace for those who do this and for those who, like slaves, silently and meekly swallow this arrogant behaviour.

They call the orders and threats they make to their vassals Euro-Atlantic solidarity, and the creation of biological weapons and the use of human test subjects, including in Ukraine, noble medical research.

It is their destructive policies, wars and plunder that have unleashed today’s massive wave of migrants. Millions of people endure hardships and humiliation or die by the thousands trying to reach Europe.”
Vladimir Putin2022
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer“It is not likely. But he is unpredictable and consumed by resentment and rancour. So, you should not exclude the possibility that he'll be creating a problem between Kaliningrad and Belarus. That area is the gateway from Western Europe to the Baltic countries. If he closes that passage, it would be a reason for war for NATO.”Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
24 February 2022
War party“The Americans want war. The people that Biden has appointed have an emotional hatred of Russia. I’ve spoken to government people who are close to the Democratic Party, and they’ve told me that there’s a pathological emotional desire for war with Russia, largely stemming from the fact that the Tzars were anti-Semitic and there’s still the hatred about their ancestors: “Look what they did to my great-grandfather.” And so they’re willing to back the Nazis, back the anti-Semites in Ukraine. They’re willing to back today’s anti-Semites all over the world as long as they’re getting back at this emotional focus on a kind of post 19th-century economy.
I’ve met these people. Their emotion is one of hatred and anger. You can look at their face and see what they’ve become. This is really dangerous. They are crazy. And Putin is quite right. America has got its power by breaking contracts.”
Michael Hudson24 March 2021


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Karel Schwarzenberg
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Open letter to US President Joe Biden from European deep state minions, pleading for an escalation in Ukraine, and NATO membership. Lo and behold, a week after the letter, Biden approved F-16s, indicating that the letter was astroturf to make a decision already decided seem like done by European demand...
Includes barely hidden threatening of those that blocked NATO accession in 2008, who bear "a grave responsibility" and "will be careful not to hinder it again."
Document:Global Warfare. Preparing for World War IIIarticle1 August 2010Michel ChossudovskyUS Global military deployments, bases and command structure analysed as integral to an agenda aiming at total world hegemony
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Document:The Elite the Great Game and World War IIIarticle8 June 2011Mujahid KamranA global economic system erected on inhuman and predatory values, where a few possess more wealth than the billions of hungry put together, will end, but the end will be painful and bloody
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Document:Washington Drives the World Toward Wararticle13 December 2013Paul Craig RobertsCompelling argument and evidence of the US-UK-NATO drive towards inevitable armed confrontation with Russia and China.
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Intel Slava - assessment of the Donbass situation end 2021TextIntel Slava
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