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The arms trade is a secretive, corrupt and highly profitable area of business. Arms Dealers invariably have connections to intelligence agencies and operate with their protection, either covert or overt.

Arms exporting nations

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Deep State involvement

Dealing in arms, like large scale drug trafficking, appears to be the exclusive preserve of deep state affiliates.


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"National security"“Human nature being what it is, the MICC comprises avaricious individuals who seek to gain private benefit at public cost. But the idea that all the players knowingly conspire to mastermind so intricate a system is difficult to prove, and unnecessary. Instead corruption among defence contractors, Representatives in Congress and the military brass is standard operating procedure camouflaged by an incestuous labyrinthine system and the primacy of 'national security'. Not only do the corrupt actors need to be held to account but, as importantly, the system needs to be untangled.<a href="#cite_note-8">[8]</a>
To further understand this entanglement. I met Chuck Spinney, a life-long Pentagon insider who experienced this labyrinth on a daily basis for over two decades. He produced a vast body of work explaining how the Pentagon really operates. His efforts culminated in the wrath of all the participants in the MICC but saw him featured on the cover of Time magazine.”
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