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Capital cityWashington DC
LocationNorth America
Typenation state
Subgroups• Executive Office of the President of the United States
• Supreme Court of the United States
• United States Congress
• United States Department of Agriculture
• United States Department of Commerce
• United States Department of Defense
• United States Department of Energy
• United States Department of Education
• United States Department of Health and Human Services
• United States Department of Homeland Security
• United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
• United States Department of Labor
• United States Department of Justice
• United States Department of State
• United States Department of the Interior
• United States Department of the Treasury
• United States Department of Transportation
• United States Department of Veterans Affairs
• Central Intelligence Agency
• Commodity Futures Trading Commission
• Environmental Protection Agency
• Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
• Federal Communications Commission
• Federal Election Commission
• Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
• Federal Maritime Commission
• Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
• Consumer Product Safety Commission
• Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
• Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
• Federal Trade Commission
• General Services Administration
• International Trade Commission
• National Aeronautics and Space Administration
• National Archives and Records Administration
• National Credit Union Administration
• National Labor Relations Board
• National Transportation Safety Board
• Nuclear Regulatory Commission
• National Science Foundation
• Securities and Exchange Commission
• Postal Regulatory Commission
• Selective Service System
• Small Business Administration
• Social Security Administration
• Surface Transportation Board
• United States Postal Service
• Government Accountability Office
• United States Office of Special Counsel
Interest ofBilderberg/1992, Claude Julien, King family, Pritzker family
Member ofAPEC, AUKUS, G-20, Global Counter Terrorism Forum, International Energy Agency, NATO, OECD, Pacific Community, UKUSA, UN/SC
Founder ofNonprofit 501(c)(3)
Subpage"US/National security"
US/1952 Presidential Election
US/1968 Presidential election
US/1972 Presidential Election
US/1976 Presidential Election
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US/Ambassador to Cyprus
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US/Ambassador to Haiti
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US/Ambassador to Syria
US/Ambassador to Tanzania
US/Ambassador to The Gambia
US/Ambassador to Yugoslavia
US/Army Command and General Staff College
US/Assassinations since 1945
US/Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division
US/Assistant Secretary of Commerce
US/Assistant Secretary of State
US/Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs
US/Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy Human Rights and Labor
US/Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security
US/Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs
US/Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs
US/Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research
US/Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations
US/Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs
US/Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs
US/Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs
US/Atomic Energy Commission
US/Attorney General
US/Bombing campaigns since 1945
US/Chamber of Commerce
US/Chief Justice
US/Coast Guard
US/Coordinator for Counterterrorism
US/Coordinator for Sanctions Policy
US/Customs and Border Protection
US/Deep state
US/Democratic Party
US/Department of Agriculture
US/Department of Commerce
US/Department of Defense
US/Department of Education
US/Department of Health and Human Services
US/Department of Homeland Security
US/Department of Housing and Urban Development
US/Department of Labor
US/Department of State
US/Department of Transportation
US/Department of Veterans Affairs
US/Department of the Army
US/Department of the Interior
US/Department of the Navy
US/Department of the Treasury
US/Deputy Attorney General
US/Deputy National Security Advisor
US/Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN
US/Deputy Secretary of Commerce
US/Deputy Secretary of Defense
US/Deputy Secretary of State
US/Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
US/Director of Policy Planning
US/Efforts to Suppress Democracy since 1945
US/Federal Reserve
US/Foreign policy
US/Forest Service
US/Freedom of Information Act
US/Green Party
US/Homeland Security Advisor
US/House Committee on Agriculture
US/Legal System
US/Marine Corps
US/Marshals Service
US/National Security Advisor
US/National Security Council
US/Naval Academy
US/Naval Research Laboratory
US/Nuclear weapons
US/Office of Special Counsel
US/Permanent Representative to the UN
US/Police state
US/Postal Service
US/Postmaster General
US/Presidential Election
US/Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
US/Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
US/Secret Service
US/Secretary of Commerce
US/Secretary of Defense
US/Secretary of Health Education and Welfare
US/Secretary of Labor
US/Secretary of State
US/Secretary of the Navy
US/Secretary of the Treasury
US/Solicitor General
US/Space Command
US/Special Envoy for Northern Ireland
US/Special Envoy for the Middle East
US/Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan
US/Sponsored Regime-change efforts since 1945
US/State Governor
US/Strategic Command
US/Supreme Court
US/Trade Representative
US/Under Secretary of Commerce
US/Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
US/Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs
US/Undersecretary of State
US/Vice President
The United States is the single biggest military spender in the world, with higher expenditure than the next ten countries combined (2020).[1] It's infrastructure has been described to be in disrepair since the late 1980s.

The United States is a nation state in North America, bordering Canada and Mexico. A 2014 scientific study (the only one to date)[2] concluded that the US is an oligarchy, notwithstanding democratic window-dressing. A 2017 poll found that the biggest fear of US citizens was "corrupt government officials".[3] A 2018 poll revealed that most US citizens were aware that the government was controlled by the US/Deep state.[4]

Official Narrative

The USA ("Home of the brave... land of the free") is democratic country, with a duly elected leadership which governs from Washington DC and represents the wishes of the people of he USA. Anything you may read or hear about the US Deep state is "fake news". i.e. "There is no American Deep State... it just looks like there is."[5]

Foreign Policy

Full article: US/Foreign policy

US Foreign policy is an altruistic activity designed to promote global wellbeing. The "war on terror" is designed to rid the world of "terrorism" and "failed states", which necessitate the rollback of civil liberties and increasing use of measures such as torture, "targeted killings" and universal surveillance to keep the population safe.

Deep State

Full article: Rated 4.5/5 US/Deep state

Deep State forces have had a major influence in US politics since as least the mid 19th century. The JFK Assassination was a seminally important event in the evolution of the modern US deep state. This fused a working alliance of businessmen, deep politicians and other criminals into a group that Mark Gorton calls "the cabal". This group has controlled almost all subsequent US presidents. During the 1970s, this was outsourced to avoid congressional scrutiny. Under the leadership of George H. W. Bush, it become the supranational deep state.

Awareness of corruption

Full article: US/Corruption

In 2014, 75% of Americans perceived corruption in the US government as "widespread", up from 66% in 2009.[6] Policies such as civil asset forfeiture have been widely criticised even from within the government.[7]


US society has been subject to the attention of social engineers.


"The United States is practically the only developed country in the world that doesn't require companies to give their workers time off... Many American workers must keep on working through public holidays, and vacation days often go unused."



Full article: US/Police
US-Police state.jpg

Police State

Full article: US/Police state

As the "war on terrorism" progresses, with the associated extrajudicial detentions, torture and assassinations, a range of commentators are increasingly coming to see the USA as a de facto police state.[9][10][11][12] The US imprisons more of its population, both as a percentage and in absolute terms, than any other nation.


Both the physical and mental health of US citizens seems to be in decline, with unprecedented levels of chronic illnesses being reported, especially among millenials.[13]

Drug use

Use of opioid pain killers is widespread in USA; in 2011, an estimated 4 million people in the United States used opioids recreationally or were dependent on them[14] and drug overdose has become now the leading cause of death for US residents under the age of 50.[15] As of December 2017, the USA was the only country apart from the New Zealand that allow prescription drug companies to advertise on television.[16] In 2017, around 1/8 of the US population were reportedly addicted to alcohol.[17]


COVID-19 has been in the United States.


Arms Production

The US sold more weapons from 2012-2016, ahead of fellow permanent members of the UN Security Council, Russia, China and the France.[18]

US military

Full article: Stub class article US/Military

The United States military is one of the biggest polluters on earth.[19][20]


Events carried out

2003 Iraq WarIraqA war for oil carried out after "Operation Mass Appeal" an MI6-backed propaganda campaign.
2011 Attacks on LibyaLibya"Perhaps one of the most egregious examples of US military aggression and lawlessness in recent memory", carried out under a pretext of "humanitarian intervention".
Afghanistan/2021 withdrawalAfghanistanThe end of the US–led NATO occupation of Afghanistan
Evacuation from AfghanistanAfghanistanThe evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan, one of the largest airlifts in history
France/Assassinations since 1945
Manhattan ProjectA top secret project to develop nuclear weapons for use in WW2
US/Assassinations since 1945The list is very incomplete....
Vietnam WarVietnam
The Vietnam War was a proxy war lead by US that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from December 1956 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. Millions of people were killed, mostly Vietnamese. JFK was assassinated soon after declaring his intent to withdraw US troops. The war helped the CIA to refine its methods of illegal drug trafficking, torture and the like.


A Document by US

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:Hw-80-2.pdfagreement1 November 1945UKUSAThe 1945 draft UK-USA agreement


Related Quotations

Stef Blok“Give me one example of a multi-ethnic or multicultural society, where the original inhabitants are still living... and where they live in coexistence. I can't think of one. Don't say Australia or the US as the natives there have been exterminated.”Stef Blok2018
Al Capone“This American system of ours ... call it Americanism, call it capitalism, call it what you like, gives to each and every one of us a great opportunity if we only seize it with both hands and make the most of it.”Al Capone1930
George Carlin“It's the old American Double Standard, ya know: Say one thing, do something' different. And of course, this country is founded on the double standard, that's our history! We were founded on a very basic double standard: This country was founded by slave owners who wanted to be free. Am I right? A group of slave owners who wanted to be free! So they killed a lot of white English people, in order to continue owning their black African people, so they could wipe out of the rest of the red Indian people, so they move west and steal the rest of the land from the brown Mexican people, giving them a place to take off and drop their nuclear weapons on the yellow Japanese people. You know what the motto of this country ought to be? "You give us a color, we'll wipe it out!"”George Carlin
George Carlin“Living in this country, you're bound to know, every time you're exposed to advertising, you realize once again that America's leading industry, America's most profitable business is still: the manufacture, packaging, distribution and marketing of bullshit. High-quality, grade-A, prime-cut, pure, American bullshit. And the sad part is, is that most people seem to have been indoctrinated to believe that bullshit only comes from certain places, certain sources: advertising, politics, salesmen – not true. Bullshit is everywhere. Bullshit is rampant. Parents are full of shit, teachers are full of shit, clergymen are full of shit, and law enforcement people are full...of...shit – this entire country. This entire country is completely full of shit, and always has been. From the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution to the Star-Spangled Banner, it's still nothing more than one big steaming pile of red, white and blue, all-American bullshit. Because, think of how we started. Think of that. This country was founded by a group of slave-owners who told us all men are created equal. Oh yeah, all men, except for Indians and niggers and women, right? I always like to use that authentic American language. This was a small group of unelected, white, male, land-holding, slave-owners who also suggested their class be the only one allowed to vote. Now, that is what's known as being stunningly and embarrassingly full of shit. And I think Americans really show their ignorance when they say they want their politicians to be honest. What are these fuckin' cretins talking about? If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, the whole system would collapse! No one would know what to do! Honesty would fuck this country up!”George Carlin
Mark Gorton“I am dedicated to recovering the good America that lives within the hearts of most Americans. Only when we recognize the errors of the past, can we see many of those same flaws in our society today and work to fix them.”Mark Gorton2013
MLK“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world : My own Government.”MLK9 November 1967
Peggy Noonan“I have come to wonder if we don’t have what amounts to a deep state within the outer state in the U.S. — a deep state consisting of our intelligence and security agencies, which are so vast and far-flung in their efforts that they themselves don’t fully know who’s in charge and what everyone else is doing.”Peggy Noonan28 October 2013
Michael RuppertIt’s organized crime. All you do is you call the Republicans the Genoveses and you call the Democrats the Gambinos. The people at the top, they treat it like a crap game. It’s their crap game, like they’re making lots of money. Occasionally, somebody at the table shoots each other, but the moment anything threatens their crap game, they all unite to protect it. ... They’re both controlled by the same financial, economic and corporate interests.”Michael Ruppert
SDS“The United States, while announcing record levels of foreign military sales, effectively pulled the plug on the international arms trade treaty being negotiated at the UN in July 2012, despite at least ninety countries wanting to sign up to an adequate, if not inspiring draft text.”Andrew Feinstein9 August 2012
SDS/Activities“The United States, while announcing record levels of foreign military sales, effectively pulled the plug on the internernational arms trade treaty being negotiated at the UN in July 2012, despite at least ninety countries wanting to sign up to an adequate, if not inspiring draft text”Andrew Feinstein9 August 2012
Hunter S. ThompsonAmerica... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable”Hunter S. Thompson
US/Deep state<nowiki>“I join with those who assess the decay of the so-called Pax Americana into ever widening arms build-ups and military violence, in the light of the very similar decay a century ago of the so-called Pax Brittanica. We need to rescind policies that are as visibly detrimental to America and the world today as they were to Britain then. The problem is that Amnerican institutions are again in the grip of collective mania, as they were in the Palmer raids of 1919 and the McCarthy persecutions of the early 1950s. People outside government must work for a redirection of the U.S. government away from mania and illegality, like the awakening that ends the McCarthy era. But to regain control of politics, Americans must learn to understand and cope with the dark forces of the deep state.

America, I try to suggest at the end [of The American Deep State] has like Britain far more to contribute to the world than violent power.”</nowiki>
Peter Dale Scott2015
Henk Vredeling“I'm also a little bit against the NATO in the way that it's a fremdkörper. It's de facto America. We should view cases more independently.”Henk Vredeling1985



1-3-30 PlanA Rockefeller Foundation sponsored large scale surveillance proposal and simulation. Held April 2020
1910 Jekyll Island meetingA secret meeting at Jekyll Island, attended by six men who conspired to privatise the US money system for control of the "money trust".
1993 World Trade Center bombingA bomb attack on the World Trade Center which several authors have suggested was not a surprise to the FBI. A confidential CIA internal survey reportedly concluded that it was "partly culpable".
2010 Times Square car bombing attemptAmateurish terrorist attack stated to be by Faisal Shahzad. Judging from from track history, FBI agent provocateur involvement always worth keeping in mind.
2016 Orlando nightclub shooting2016 mass shooting at gay nightclub in Florida
9-11A complex and spectacular set of events in New York and Washington. The US government was quick to blame Al Qaeda, though no evidence of guilt was presented and there is much suspicion about what Al Qaeda really is. In the USA 9-11 assisted the Patriot Act's roll back of civil liberties, the stepping up of domestic surveillance and the financial advancement of the military industrial complex. Abroad 9-11 helped launched wars on Iraq and Afghanistan that had been planned long before.
9-11/E-4BAn E-4B was spotted over the White house and the Pentagon on 9/11. The official narrative for more than a decade was not to talk about it, although it was reported on CNN and video, photos and eye witnesses do exist. Later declassification did prove the basic fact that the plane was present.
American Airlines Flight 587A catastrophic plane crash in New York City exactly two months and one day after 9-11.
American Civil War
Arms for LibyaAround 20 tonnes of C-4 plastic explosive, training in bomb making, together with thousands of rifles, handguns & other weapons sold by a CIA operative to Muammar Gaddaffi's Libya in the late 1970s - early 1980s. Then "the biggest arms-dealing case in U.S. history", still lacking its own page on Wikipedia as of 2020.
Atlanta sex trafficking operationA sex trafficking operation in Atlanta.
Atlantic StormA scenario designed to mimic a summit of transatlantic leaders forced to respond to a bioterrorist attack. Recommended militarization, vaccination and stockpiling drugs. Held January 2005.
Attempted Coup of the Libertarian Party of New HampshireAn event in June 2021.
Bilderberg/1957 FebruaryThe earliest ever Bilderberg in the year, number 5, was also first one outside Europe.
Bilderberg/1964A year after this meeting, the post of GATT/Director-General was set up, and given Eric Wyndham White, who attended the '64 meeting. Several subsequent holders have been Bilderberg insiders, only 2 are not known to have attended the group.
Bilderberg/1971The 20th Bilderberg, 89 guests
Bilderberg/1978The 26th Bilderberg, held in the US
Bilderberg/1985The 33rd Bilderberg, held in Canada
Bilderberg/199038th Bilderberg meeting, 119 guests
Bilderberg/1997The 45th Bilderberg meeting
Bilderberg/2002The 50th Bilderberg, held at Chantilly, Virginia.
Bilderberg/2008The 56th Bilderberg, Chantilly, Virginia, 139 guests
Bilderberg/2012The 58th Bilderberg, in Chantilly, Virginia. Unusually just 4 years after an earlier Bilderberg meeting there.
Bilderberg/2017The 65th Bilderberg Meeting
Boston Marathon bombingsA suspicious bombing with an even more suspicious attempt at a clean up - including the murder of Ibragim Todashev while in police custody.
Cheney LoopholeA 'get out of jail free card' for the Fracking industry, to permit them to poison the US drinking water.
Colgan Air Flight 3407A plane crash which killed a prominent 9-11 truther, Beverly Eckert who refused to accept money from the 9-11/Compensation fund and instead pursued justice in the legal system.
Controversy in Loudon County, VirginiaWhat is going on in Loudon County?
Crimson ContagionAn U.S. nationwide exercise in how to handle an influenza pandemic. Held January to August 2019
Culture war
Deepwater HorizonAn ecologically disastrous oil spill
Event 201A Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security/World Economic Forum/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored large scale simulation of a global coronavirus pandemic predicting an apocalyptic outcome. Held October 2019.
Flint water crisisA mass poisoning in Flint Michigan
Gamergate controversyFree Speech battle of the 2010s
Great DepressionA huge impoverishment of the US citizens, resulting from market manipulations by The Money Trust
Gretchen Whitmer/Kidnapping plotThe "unsuccessful plot" in 2020 to overthrow the Michigan government arranged by the FBI.
J. D. Tippit/MurderAn accessory murder to the JFK assassination
JFK/AssassinationThe assassination of US President John F. Kennedy was the seminal deep political event of modern times, perhaps even more than 9-11. Both were done by the same group. Subsequently the group assassinated RFK, MLK and many others to try to contain the truth.
Le Cercle/1968 (New York)The first meeting of Le Cercle in America. End date uncertain
Le Cercle/1970 (Washington)Exact dates uncertain
Le Cercle/1973 (Washington)Exact dates uncertain
Le Cercle/1977 (Washington)
Le Cercle/1978 (Washington)Includes the 12 December
Le Cercle/1979 (Washington)start/end dates uncertain
Le Cercle/1980 (Washington)
Le Cercle/1982 (Washington)
Le Cercle/1985 (Washington)
Le Cercle/1986 (Washington)
Le Cercle/1999 (Washington)
Le Cercle/2000 (Washington)
... further results


Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered HereDescription
7th floor groupA set of USDOJ officials who met at the top of the US State Department to control information. Termed by the FBI a "shadow government". Ignored by corporate media. Wikipedia removed its coverage of the group.
AIPACA lobby which has somewhere between a lot of influence and "total control" over the US Government.
Advance Publications
Adventium Labs
AmazonAn monopoly/cartel online retailer with deep state connections.
American Committee for Peace in ChechnyaA group of neocon warmongers showing a touching concern for the Russian separatist province of Chechnya.
American Foreign Policy Council
American UniversityOne of the top five feeder schools to the U.S. Foreign Service, Congressional staff, and the CIA
Amnesty International USA
Anti-Defamation League
Arizona State UniversityHome of the McCain Institute
Associated Press
Bank of AmericaSecond biggest bank in the US
Bard CollegeLiberal arts college in New York State from 2021 funded by Open Society Foundations
Baylor UniversityOldest continuously operating university in Texas
Bear StearnsDefunct American bank
BloombergMedia empire owned by billionaire Michael Bloomberg.
Bradley UniversityMidwestern private university
Brandeis UniversityStrong liberal arts focus, closely connected to the Jewish community
Brigham Young University99 percent of the students are Mormons
Brown UniversityIvy League, major deep state hub
Bryn Mawr CollegeA private women's liberal arts college
CACIMajor MIC contractor; torture in Abu Ghraib. Often referred to as “Colonels and Captains, Inc.” to indicate the frequent revolving door of senior military personnel in the company. The company also has strong Israeli ties.
CDCThe main US government body charged with preventing disease outbreaks
Calvin CollegeA private Christian (Calvinist) university
Carlyle GroupA "private global investment firm" with around 1400 employees which has become the world's second largest private capital firm. Close connections to the deep state are suspected.
Case Western Reserve UniversityImportant research university with significant government ties
Center for International Private Enterprise
Center for Naval Analyses
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Central Washington UniversitySmall regional Washington State university
Chabad LubavitchA Hasidic movement of Orthodox Judaism
Chaminade University of HonoluluCatholic university with 66% Asian/Pacific Islander students
Chicago Police Department
City University of New York
Claremont McKenna College
Clayton, Dubilier & RiceLeader in private equity.
Clemson UniversitySouth Carolina university with strong military recruitment presence
Cleveland State UniversityCleveland, Ohio public university.
Colby College
Columbia University
Command Consulting Group
Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
ComverseAmerican Tech company which does most of its research and development in Israel.
Cornell Law School
Cornell University
Council on Foreign RelationsA long established and relatively public organ of the US deep state.
Covington & BurlingWell connected Washington law firm
... further results


Citizens of US on Wikispooks

'Lionel'26 August 1958
Aaliyah16 January 197925 August 2001American celebrity who was killed in a plane crash just as her career was starting.
David Aaron21 August 1938Deep state connected diplomat
Latoya AbbottEvent 201 participant; her innovative methods increased vaccine uptake in hospital workers
Ziad Abdelnour3 December 1960A neoconservative financier who was disciplined by the SEC.
Morton Abramowitz20 January 1933A key player in determining recent U.S. foreign policy.
Elliott Abrams24 January 1948A deep politician heavily involved in the Iran-Contra affair, given a pardon by George H. W. Bush
Robert Abrams4 July 1938
Stacey Abrams9 December 1973American politician and lawyer
Sasha Abramsky
Dean Acheson11 April 189312 October 1971US deep state operative who was the 51st Secretary of State
Theodore Achilles29 December 19058 April 1986Very closely connected to the creation NATO
Alexander Acosta16 January 1969The US lawyer whose approval of a plea deal with Jeffrey Epstein avoided a public trial after being told that “Epstein was above his pay grade.”
Jerome Adams22 September 1974Donald Trump's Surgeon General
Kenneth Adelman9 June 1946Neocon deep state operative US/Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations for 4 years
Stephen J. Adler1955editor-in-chief of Reuters, the source of most news, since 2011.
Gary AguirreAn SEC whistleblower
Roger Ailes15 May 194018 May 2017Established Fox Television in 1996 with Rupert Murdoch.
Fouad Ajami18 September 194522 June 2014Triple Bilderberg "terror expert"
George Akerlof17 June 1940
Nelson Aldrich6 November 184116 April 1915US Deep state operative, member of The Money Trust, attended the 1910 Jekyll Island meeting
Keith B. Alexander2 December 1951Chief of the NSA, now infamous for his mendacious denials regarding the illegal mass surveillance of US citizens.
Paul Allaire21 July 193824 February 2019Bilderberg Steering Committee member who headed Rank Xerox
Gary Allen2 August 193629 November 1986
John Allen15 December 1953A Retired US Marine Corps 4 star General
Richard Allen1 January 1936US National Security Advisor, Cercle, Iran-Contra...
Randolph Alles1954American law enforcement officer and government official.
Graham Allison23 March 1940Attended the Bilderberg in 2007 after a 33 year break. First attended, as a speaker, in 1970, aged 30. Multiple deep state connections.
Joseph Alsop10 October 191028 August 1989Influential journalist very close to the CIA
Roger Altman2 April 1946US Banker, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Sam Altman22 April 1985Young visitor to the 2016 Bilderberg
Shepard AmbellasFounded Intellihub
Hooshang Amirahmadi24 May 1947Iranian American spook who attended Le Cercle.
Robert O. Anderson12 April 19172 December 2007Triple Bilderberg Big Oil exec who attended the 1973 Bilderberg
Robert Anderson4 June 191014 August 1989Le Cercle, Bilderberg,
Dwayne Andreas4 March 191816 November 2016Large political donor to both major US parties.
Hans Angermueller7 October 192411 July 2015Iran-Contra connected banker
James Jesus Angleton9 December 191712 May 1987"The dominant counterintelligence figure in the non-communist world", according to Richard Helms, DCI.
Little ApostateA girl in the US who became critical of the Covid-19 related legislation and started a podcast.
Anne Applebaum25 July 1964Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/Inner Core
Frank Archibald
Ladan ArchinIranian-American protégé of Paul Wolfowitz
Jennifer Arcuri1985
Michael Armacost15 April 1937President of the Brookings Institution, Acting US Secretary of State for 5 days in 1989
Richard Armitage26 April 1945"A sophisticated member of the top echelons of the U.S. government"
Hamilton Fish Armstrong7 April 189324 April 1973
Martin Armstrong1 November 1949Economic forecaster who was held in jail for 11 years, most of the time for contempt of court, after being relieved of the initial charges.
Joe Arpaio14 June 1932US Sheriff who stated that the long-form birth certificate of Barack Obama was a computer-generated forgery.
Sonia Arrison8 September 1972US futurist author. Attended the 2010 Bilderberg
Victor Ashe1 January 1945
... further results


Event Participated in

July 2021 Gulf of Oman incident29 July 202129 July 2021Incident in July 2021


Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Ahmadinijad UN Statement 2011statement22 September 2011Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Document:America's non-compliancearticle29 April 2010Gareth Peirce
Document:Backing the Wrong Horsemanblog postCraig MurrayThe neo-con drive to dominate the Middle East, in alliance with Saudi Arabia and Israel, has caused an apocalyptic level of death and destruction, which I put (an extremely conservative figure) at 5 million dead. Now compare that to the worldwide death toll from coronavirus: 220,000. Let me say that again. Western aggressive wars to coronavirus: 5,000,000 versus 220,000.
Document:H.RES.758legal document18 November 2014United States CongressThis bill puts America on a footing for war against Russia. It has received close to zero coverage in the US and other establishment media.
Document:How Russia betrayed Americaessay10 March 2015Mike KingA useful mirror image of the Anglo-US-Nato official narrative about Russia
Document:Human Rights in the USAreport10 April 2011China's Information Office of the State Council
Document:It’s Nato that’s empire-building, not Putinarticle7 March 2015Peter HitchensRare honesty, peppered with obligatory obeisances to western official narratives, about Nato empire-building since 1990 from a western mainsteam media journalist.
Document:Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and IraqArticle3 June 2015Seumas MilneAmerican forces bomb one set of rebels while backing another in Syria, and mount what are effectively joint military operations with Iran against ISIS in Iraq while supporting Saudi Arabia’s military campaign against Iranian-backed Houthi forces in Yemen
Document:Raqqa: A City Laid Waste, The Law Laid LowArticle2 November 2018Christopher BlackIn June 2017, the US-led coalition - including France and the UK - launched a military operation to force the Islamic State armed group from Raqqa. But instead of only targeting IS, we killed hundreds and injured thousands of civilians, while obliterating much of the city.
Document:The Last Bus to Idlib: Terrorist Safe-Haven in Syria About to Face a Cleaning OutArticle3 August 2018Steven SahiounieOne by one, all other areas in Syria under terrorist control have fallen, and now the final battle for Idlib province looms large on the horizon. The liberation of Idlib will begin soon, and the green buses can finally get back to their job of transporting Syrians as they live, shop and work in peace at last.
Document:The World Is on the Brink of War Once Again as All Hell Breaks Loose in SyriaArticle8 February 2018Darius ShahtahmasebiWith the assistance of the media, the United States and Israel continue to bomb Syria in direct contravention of international law, targeting Russia's ally the Syrian Arab Army, without any significant journalistic or international opposition.
Document:Time to Start Paying Attention: The US Just Bombed Russians in SyriaArticle9 February 2018Darius ShahtahmasebiIt is not clear if Russia has a retaliation of its own in mind, but we would do well to remember that when similar incidents took place last year, Russia indicated that they would begin targeting US jets if they had to. Almost immediately after this stark warning, Australia pulled its planes out of its air missions in Syria.
Document:UN expert says "collective persecution" of Julian Assange must end nowReport31 May 2019Nils Melzer“In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence and political persecution I have never seen a group of democratic States ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonise and abuse a single individual for such a long time and with so little regard for human dignity and the rule of law,” Professor Melzer said. “The collective persecution of Julian Assange must end here and now!"
Document:US Nuclear Policy Review: The World Is Our EnemyArticle8 February 2018Christopher Black“We (the United States) will keep you guessing as to when and against whom we will use them (nuclear weapons). We will maintain our role as the greatest state terrorist by keeping the nuclear Damocles sword over the heads of the people of the world constantly to ensure that the world acts in our interest.”
Document:Unthinking extremism - Radicalising narratives that legitimise surveillancepaper26 October 2015Ben Harbisher
Document:Washington Wants Syria's OilArticle30 August 2017Anna JaungerThe future of Syria and its geopolitical strategic equation will depend on who controls the oil-rich region of Deir al-Zor.
Document:Who Spies for Israel in Washington’s Nuclear Negotiations?article1 April 2015James PetrasHow Israel's interests are pursued in the corridors of US power in general and in the P5+1 nuclear negotiations with Iran in particular - with a credible list of suspects.
File:Anonymous-open-letter-to-us-citizens.pdfopen letter24 March 2011'Anonymous'An incitement to revolution


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TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Covert Action in Chile, 1963-73reportCIA
Operation Mockingbird
Chile/1973 coup d'état
1976Church CommitteeA Church committee report of the hearings before them to study governmental operations with respect to intelligence activities of the United States Senate. A very thorough, but lengthy, investigation into CIA activity in Chile. Includes numerous instances of media manipulation and propaganda in the millions of dollars.


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