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I was born in UK in 1970, but have been living abroad for about half my life. Long a believer in the folly of sorting the world into 'good people' and 'bad people', into winners and losers - as money inevitably does - I'm an economic dissident.


Many of the activities described on this wiki are technically crimes, but I do not believe it would be fruitful to apply the old systems of "justice" in connection with them. If this strikes you as odd, I ask you to consider the depth and breadth of the deep state, which is only sketched out on this website. I share Mark Gorton's conviction that a Truth and Reconciliation Commission may be the best practical way forward towards the world I would like to live in. Marshall Rosenberg has taught me that if we are to live long here, us humans must transcend "enemy images"[1] and maybe even re-conceive what it is to be a human...[2]

Activity on Wikispooks

2012: Discovered the site while researching Unwelcome Guests and stopped to help out.
2013: Coded Wikipedia+ as a tool to help people get here, and for their own, information decentralising purposes.
2014: Started to roll out SMW to improve organisation and presentation.
2015: More or less finished SMW rollout. Still doing bits of tidying. Added about Le Cercle.
2016: Coded Template:SMWQ, the Year and Decade objects and one or two other snippets.
2017: Added quite a lot of content, such as the Bilderberg reports.
2018: Made a page for every known attender of the Bilderberg or Le Cercle.


It seems slightly immodest to rate some pages of which I'm an author, but Oh well, it does increase the visibility of important pages...

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