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A handler is a dedicated manager of someone. The term is from espionage, so is not publicly used.


Where a term is needed to express a relationship, ambiguous choices such as "special adviser" of "consultant" are preferred. Nominally, this is usually with regard to particular expertise. Chris Donnelly, for example, was an "expert" on the USSR, and was a "special adviser" in this capacity to four NATO secretaries general as well as to UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.



Page nameDescription
'Raoul'Little known Portuguese spook who worked for The Cabal as handler for James Earl Ray.
IMF/Managing Director/Special adviser
Pablo MillerSergei Skripal's MI6 handler, whose identity the UK government issued a D Notice to try to prevent coming out in connection with the Skripal Affair.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a> A leak revealed him to be on an Integrity Initiative mailing list.
George de MohrenschildtLee Harvey Oswald's handler, found dead after attempting to share some of what he knew with the media.


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