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Person.png Prescott Bush   IMDB Sourcewatch SpartacusRdf-icon.png
(politician, banker, businessman)
Born Prescott Sheldon Bush
Columbus, Ohio
Died 1972-10-08 (Age 77)
New York City
Nationality American
Alma mater Yale University
Religion Episcopal
Children • Prescott S. Bush Jr.
• George H. W. Bush
• Nancy Walker Bush Ellis
• Jonathan Bush
• William H.T. Bush
Parents • Samuel Bush
• Flora Bush
Relatives James Smith Bush
Spouse Dorothy Walker Bush
Member of Bush family, JFK/Assassination/Perpetrators, Skull and Bones
Party Republican
Bonesman father of the Bush family

Employment.png United States Senator from Connecticut

In office
November 5, 1952 - January 2, 1963
Succeeded by Abraham Ribicoff

Like his son, George H. W. Bush, Prescott Bush was a member of Skull and Bones.

Trading with the enemy

In the 1930s, Prescott Bush worked for Brown Brothers Harriman, who helped Fritz Thyssen finance Adolf Hitler.[1]

In 1942 Prescott Bush's company's assets were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act.[1] Without citing a source, Mark Gorton claims that "in 1945, Richard Nixon was a US Navy lawyer assigned to look in[to] captured Nazi documents which showed Nazi collusion with Allen Dulles. In exchange for helping to cover up the Dulles war time treason, Allen Dulles and Prescott Bush agreed to help finance Nixon's political career."[2]

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