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A large corporate media site of forums in which readers vote stories up/down. As its popularity grew, it was subject to increased trolling and shilling by propagandists.

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Founders: Aaron Swartz, Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian

Owner: Advance Publications
Staff: 71
Constitutes: corporate media,  forum


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Reddit is a social media site which, while is is firmly corporate-controlled, has nevertheless assisted in various important stories such as the murder of Sunny Sheu. This was especially true in its early days, before its popularity made it a target for systematic research on misdirection by methods such as paid shills.


Investors include Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel, Ron Conway and Jared Leto.

Rise of propaganda

Confessions of a paid shill on Reddit, a popular Reddit post from 2015.

An unknown number of people are believed to work on Reddit as trolls or shills, as outlined by "Confessions of a paid shill on Reddit", a 2015 post there. As a 2019 post remarked, "deep research rarely happens here because shills and useful idiots downvote it to oblivion."[1]


Full article: Reddit/Censorship
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Reddit, to quote one subscriber "has been compromised for a very long time".[2] It is subject to various forms of censorship.[3] and the official rules for how the site works are not followed with posts of deep political relevance.[4] In 2019, Reddit was attempting to remove any mention of Project Veritas. Users report automated methods to flag mentions of it and suspending of any users who tried to post about it.[5]



Readers seeking a Reddit style website with a community more receptive to the topics of discussion on this website may be interested in Saidit.

After the management ruled that Pizzagate was an unacceptable topic for discussion[citation needed], the Reddit group moved to Voat to continue their discussion.


A document sourced from Reddit

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:How Reddit Was DestroyedwebpageReddit/Censorship25 March 2015'Shark Shank'An informative summary of changes made to how Reddit works to facilitate its use as a means of disseminating propaganda and frustrate its use as a forum for uncensored self-expression.