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Group.png Corsair Club
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Corsair III.jpg
The Corsair III in Venice in 1902.
FounderJ. P. Morgan
Membership• J. P. Morgan
• Cornelius Vanderbilt
• William Rockefeller
• Chauncey Depew
• Charles D. Lanier
• George Bowdoin
• Frank K. Sturgis
• David Egleston
• William Turnbull
• Elihu Root
Founded by the head of the US deep state over a century ago, the Corsair Club was a private dining clubs. It gathered 12 members gathered for off the record conversations, presumably about deep political intrigues. It is not known to have survived J. P. Morgan's death in 1913

The Corsair Club was a ruling class dining club, presumably founded by J. P. Morgan, since it was named after his luxury yacht.

Official narrative

Wikipedia has nothing to say about the Corsair Club, although it was the subject of at least one report in the commercially-controlled media (a 1913 article in the New York Times).[1]


In 1881, J. P. Morgan bought the Corsair, a 185-foot luxury yacht. In 1890 he commissioned the 241-foot Corsair II, in 1898 the 304-foot Corsair III[2] and in 1930 the 343-foot Corsair IV.[3] [4]


J. P. Morgan is the presumed founder member of the club. The 1913 NYT article mentions Chauncey Depew. The banker and railroad executive Charles D. Lanier was also a member.[5] Other original members included George Bowdoin, Frank K. Sturgis, David Egleston and William Turnbull[6] [7] and Elihu Root[8]


The group became publicised to outsiders when J. Pierpont Morgan died, since in his will he left silver souvenirs, of the value $1,000 each, to "the members of the Corsair Club at the time of my death."[9]


It is unknown whether the group continued after J. P. Morgan's death in 1913.


Known members

7 of the 10 of the members already have pages here:

George BowdoinBanker with Drexel Morgan & Co. Corsair Club
Chauncey DepewUS deep state operative, classmate of two future US Supreme Court Justices, a member of Psi Upsilon, Skull and Bones, Corsair Club, The Pilgrims Society...
Charles D. LanierA Morgan man.
J. P. MorganUltra wealthy US deep politician whose The Money Trust ruthlessly dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation there for decades.
William RockefellerCo-founded Standard Oil in 1870 with his more infamous brother, John D. Rockefeller.
Elihu RootUS deep politician. A member of J. P. Morgan's Corsair Club.
Frank K. SturgisAmerican banker
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