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Group.png KGB   Namebase NNDB Powerbase Spartacus
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Emblema KGB.svg
Motto Loyalty to the party - Loyalty to motherland
Верность партии - Верность Родине
Predecessor • Ministry of Internal Affairs
• Ministry for State Security
Successor • Federal Security Service
• Central Intelligence Service
• Committee for State Border Guard
• Foreign Intelligence Service
Formation 1954-03-13
Extinction 1991-11-06
Type intelligence agency
Headquarters Lubyanskaya ploshchad, 2, Moscow, Russian SFSR
Subgroups • First Chief Directorate
• (foreign intelligence)
• Second Chief Directorate (internal security and counterintelligence)
• Eighth Chief Directorate (ciphering and government communication)
• Chief Directorate of Border Forces
Interest of John Barron, William Corson

The KGB was the national security agency of the Soviet Union. The initials are an abbreviation for the Russian, Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (committee for state security). When the USSR became Russia, the KGB became the FSB.