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"The graveyard of empires" - Afghanistan has a reputation for undoing ambitious military ventures and humiliating would-be aggressors. Present belligerents take note.

Afghanistan is the source of 90% of the world's heroin. It was invaded in 2001, after the Taliban outlawed the growing of opium, nominally as a response to the events of 9-11. Following occupation by NATO troops, opium production has surged.

Official narrative

The US government's official narrative states that Al Qaeda was responsible for conceiving and carry out the 9/11 attacks, under the leadership of Ossama Bin Laden from a hideout somewhere in Afghanistan. This justifies their invasion and subsequent occupation, an operation which was planned months before September 11th.


The US led attack on Afghanistan was planned before the September 11th event[1], so clearly has some ulterior motive(s), of which the most obvious would seem to be the potential for profits from the opium trade and of course the perpetual need of the MICC for war and unrest.


Increasing production since 2001

The opium poppy harvest in Afghanistan for the year 2000 was outstandingly low, after the Taliban banned production of the crop. However, it increased after the US invaded the country in 2001 and Afghanistan now produces the vast majority of the world's opium, and has been enjoying record harvests. Sibel Edmonds has stated that a large proportion of this is shipped via US military planes to Turkey for onwards distribution.[2]

Mass surveillance

Wikileaks stated in 2014 that "the National Security Agency has been recording and storing nearly all the domestic (and international) phone calls from two or more target countries as of 2013... WikiLeaks has confirmed that the identity of victim state is Afghanistan."[3]

Mineral Wealth

Huge mineral deposits are known in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has huge mineral deposits of a wide variety. The New York Times, to the incredulity of Russ Baker[4] claimed that "the vast scale of Afghanistan’s mineral wealth was [recently] discovered by a small team of Pentagon officials and American geologists." Baker instead suggests that "Other evidence, and logic, point to the fact that everyone but the Western public knew for a long time, and before the 2001 invasion, that Afghanistan was a treasure trove."  


1980s Afghan war
2001 Afghanistan war7 October 2001 - Present

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  1. The BBC reported a week after 9-11 that "Niaz Naik, a former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, was told by senior American officials in mid-July that military action against Afghanistan would go ahead by the middle of October".