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InterestsDeep events
Membership• Biden–Ukraine corruption scandal
• Great Replacement
• white genocide
• Clinton Body Count
• Jeffrey Epstein
• Vince Foster
• Seth Rich
• 9-11
• JFK/Assassination
• Vaccine
• Deep state
• Election/Fraud
• Global Warming
• QAnon
• COVID-19/Origins
• Obama
• Osama Bin Laden
• Joe Scarborough
• John F. Kennedy/Assassination
• Steele dossier
• US 2020 Election
• US 2016 Election
• Global Warming
• CDC/MMR vaccine fraud
• Mexico
• South Africa
• Soros
• Kamala Harris
• Lori Klausutis
• US Deep State
Wikipedia has an article listing all the "conspiracy theories" promoted by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump/Conspiracy theories is a long list. According to Wikipedia, Donald Trump has a track record of "peddling baseless conspiracy theories".[1] Readers are encouraged to click on the articles on the right to read more about them.


Although Trump often used Twitter[2] or FOX[3] as source (who have reported on these stories), Wikipedia only names the following persons Trump has used as sources or has supported at all for their theories regarding the topics listed; Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Jack Posobiec, Sidney Powell, Paul Joseph Watson, L. Lin Wood and Kelly Townsend.[4]