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Document:Britain's noxious history of Imperial warfarebook introduction7 January 2013John NewsingerThe British Empire is indefensible unless conquered peoples are somehow less worthy beings than the British. What British people would regard as crimes if done to them, were and are justified in the name of empire. The official narrative, still largely accepted in the West, is racist to its core and illustrates the hypocrisy of an Establishment that never tires of warning about the evils of racism at home whilst predicating its foreign policy on it.
Document:Libya - Imperialism and the Leftarticle28 August 2011Stephen Gowans
Document:Libya Imperialism and the prostration of Left Intellectualsarticle1 April 2011David North
Document:Libya and the Return of Humanitarian Imperialismarticle8 March 2011Jean Bricmont

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