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The JFK Assassination sparked a wave of killings in the USA as the cabal who had killed him tried to cover their tracks and consolidate their power base.
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Assassination is the extra-judicial killing of particular people, often indicative of deep politics at work. Illegal under most legal systems, the Western commercially controlled media has recently been introducing a euphemism for this: if carried out by "us" (Western democracies such as the USA) against "them" (demonized bogeymen), the preferred term is "targeted killing", the legality of which goes unquestioned.

Assassination, or "targeted killing" as it is euphemistically called (especially when carried out by drones), has long been a key feature of deep politics. Many intelligence agencies have hit squads, either public or covert, tasked with carrying out assassinations in such as a way as to either make the premature deaths appear accidental or at least to maintain their own plausible deniability.

Official Narrative

The head of MI6 once claimed that MI6 had never carried out assassinations.[Citation Needed] An essential part of all but the most urgent deep political assassinations in the cover story which is used either to hide the murder (i.e. as a suicide or a fatal accident) or to obscure the true motives and perpetrators. Official investigations regularly declare an assassinations to be the work of "lone nuts", while those who question the official narrative are termed "conspiracy theorists".

Where killings have been openly admitted by intelligence agencies or military groups, they are seldom if ever termed as "assassinations" or "murders" by the commercially-controlled media unless carried out by "enemy" nation states. Euphemisms such as "targeted killing" are de rigueur.

Targeted Killing

Until the case of Anwar al-Awlaki, the US government refused to publicly admit it carried out assassinations. When this was publicly admitted, the BBC did not use the word "assassination", choosing instead to headline their report "US approves killing US-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki".[1]

Wikipedia reports that "Targeted killing is the intentional killing – by a government or its agents – of a civilian or 'unlawful combatant' targeted by the government". It gives prominence to the ideas of Georgetown Law Professor Gary Solis, who in his 2010 book entitled "The Law of Armed Conflict: International Humanitarian Law in War" wrote that "Assassinations and targeted killings are very different acts".[2] The phrase might have been designed to hide the true nature of the fact - many drone strikes are not of known individuals, but so - called "signature strikes", i.e. assassinations of unknown people based ont on their identity but on their behaviour, which is perceived (currently probably only by humans, but in the future quite possible by software) as suspicious.

Assassinations in Israel

Full article: Israel/Assassination

Israel has openly pursued a policy of "targeted killing" since the inception of the second intifada in September 2000, and has killed hundreds if not thousands since then.[3] This policy has broad support amongst the Israeli population.

Assassinations in US

US President Gerald Ford's Executive Order 11905 banned political assassinations, declaring that "No employee of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination."[4] Citing numerous examples, Mark Gorton states that "The criminal forces within the national security state have a long history killing many people for the purposes of hiding the death of one, key, high profile individual."[5] Section 2.11 of Executive Order 12333 (December 4, 1981) reiterated that "No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination" - a prohibition that in 1998, the Washington Post admitted that the US government was tacitly ignoring.[6]

Post War On Terror Law Change

Full article: Rated 4/5 “War On Terror”

Three days after 9/11, the US congress gave "Authorization for Use of Military Force" (AUMF) to the US president[7]. This vague legal statue has been stretched to legalize assassination of al-Qaeda purported leaders.[8] People on the target list are considered military enemies of the U.S., and therefore not subject to ealier legislation. The US has not signed the International Convention against Forced Disappearance. The US government consistently refuses to directly address the legality of military drones. In May 2013 Barack Obama referenced a presidential policy guidance on the matter, but only a 2 page summary has been released - the text itself remains classified.[7]

Operation 40

Full article: Rated 4/5 Operation 40

The CIA's Operation 40 is a hit squad originally organised out of Miami station, constituted mainly of Cubans with aim of assassinating Fidel Castro. The group reportedly carried out multiple assassinations. Daniel Hopsicker and Mark Gorton have claimed that many members of the group were involved in the JFK Assassination.[5][9]

Dallas Occupy Plot

Full article: Dallas occupy plot

MIT students in 2013 used FOIA to uncover heavily redacted documents reveal that the FBI either turned a blind eye to or abetted a plot to assassinate leaders of the Dallas Occupy movement. US District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer ordered the FBI to explain why it isn't cooperating with an investigation into the assassination plot. The US Justice Department has declined to comment on the matter.[10][11]



     Page name     DateCause(s)Official StoryDescription
1980 Camarate air crash4 December 1980
2011 Tucson shooting
JFK/Assassination22 November 1963Lee Harvey Oswald
Gerald Bull/Assassination22 March 1990Unknown
Jo Cox/Murder16 June 2016Thomas Mair
John Lennon/Assassination8 December 1980Mark David Chapman
MLK/Assassination4 April 1968James Earl Ray
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh/Assassination19 January 2010
Malcolm X/Assassination21 February 1965
Olof Palme/Assassination28 February 1986Christer Pettersson
Orlando Letelier/Assassination21 September 1976DINA
Paul Wellstone/Assassination25 October 2002 10:22:00
RFK/Assassination5 June 1968 00:15:00Sirhan Sirhan
Susurluk car crash3 November 1996
US/Foreign Assassinations since 19451945 - Present

Victims of Assassination on Wikispooks

TitleDateCause(s)Official StoryDescription
Jaime Roldós AguileraA leader of Ecuador determined to try to better the living conditions of the population. Assassinated by the CIA.
Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan
Mohamed Farah Aideed
Galip Balkar
Stepan Bandera
Boris Bazarov
Gerald BullA Canadian engineer and developer of long-range artillery. Best known for his involvement in the Iraq 'supergun' project.
Luigi Calabresi
Gary CaradoriAn investigator into the Franklin Prostitution Ring, killed with his son in a plane crash.
Park Chung-hee
Jo CoxEchoing Sweden's Anna Lindh, Jo Cox was killed in the run up to an [[EU Referendum |EU referendum]]. As in the case of Lindh, her murder appears not to have greatly influenced the outcome, and was officially carried out by a "lone nut".=
Ngo Dinh Diem
Silme Domingo
Pim Fortuyn
Francisco Ortiz Franco
Daphne Caruana Galizia
Maurice Gibson
Álvaro Gomez-Hurtado
John Francis GreenA member of the North Armagh Brigade of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.
Fred Hampton
Frank Hegarty
Bill Hunter
Iccho Itoh
JFKThe last US president to effectively seek to promote the welfare of the US population.
Meir Kahane
Liaquat Ali KhanPakistan's first and longest serving Prime Minister, murdered by the USA in order to facilitate their access to oil.
Paul Klebnikov
Huseyin KocadağThe former Istanbul Deputy police Chief killed in the Susurluk car crash
Kim Koo
Andrei Kozlov
Otakhon Latifi
John LennonWorld famous musician who came out firmly against war and spoke out about the "insane" behaviour of government leaders.
Orlando LetelierA Chilean socialist politician and diplomat, assassinated in Washington D.C.
Walter Liggett
Anna Lindh
Huey Long
Allard Lowenstein
Anton LubowskiNamibian anti-apartheid activist assassinated by South Africa's Civil Cooperation Bureau
Samora Machel
Salvatore Maranzano
Georgi MarkovA Bulgarian dissident writer who assassinated in 1978
Rolando Masferrer
William McKinley
Aleksey Mozgovoy
Airey Neave
Olof PalmeLeader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party from 1969, and two-term Prime Minister, until his assassination in 1986.
Yann Piat
Anna PolitkovskayaA staunch opponent of the Second Chechen War who was assassinated.
RFKBrother of murdered US president John F. Kennedy, Robert had been his Attorney General and wanted to become US President himself so he could uncover his brothers killers. Assassinated.
Yitzhak Rabin
... further results

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Related Quotation

Meir Dagan“In my opinion, no terrorist should feel immune, anywhere. I think that a person's life is forfeit the moment he decides to adopt terrorist tactics.”Meir Dagan1998


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