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Social control is an interest of deep politicians with long term aspirations, be they dystopian or utopian.

Controlled media

Aldous Huxley - The Ultimate Revolution (Berkeley Speech 1962)[1]
Full article: Rated 3/5 Corporate media

For most people in the world, in the late 20th century, the commercially-controlled media was highly influential in shaping their worldview, with television being a key tool in the process. The rise of the internet is changing this, and strenuous efforts are being made by the establishment to increase internet censorship.

"Forgotten" topics

Certain topics are deemed unsuitable for school, i.e. how money is created, media ownership, methods of empire (see Strategy of Tension), or quantum physics.

Strategy of Tension

Full article: Strategy of Tension

Since WW2, Operation Gladio has applied a strategy of tension, most notably in Italy but also in other countries, to promote fear an uncertainty and render the population pliable. This has been ramped up since 9-11 and the 21st century has seen a spate of false flag attacks used to promote the idea of a worldwide "war on terror". The original Gladio has been replaced by Gladio B, demonising "Muslim terrorists".

Global Control grid

Full article: Global control grid

The Global control grid describes the technical possibilities and applications to achieve social control.

Social credit system

Full article: Stub class article Social credit system

In China the so called "social Credit" System has combined large scale surveillance with aversive conditioning. [2]


Full article: ID2020

China's Orwellianism has been called a reference for ID2020, a Bill Gates global biometric tagging project and Chinese specialists took part in Event201 which eventually modeled implementation for such measures.[citation needed]

Alison McDowell asks if it is prudent to place our "trust" in a technology of unknown origin? Who or what 'Satoshi Nakamoto' actually is and whose interests this invention advances. Why restructure the world's social and economic structures around this code? What would it mean to live life on a ledger?

Nudge Theory

Social control2.jpg

Similar to China, in the US and its 'allies' behavioral science insights are used to "better serve the people." (Obama) [3] , i.e. occasional rewards and punishments in the vicious form of ostracism aka a feeling of social exclusion and guilt or even shame .[4] The system is praised in that it changes how people behave in predictable ways “without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives.” The author fails to mention that such manipulative measures foster dependency and passivity, lower self esteem and are more painful than paying a fine. They might fly under the radar, however, operating in stealthy and covert ways.

How Do You Get Manipulated? Manipulative relationships depend on activating one (or both) of two principal human drives: gain (or reward) and loss (or avoidance). These are the two engines that drive the manipulation. Do not bother looking for anything more complicated than this: Manipulation always boils down to the promise of a net gain and/or the threat of a net loss.”
Harriet Braiker (2003)  [5]

Manipulation is different from — and should not be confused with — legitimate, direct, above-board influence. In contrast to openly announced influence (i.e. monetary incentives), manipulative social control thrives in an atmosphere of indirect, devious, and even deceptive communication. Agendas frequently are hidden and purposes disguised. Threats, intimidation, and coercion are preferred tactics. Manipulators seek the opportunity to ensnare and entrap their victims. They often proceed in subtle, devious, or covert ways so that the manipulative character of the relationship is well established long before its true nature becomes apparent.


Full article: Rated 4/5 School
School ddees.jpg

School is the primary means of social control of the young. School whistleblower John Taylor Gatto documented a concerted effort to extend childhood in his Underground History of American Education which details a decision made by managers in the second half of the 19th century to use mass compulsion schooling to handicap the intellectual development of the masses. He states that "adolescence" is a modern concept, and cites the example of David Farragut who was commissioned a midshipman in the United States Navy before he was a teenager, and in the War of 1812 was even put in charge of a captured vessel, the Essex.[6][7]

Denial of autonomy

In March 2015 Child Protective Services found Danielle and Alexander Meitiv guilty of "unsubstantiated child neglect" after they admitted allowing their children, ages 6 and 10 years old, to walk home alone from a park less than one mile from their house. Maryland laws stated that kids must be accompanied by an adult until they reach age 13.[8]


Advertisements have been used to try to deter particular behaviours.


Advertisements for tobacco products were banned in many countries.[When?] Later, a health warning on the packages was mandated. Later still, this was illustrated with a graphic image, for example, of a victim of lung cancer.

Knife crime

Research into new methods of social control is ongoing. In UK in 2019, the UK Home office introduced messages on boxes of fried chicken, reportedly intended to deter knife crime.[9]


Monetisation arguably represents one of the most important and widespread means of social control.


Alcohol and tobacco products are heavily taxed in most countries.


Various products have been subsidised, either to motivate consumption, alleviate hardship or for more complex reasons. For example, in the UK, mortgage tax relief motivated people to take out large, long term mortgages.



Page nameDescription
"Social distancing"Part of the COVID-19 social change which stated that close human contact must be avoided, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It never had any scientific backing.
"War on Terror"The campaign, launched by the USA under the Presidency of George W. Bush with the support of the UK, and most NATO members (at least formally) and other Western-aligned countries. Nominally a response to the events of 11 September 2001, its stated objective is the elimination of so called 'terrorist organisations', it was in fact conceived long before by a group of terrorist experts, including his father and the groundwork laid at a 1979 conference in Jerusalem as a propaganda term used to legitimise wars of aggression and a scare tactic.
Agenda 2030A UN plan to achieve what they term "sustainable development" by 2030.
Algorithm manipulationWhere algorithms on Social media are used in order to promote the Official narrative.
AlienationKeeping the populace alienated is a goal of the Deep State.
Anti-Terrorist HotlineA line for members of the public to report suspicion of "terrorism"
COVID-19/LegislationMany nation states have passed legislation rapidly advancing a police state with a titular connection to the coronavirus.
COVID-19/LockdownNominally caused by a desire to save human life by slowing the spread of COVID-19, the near global campaign to institute lockdowns can also be interpreted as a global power grab by the supranational deep state.
COVID-19/Zero CovidPolicy during Covid-19 to have no cases of a flu-like disease, which (as history has shown) proved impossible. Heavily enforced by China when many other countries already abandoned the policy within a year or 2. Its scientific need has never been proven.
Central bank/Programmable moneyBlockchain hosted replacement for cash, run by central banks
Civil unrest/Preparation
Climate lockdownPreventative measure to mitigate climate change?
Cyberterrorism/PreparationPreparation for Cyberterrorism includes stepping up internet surveillance of the general public and censorship.
DemoralisationKeeping the populace demoralised is a goal of the Deep State.
Divide and rule
Dumbing downThe purported phenomenon whereby people are adapting to modern life by being progressively less intellectually capable than their forebears.
FearA mental state which is not only unpleasant but demonstrably damaging to body and mind. Its has been used since antiquity for purposes of social control. In the 21st century, this is increasingly centered on the "war on terror" and "extremism" narratives.
GaslightingPlaying tricks on others and telling them they must be imagining things.
Green Industrial Revolutionpreventing climate change?
Hollywood/Predictive programmingA subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them more likely as "natural progressions".<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Hübsche families
ID2020Electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity
Internet/CensorshipRemoving things from the internet has become a high priority for those who seek to contain knowledge and shape ideas. This is done under a range of covers, notably the "war on terror".
Land ownership
Mass surveillanceWholesale surveillance of the citizenry is the new normal, introduced under the smokescreen of the "war on terror". In the "art of warfare" surveillance is taught as a preparatory act for more invasive measures such as the suspension of habeas corpus (i.e. the Patriot Act) or other covert operations.
MilitarisationThe mentality, methods and tools of the military are increasingly being applied across society
Mind controlMind Control aims to gain domination over the victim by making them cede their autonomy to the controlling person or group. Methods include lying, isolation, manipulation, indoctrination, electroshock, operant conditioning, coding / programming and "brainwashing".
Mind control/Child AbuseMind Control aims to gain domination over the victim by making them cede their autonomy to the controlling person or group. Children are especially vulnerable to spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual abuse.
Minimum wage
Open bordersa part of Globalisation
Operation Garden PlotZersetzung of the 1968 peace movement
OptogeneticsA biological technique that involves the use of light to control neurons;A Virtual Reality System for Controlling Living Cells
Phoenix ProgramA clandestine CIA research project into the use of terror as a means of social control. Techhniques from South East Asia, were later developed in Latin America
PrisonBuilding where people who have violated the law can be sentenced to. Rich people evade this place. Politicians, too..... Bankers, yes central bankers too. Unlike in Monopoly, people aren't thrown into prison by random would think. Interestingly enough, in the 2000s that has proved to be the least of a prosecuted person's concerns.
PsychiatryDiscipline devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental disorder, can often be just a reinforcement of the prejudices of the era. Open for power abuse since there are less legal safeguards.
Punitive PsychiatryDiscipline devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental disorder, can often be just a reinforcement of the prejudices of the era. Open for power abuse since there are less legal safeguards.
Quarantinea restriction on the movement of people, animals and goods which is intended to prevent the spread of disease or pests.
SWATThe use of extreme violence by police, which has effectively normalised the use of military equipment and methods
School"The reproductive organ of the consumer society", coming to resemble prisons more and more closely, especially in USA, where attempts have been made to criminalize those who feed the hungry or comfort the afflicted.
SlaverySlavery is the most blatant of abusive relationships. Slaves are denied rights and freedoms, most notably the freedom to escape the relationship. They are de facto, if not de jure, property of their masters.
Social credit systemA system of reward and punishment mechanisms for the government to control its citizens.
Social credit system/ChinaA system of reward and punishment mechanisms for the Chinese government to control its citizens.
Social engineeringThe calculated influencing of society on a large scale, often over a long term.
Social isolationA state of complete or near-complete lack of contact between an individual and society. Encouraged by the PTB.
Soft power
Strategy of tensionAn umbrella term used for long series of covert operations by governments aimed at stressing, destabilising or unsettling target populations or states. First used in Italy to describe Operation Gladio bombings.
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Related Quotations

"Strike Hard Campaign"“The Strike Hard Campaign has shown complete disregard for the rights of Turkic Muslims to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. In Xinjiang, authorities have created a system that considers individuals suspicious based on broad and dubious criteria, and then generates lists of people to be evaluated by officials for detention. Official documents state that individuals “who ought to be taken, should be taken,” suggesting the goal is to maximize the number of people they find “untrustworthy” in detention. Such people are then subjected to police interrogation without basic procedural protections. They have no right to legal counsel, and some are subjected to torture and mistreatment, for which they have no effective redress, as we have documented in our September 2018 report. The result is Chinese authorities, bolstered by technology, arbitrarily and indefinitely detaining Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang en masse for actions and behavior that are not crimes under Chinese law.”1 May 2019
"Strike Hard Campaign"“Credible estimates indicate that under this heightened repression, up to one million people are being held in “political education” camps. The government’s “Strike Hard Campaign against Violent Terrorism” (Strike Hard Campaign, 严厉打击暴力恐怖活动专项行动) has turned Xinjiang into one of China’s major centers for using innovative technologies for social control.”1 May 2019
Edward Bernays“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country... In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons... who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”Edward Bernays1928
COVID-19/Perpetrators/WEF“You have the option to not get vaccinated if you want, but then you can't go out in public.”Leana Wen2021
George Carlin“Governments don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They're not interested in that... that doesn't help them. That’s against their interests. They don't want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table and think about how badly they are getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fuckin' years ago. They don't want that. You know what they want?... They want obedient workers, obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.”George Carlin
Central bank/Programmable money“We intend to establish the equivalence with cash and there is a huge difference there, for example in cash we don’t know who is using a 100 dollar bill today ... the key difference with the CBDC is that the central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use regarding that expression of central bank liability and also we will have the technology to enforce that.”Agustín CarstensOctober 2020
Matthew Ehret“[...] The City of London is a very old institution and is has been the center of world finance for hundreds of years. So how were they able to control 400 million Indians, for 200 years, how were they able to do that? When they only had at most maybe 12-13.000 soldiers physically on the ground. That doesn't make sense.

And so it's only when you begin to realize, okay it's a much more multifaceted component, you have intelligence, you have cultural warfare, which is something reserved for the elite, as far as a knowledge of science of cultural warfare. This is not something you learn in community college. This is something which is reserved for a very select batch of young people, who are perhaps of the right family, who have the right inclinations, who are selected, they're discovered, they're provided sometimes, Rode-scholarships as part of their process of reaching upper level management position. And in the course of doing that, a set of experiences is provided to those young people, who go through an Oxford, or another, there's there's a variety of these types of scholarships that are provided, who then are brought into a sense of an understanding of the longer waves of history and how history actually moves, versus how we're taught in popular books you can buy at your local bookstore, which involves controlling the way people are thinking, controlling the way they're feeling,

[the interviewer mentions the Tavistock Institute] That's one aspect. Yeah it's the psychological warfare component of the British Empire. [on the question if it is the main component of that kind of operation]

Yeah it's an artery, there's also other aspects of it too. There is cultural wars that also involve approaches to science. What method will be permitted in the scientific world, so what sorts of theories are going to receive money, financial support, publications in peer-reviewed journals and which approaches to science are going to be crushed, choked of funding. There's things like that. There's also artistic aspects too. What sorts of artistic traditions will be provided money, revenue to grow, and which ones will be choked off. Why are we producing no more Beethovens, or Mozart's, or Schubert's today, why is that?

[interviewer mentions the sub-standard quality of modern music/artists and the propaganda aspects of it]

It's kind of like this question of, terrorism foreign and domestic, is: are these naturally occurring phenomenon, or are they artificially created to induce a certain effect in a target society you want to control, through fear and through other things, confusion. And it's the same sort of thing with abstract art, a-tonalist music, scientific theories that are useless. We discovered the god particle 10 years ago, what changed? Nothing!

[Matthew Ehret continues that with billions of founding of the LHC an observation was made that had no effect on the world that people experience, it only could unite theoretical models that were not compatible before (since gravity was a force that could not fit with the other four fundamental forces)]

Is that a real scientific discovery, if you make a discovery and then nothing changes? No, not at all. A scientific discovery comes [brings] with it, a power of of action, of having an ability to make better discoveries, but also live a better life, to translate those discoveries into new ways of having better technologies, of having more power to move to live a better life [...]”
Matthew Ehret19 June 2022
John Taylor Gatto“We have come under the domain of a scientific-management manage every second of our lives, every expenditure that we make.”John Taylor Gatto
Hollywood/Predictive programming“Hollywood is the magician's wand (holly-holy) which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public. Things or ideas which would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films in the realm of fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins. These same movies which are designed to program the average person, can give the discerning viewer a better understanding of the workings and the plan of the world agenda. "Be-aware".

Predictive Programming - The power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome.”

Alan Watt
Mass surveillance“Extreme forms of monitoring, whether by the KGB in the Soviet Union, the Stasi in East Germany, or Big Brother in 1984, are essential elements of all tyrannies, and technology is making both monitoring and the consolidation of surveillance data easier than ever.”Robert Epstein18 February 2016
Mind control“The goal and end of Mind Control is to control and bondage the victim or survivor both during abuse and ritual and during 'normal life'”Ritualistic Abuse Consultancy
Sydney .
Mind control“Basically, what we as therapists across the country are finding are a group of clients that formally were considered untreatable, that based on recent information we're finding are reporting having been subjects in mind control experimentation performed by the government, the CIA and the military establishment ... probably from about the late 1940's until middle 80's and may even be going on today.”Valerie Wolf15 March 1995
Mind control“In late 2002, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld appointed General Geoffrey Miller to command Guantanamo with wide latitude for interrogation, making this prison an ad hoc behavioral laboratory. Moving beyond the CIA’s original attack on sensory receptors universal to all humans, Guantanamo’s interrogators stiffened the psychological assault by exploring Arab “cultural sensitivity” to sexuality, gender identity, and fear of dogs. General Miller also formed Behavioral Science Consultation teams of military psychologists who probed each detainee for individual phobias[...].”Alfred McCoy2006
Mind control“When torture is covertly practiced but officially and legally repudiated, there is still hope that if atrocities are exposed, justice could prevail. When torture is pseudo-legal and those responsible deny that it is torture, what dies is what Hannah Arendt called "the juridical person in man".”Naomi Klein2005
Mind control“The aims of the concentration camp as an institution are to break the prisoners as individuals, to spread terror among the rest of the population, and to provide the Gestapo with a training ground and an experimental laboratory. [...] The typical initial reactions are feelings of detachment: 'this can't be true … things like this just don't happen'.

The first few weeks are the worst; persons who manage to live through the transportation to camp and the first three months thereafter, have a fair chance of surviving. If the tortures become too intense, indifference takes the place of anxiety. Prisoners are particularly sensitive to punishments resembling those a parent might inflict upon a child. Prisoners' dreams rarely deal with situations of extreme torture but instead with comparatively smaller maltreatment. Group formation, especially around a hero or martyr, is very effectively prohibited by means of group punishments. For only a short time do the new prisoners direct their hostility primarily against their real enemy; in many cases it is soon turned against former friends or members of the family by whom the prisoners feel deserted. Old prisoners come to direct their hostility mostly against themselves. Gradually a regression to infantile levels take place, turning many prisoners into willing tools in the hands of the Gestapo.

In the phase of 'final adjustment', the strangest phenomenon of all could be observed: the prisoners' identification with the guards. Certain prisoners even tried to imitate the guards' uniforms, became cruel to their fellow-prisoners, partly accepted Nazi ideology. The author's conclusion is: What thus happens in an extreme fashion to the prisoners in concentration camps, happens also, in a somewhat less exaggerated form, to the inhabitants of the great concentration camp called 'Greater Germany'.”
Mind control“Mind Control is a system of influences which break the identity of an individual (his/her beliefs, behavior, thoughts and feelings) and replace it with a new identity”Steve Hassan1993
Mind control/Child Abuse“Clearly our field would like to ignore social realities.”Psychiatrist and trauma researcher Bessel van der Kolk2013
Mind control/Child Abuse“Both Haidee Faimberg (1988) and Ilony Kogan (1989) have shown us how direct and coercive these forms of inherited distress are and how they come to be acted out 'unto the seventh generation' - or at least in the generations to which we have so far had analytic access.”Robert M. Young1992
Paedophile“[...] back in 2007-2008, just like with the show, Perverted Justice, or Catch a Predator,<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a> [...] well there's a lot of us doing stuff like that back then, [...] and people still do it, they pretend to be young girls and all that, and as a proof of concept, as a test back in 2007 I did this and tricked the perp, the pedophile, into calling my number which turned out to be the number of the local Brooklyn New York police station. And then I told them, look you've just called that number, they've got that on file, I can send this to them right now, unless you do what I tell you to do, [...] I now have this guy's life in my hands, because I can send that to the police station and he's going down. So alternatively, if I were say, someone who wanted to build up a slave army of pedophiles, in order to achieve certain ends, I could say now here's what you have to do, you have to do the same thing I just did to you to three other people. Tell each one of them to do it to three other people and then down the line when I'm ready for you to do the actual work, I'll provide instructions, [...]”Barrett Brown9 June 2022
Kees van der Pijl“Across the West, indeed the world, the sort of emergency powers granted to the executive in the United States are being replicated, covered also by increasingly provocative military manoeuvres on the Russian border—partly disrupted by the Covid-19 outbreak. Even though levels of infection are not different in countries with far lighter or even no restrictions, the mainstream reading of events is that we need the state of exception because of the virus. Yet mass surveillance, invasive policing, tracking people’s movements via their mobile phones, by drones flying over public spaces filming passers-by, and other steps, are completely out of proportion to the actual impact of the virus. The discrepancy can only be explained by the hidden agenda of suppressing social unrest.”Kees van der Pijl27 April 2020
School“schools have not necessarily much to do with education... they are mainly institutions of control, where basic habits must be inculcated in the young. Education is quite different and has little place in school.”Winston Churchill
School“Tests aren't tests at all, they're drills. They're part of a psychological training package which controls the behaviour of the unsuspecting. The ultimate goal is to establish and perpetuate a hierarchy. You have to be made to feel that you failed.”John Taylor Gatto2007
Strategy of tension“In order to tackle the root causes of radicalization ("Radicalization" refers to a value shift towards fovouring a more equal distribution of wealth) in particular of young people, the EU should consider strengthening targeted actions designed to raise awareness and promote the respect of fundamental rights and values".”European Ministers of the Interior2015
The Pedophocracy“Contracts between the business milieu and the political world, contracts between businessmen amongst each other, fraud with subsidies or licenses, setting up fake firms, criminal contracts like arms trade... everything was possible. And it always ended with sex and children... Pictures were taken, in jest, to keep both parties to their contracts...


Step by step customers, who first went to bed with me cautiously, were stimulated to rougher sex. I was forced to help them with that... They became complicit and at the same time their mutual connections became tighter. Not one of these people was still inclined to sign contracts with individuals outside the network. If that happened one could make them pay dearly for that...”
Regina Louf1998


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