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(deep politician, spook)
James Jesus Angleton.jpg
BornDecember 9, 1917
Boise, Idaho
DiedMay 12, 1987 (Age 69)
Washington's Sibley Memorial Hospital
Parents • James Hugh Angleton
• Carmen Mercedes Moreno
ChildrenJames Angleton Jr.
SpouseCicely Harriet d'Autremont
Member ofAssociation of Former Intelligence Officers, JFK/Assassination/Perpetrators, Knights of Malta, Office of Strategic Services, The Georgetown Set, US/Deep state
Victim ofparanoia
Interest ofJefferson Morley
"The dominant counterintelligence figure in the non-communist world", according to Richard Helms, DCI.

James Jesus Angleton was a US deep politician and member of the US deep state. He suffered from alcoholism and paranoia. In 1991 the New York Times termed him "the most interesting figure in the history of American intelligence and one of the most powerful, [but] also the most destructive."[1] He was employed by CIA counterintelligence for three decades.

Creating false trails as diversions

Angleton once explained to Paul Craig Roberts that “Intelligence Agencies create stories inside stories, each with its carefully constructed trail of evidence, in order to create false trails as diversions.”

Such painstaking work can serve a variety of purposes. It can be used to embarrass or discredit an innocent person or organisation that has an unhelpful position on an important issue and is in the way of an agenda.

According to Paul Craig Roberts:

“It can be used as a red herring to draw attention away from a failing explanation of an event by producing an alternative false explanation.
"I forget what Angleton called them, but the strategy is to have within a false story other stories that are there but withheld because of ‘national security’ or ‘politically sensitive issues’ or some such.
"Then if the official story gets into trouble, the backup story can be released in order to deflect attention into a new false story or to support the original story.
"Angleton said that intelligence services protect their necessary misdeeds by burying the misdeed in competing explanations.”

"Delusional alcoholic"

In his memoir “The Pigeon Tunnel”, John le Carré (aka David Cornwell) describes James Jesus Angleton as a “delusional alcoholic”.[2]

"Professional paranoiac"

Angleton was described in the BBC Timewatch on Operation Gladio by Oswald LeWinter as a "sort of a professional paranoiac... a fellow who felt, that you couldn't trust anybody".



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