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Type nation state
Location Middle East
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SubpageIran/1953 coup d'état
Iran/Nuclear Weapons
Iran possesses the 4th largest oil reserves of any nation state.

Iran, formerly known as Persia, is an oil rich nation state in the middle east.

Official narrative

They've got nuclear weapons... err, maybe.


Full article: Stub class article Iran/1953 coup d'état

Planned since at least 1951, a coup d'état was carried out in Iran in 1953 against the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mosaddegh. This was organised by the Seven Sisters and then carried out by a small group within MI6 and the CIA.[1], motivated primarily by the huge profits of extracting Iranian oil.

CIA/Deep State operative Frank Terpil admits working for the Iranian government.[2]

Fossil fuel reserves

Iran has the 4th largest oil reserve and the 2nd largest gas reserves of any nation state, about 16% of total global reserves.[3]

2001 invasion plans

Iran was on a list of seven countries which retired 4-star general Wesley Clark (former supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe 1997-2001) stated the US military had plans to invade:

In 2001, in the Pentagon, a general told me : ‘I just received a classified memo from the Secretary of Defense: we will take seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally, Iran.’[4]

Drug Trafficking

Andrei Fursov has reported that groups in Iran are involved in international drug trafficking which threatens the profits of globally orgainsed and US deep state groups. He stated in 2014 that "Cocaine is transferred to Sierra Leone, where it is exchanged for diamonds. With the diamonds they purchase arms. This triangle - Hezbollah, Syria, Iran - gets in the way of the Americans. They take the view, correctly, that eliminating Syria as an Arab partner of Iran, whether relations with Iran are good or bad, Iran will be weaker, and it will be easier to get an agreement with them. The removal of the Assad regime therefore became objective No.1 for the Americans. Likewise for Saudi Arabia and Israel."[5]

Unconditional basic income

Iran was the first country to introduce an unconditional basic income. Since Autumn 2010 it has paid an income to all citizens and replace the decades long system of subsidies of petrol, fuel and other supplies. In 2012, the sum corresponded to about 40 U.S. dollars per person per month.



Iran-Iraq war22 September 1980 - 20 August 1988
Iran/1953 coup d'état15 August 1953 - 19 August 1953


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Press TV2 July 2007 - Present

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