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Concept.png "Islamic terrorism" 
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Islamic "terrorism" is a staple part of Operation Gladio/B, which was drawn up in the mid 1990s to replace fear of communists with fear of Islamic terrorists in particular and Islamophobia in general.

Official narrative

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Extremists are increasingly being radicalised by their twisted conception of the Muslim faith, and expressing their anger in violent ways, including suicide bombings. This requires ever more strict monitoring of civil society to keep people safe.


The modern wave of references to "Islamic "terrorism"" can be traced back to the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism. This was an international a nexus of deep politicians who later profited from the "war on terror", both financially and in that it facilitated the deeper purposes they sought to achieve through the "War on Terror".


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The Amerithrax anthrax attack was originally blamed on "Islamic terrorists". However, as with the 1995 OKC bombing, this diagnosis proved untenable and was adjusted to blame not US citizens, but a single "lone nut", Bruce Ivins. The attacks on New York and Washington D.C. are still officially attributed to Ossama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda.

Post 9/11

The 21st century has seen a rapid increase in terrorist attacks, most of which are presumed by the commercially-controlled media to have been carried out by Moslems.

Cold War II

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The UK Deep state appears to be promoting the concept of Cold War II through groups such as the Integrity Initiative, possibly as a fallback in case the public tire of Islamic terrorism.


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The 21st century has seen a rise in Islamophobia (and in the last few years, probably xenophobia in general), at least in the Western world. This can be seen as a success for the strategy of tension pushed by Operation Glabio B. Some nations, notably France, have enacted laws to outlaw or restrict some styles of dress traditionally preferred by Moslems.[1] The European Court of Human Rights upheld a French law banning veils on 1 July 2014, accepting the argument of the French government that the law was based on "a certain idea of living together."[2]



Page nameDescription
Al-Nusra Front
Al-QaedaA sketchy term that has been repeated endlessly by the corporate media. Its close connections to Western intelligence agencies are never examined. "The Brotherhood" of the modern era.
Islamic StateAn "Islamic fundamentalist terrorist" organisation which whistleblower Sibel Edmonds links to Operation Gladio/B and succinctly describes as a re-branding of al-Qaeda.


Related Quotations

"Counter-terrorism"“The current threat from Islamist terrorism is serious and sustained. It is genuinely international in scope, involving a variety of groups, networks and individuals who are driven by particular violent and extremist beliefs. It is indiscriminate – aiming to cause mass casualties, regardless of the age, nationality, or religion of their victims; and the terrorists are often prepared to commit suicide to kill others. Overall, we judge that the scale of the threat is potentially still increasing and is not likely to diminish significantly for some years.
July 2006
"Extremism"“the distinction between “non-violent extremism” and “violent extremism” is not a valid one.”Alex SchmidMay 2014
Robin Cook“So long as the struggle against terrorism is perceived as a war that can be won by military means, it is doomed to fail. The more the west emphaises confrontation, the more it silences moderate voices in the Muslim world who want to speak up for confrontation.”Robin Cook8 July 2005
Douglas MurraySara Khan is a deeply admired and respected figure among the small community of people in the UK actually dedicated to challenging Islamist extremism.”Douglas Murray1 February 2018


Official examples

2016 Orlando nightclub shooting