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An "incredibly revealing tweet" subsequently removed by the New York Times after the US 2020 Election.[1]
Founded18 September 1851
"All the news that fits our views"... A US Deep state affiliated newspaper "to make a professional middle class comfortable and feel that everything is OK."

The New York Times is a long established and respected newspaper with "a venerable history of eliding references to any US role in overthrowing governments or murdering foreign leaders."[2]

“The function of the New York Times is to make a professional middle class comfortable and feel that everything is OK. It's not "All the news that's fit to print", it's "All the news that fits our views". That's the true motto of the New York Times.
Morris Berman [3]

No Radioactivity In Hiroshima Ruin - A now infamous piece of planted disinformation[4] which cited "only military sources and ignoring eyewitness accounts of radiation sickness."[5]


In 1976, the New York Times unearthed CIA record #104-10406-10110 (Countering Criticism of the Warren Report), which revealed how the CIA weaponised the phrase "conspiracy theorist" as a way of trying to undermine criticism of the JFK Assassination Official narrative that the JFK hit was the act of a "lone nut".[6]

Franklin child prostitution ring

Full article: Franklin child prostitution ring

In 1988 the New York Times reported on the Franklin child prostitution ring and did not completely downplay the allegations of child abuse and trafficking. This may however have been a modified limited hangout or another form of misdirection.

"Gain-of-function research"

Full article: Gain-of-function

“On January 8, 2012, the New York Times published a scorcher of an editorial, “An Engineered Doomsday.” “We cannot say there would be no benefits at all from studying the virus,” the Times said. “But the consequences, should the virus escape, are too devastating to risk.””
Nicholson Baker (4 January 2021)  [7]

Deep State Control

“The truth is hard to find. The truth is hard to know. The truth is more important than ever,” reads a television ad for The New York Times. What the paper fails to add is that the hardest place to find the truth about the forces affecting the life of the average American and the truth about empire is in the Times itself. News organizations, from the [NYT] to the tawdry forms of entertainment masquerading as news on television, have rendered most people and their concerns invisible.”
Chris Hedges [8]


The New York Times coverage is as controlled as the rest of the commercially-controlled media, as Chris Hedges found out when he was dismissed for opposing the invasion of Iraq. Independent coverage of matters of importance to the deep state is not tolerated. In March 2021 a judge decreed that the Times "acted with actual malice" and "reckless disregard" while smearing Project Veritas.[9]

Business Plot

Full article: Business Plot

The New York Times was quick to dismiss the business plot, which it did with an editorial characterizing it as a "gigantic hoax" and a "bald and unconvincing narrative."[10][11]

September 11th

Full article: Rated 4/5 9-11

The York Times "led the propaganda behind 9/11 and the 9/11 Wars. It did so by ignoring many of the most relevant facts, by promoting false official accounts, and by belittling those who questioned the 9/11 events." The paper has never reported any critical analysis of the official narrative up to 2015.[12]


Full article: 9-11/Cover-up

On September 17, the NYT published AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE COVERAGE; Some Flawed Information Occasionally Creeps In which disavowed earlier reporting, such as about the George Washington Bridge plot.[13]

2016 Hurriyah car bombing hoax

Full article: 2016 Hurriyah car bombing hoax

The New York Times had removed their reporting of the 2016 Hurriyah car bombing hoax by 11 December 2017.[14]

Critical thinking

In 2021, the NYT admitted they were losing control over the narrative.[15]

Jerusalem property

The New York Times "owns" a property in the prestigious Qatamon neighborhood of Western Jerusaleam. [Citation Needed] It was once the home of Hasan Karmi, a distinguished BBC Arabic Service broadcaster and scholar. Karmi was forced to flee with his family in 1948 as Zionist militias ethnically cleansed Arab neighborhoods. An estimated 10,000 Palestinian homes in West Jerusalem were stolen that year. Hasan Karmi’s daughter, Ghada, a physician and well-known author in the United Kingdom, discovered that The New York Times was in - or rather on top of - her childhood home in 2005, when she was working temporarily in Ramallah.

The NYT correspondent, Ethan Bronner, actually lives in this stolen house. (How he can be neutral in his reporting of the subject is extremely difficult to understand, since his son serves in the Israeli forces). However, he is fully aware of the situation and is quoted as being uncomfortable about it:

"One of the things that is most worrying not just the Left but a lot of people in Israel about this decision is if the courts in Israel are going to start recognizing property ownership from before the State [of Israel was founded]," Bronner said according to a transcript made by independent reporter Philip Weiss who maintains the blog

Bronner added, "I think the Palestinians are going to have a fairly big case. I for example live in West Jerusalem. My entire neighborhood was Palestinian before 1948."[16]


A Document by New York Times

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)
File:NYT Man Behind Iraq's Supergun.pdfarticle26 August 1990Gerald Bull


Quotes by New York Times

Jimmy Carter“I don’t think there’s any evidence that what the Russians did changed enough votes, or any votes”2017
Jimmy Carter““Well, he might be escalating it but I think that precedes Trump,” he said. “The United States has been the dominant character in the whole world and now we’re not anymore. And we’re not going to be. Russia’s coming back and India and China are coming forward.””2017


Related Quotation

Claire Sterling“The Judith Miller-like journalist in those days who spun the story about Agca's Soviet Bloc connections was Claire Sterling, whose disinformation was quickly picked up by The Reader's Digest, New York Times, NBC News, and other corporate media outlets.”Claire Sterling
Wayne Madsen
28 May 2007


Employees on Wikispooks

Richard BernsteinBureau chief1982Attended 1997 Bilderberg
Jamelle BouieJournalist2019
Steven ErlangerJournalist19871992
Steven ErlangerMoscow correspondentMarch 1992January 1996
Steven ErlangerBureau chief and Chief Diplomatic Correspondent1996
Max FrankelJournalist19521960
Max FrankelEditor19721994
Max FrankelWashington correspondent19611972Attended Bilderberg/1966
Max FrankelMoscow Correspondent19571960
Jodi KantorJournalist2003
Anthony LewisLondon Bureau Chief19641969
Anthony LewisJournalist19692001
Anthony LewisWashington Bureau Chief19551964
Flora LewisForeign and diplomatic correspondent19722002Died in 2002. Attended Bilderberg/1979, Bilderberg/1981 and Bilderberg/1984
James MarkhamForeign correspondent19719 August 1989Allegedly killed himself with air rifle
Souad MekhennetJournalist20032013
John OakesEditor of the New York Times editorial page19611976A "media asset" of James Jesus Angleton
William SafirePolitical columnist19732005
Scott ShaneNational news reporter2004
Brian StelterJournalistMay 2007November 2013
Bret Stephens
Clarence StreitJournalist19211939
Cyrus SulzbergerChief of Foreign Service19441954CIA files referred to Sulzberger as a "known asset". Attended Bilderberg/1959 and 1975.
Cyrus SulzbergerForeign affairs correspondent19391979CIA files referred to Sulzberger as a "known asset". Attended Bilderberg/1959 and 1975.
John VinocurBureau chief in Germany19771982
John VinocurBureau chief in France19821985
Jeff ZelenyJournalist20062013


Google News InitiativeGoogle and the deep state buying domination over corporate media and creating tools to censor independent voices.


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A document sourced from New York Times

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:UN Wants to Know If Spy Agencies Hold Answer to Dag Hammarskjöld’s DeathArticleBernt Carlsson
Dag Hammarskjöld
Susan Williams
Mohamed Chande Othman
Dag Hammarskjöld/Premature death
John F Kennedy
15 July 2017Alan Cowell
Rick Gladstone
After 56 years and many investigations, there is new hope that secrets lurking in Western intelligence archives could solve "the biggest whodunnit" in United Nations history: the mysterious death of Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld...
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