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Exposed • Ptech
• 9/11
A 9-11/Whistleblower who exposed Ptech

Indira Singh is a whistleblower who exposed Ptech and shared some useful information about 9/11.[1][2] She ties the BCCI case, PTECH and the al Qaeda together with CIA drug running and Iran Contra.[3]


On October 26 2004 Indira Singh was one of 100 "prominent Americans" who signed a statement calling on the U.S. Government to investigate 9/11 as a possible "inside job".[4]


Indira Singh has been featured in Guns And Butter[1] and on the Corbett Report.[5]


Wikipedia had a page "Indira Singh" until 23 May 2006.[6]


A Quote by Indira Singh

9-11/Premature death“[...] a lot of symptoms that were consistent with neurotoxic poisoning. Those were just the physical symptoms and in some cases people reported, that their hair fell out and even their dental work fell out. And to me they were consistent with signs of radiation poisoning. But however, the toxic cocktail that had been burning there, I think a California group went and analyzed and pretty much came out with the determination that there are about 900 contaminants, 200 different kind of dioxins, we had the particulate matter, the asbestos, the concrete.” [...] “What is interesting is that, we were, anytime we were ill or not feeling right, the September eleven help services and the red cross would try to get us into counseling and, to me at the end of all of this, it seemed that we experienced the same thing that the gulf war, or other civilians who were exposed to local superfund site disasters, we were all told it was in our head. That's exactly what went on down at 911.” ... “It wasn't until I went to a detox program. We got together with everyone else and compared symptoms, that we realized that this was an epidemic.”


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