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The Wikispooks' policy aims to clearly and concisely define what both editors and readers can expect from the project.


Full article: Wikispooks:Style Guide
Many of the subjects on this website are literal matters of life and death, about which strong feelings are to be expected. Nevertheless, invective such as loaded language and enemy images are not wanted here. Instead, editors are encouraged to channel their efforts to clearly document the source of their feelings, citing primary documents where available.

As an encylopedia, the writing style has a lot in common with Wikipedia - but with crucial differences as regards the trustworthiness of professionals and the establishment in general. Our Style Guide should help you fine tune your style to fit this project. The Wikispooks way is to try to lay out the available evidence as clearly as possible, avoiding loaded or plastic language, particularly enemy images.[1]


Full article: Wikispooks:Editorial Policy
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Wikispooks is not a venue for extensive discussion of official narratives, which already have no shortage of airtime on big media. Alternative ideas are welcome, and editors frustrated by Wikipedia's policies about what constitutes a "Reliable Source" may find the Wikispooks' Editorial policies a liberation.

Page Creation/Deletion

Users are welcome to create pages on any topics where the official narrative is suspect. Where a page is created which has minimal content, use template:stub to indicate this. Even stubs should have a semantic object. Users may nominate pages for deletion, but be aware that deletions are very rare, except for technically obsolete pages[2] or duplicates.[3]

Information removal

Information should be generally not deleted from pages unless it is wrong or misleading. The preferred policy for overlong pages is to split them up into sub-pages[4] rather than deleting information. If you remove a lot of information from a page, it is good practice to explain your reasons for doing so in the accompanying Talk page.


Full article: Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a mine of useful information, but it has serious problems. This article will help Wikipedia editors and should clarify why Wikispooks was set up, using the same software, but as a completely independent enterprise.

Importing from Wikipedia

Full article: Wikispooks:Importing From Wikipedia

If you intend to make much use of Wikipedia, you should familiarize yourself with Wikipedia's problems so you can better detect censorship or bias in the material you draw from Wikipedia. This policy is essential reading before you import large chunks of information from Wikipedia.

Document Editing Rules

Full article: Wikispooks:Document Editing Rules
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As a wiki, most of Wikispooks content is freely editable by any registered user on the site. However, as well as hosting original crowd-edited content, Wikispooks also welcomes copies of 3rd party documents. These are editable, since to synergize with the rest of the wiki, they need to be linked in, but as original documents authored by a particular person or set of persons, their substance must be preserved unedited.


Full article: Wikispooks:Privacy policy

The Wikispooks wiki is a public document and all contributions by editors are publicly available, although Wikispooks does not retain IP addresses and is doing what it can to preserve your anonymity. If you are concerned about concealing your identity, especially if you are revealing classified information, you are advised to take extra measures to stay anonymous.

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  1. e.g. since the word "regime" has negative connotations, "government" is preferred.
  2. For example, category pages, which are being replaced by SMW.
  3. i.e. those that were created with a variant spelling of an already extant page
  4. See, for example, 9-11 and its various sub-pages and sub-sub-pages.
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