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Group.png Skull and Bones  
(Deep state milieu?, Deep state faction?NNDB SourcewatchRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Skull and crossbones c1947 ghw bush left of clock.jpg
Skull and Bones class of 1947. George H. W. Bush is to the left of the clock
Bones logo.jpg
HeadquartersYale University
Typesecret society
Interest ofWilliam Cooper, Kris Millegan
Founder ofAmerican Economic Association, American Historical Association
Membership• David Campion Acheson
• Charles Edward Adams
• Frederick Baldwin Adams
• Frederick Baldwin Adams Jr.
• Lewis Greenleaf Adams
• Stephen Adams
• E. E. Aiken
• Eben Alexander
• William DeWitt Alexander
• Victor Ashe
• Thomas L. Ashley
• Roy L. Austin
• Howard M. Baldrige
• Simeon Eben Baldwin
• William S. Barry
• Thomas F. Bayard Jr.
• Hugh Aiken Bayne
• Lucius Horatio Biglow
• Jonathan Brewster Bingham
• Wilson S. Bissell
• Walker Blaine
• Edwin F. Blair
• William M. Blair
• Eli Whitney Blake Jr.
• Linden Blue
• James Boasberg
• Wilbur F. Booth
• David Boren
• Lloyd Wheaton Bowers
• Augustus Brandegee
• Frank B. Brandegee
• Benjamin Brewster
• Chauncey B. Brewster
• Frederick H. Brooke
• Robert Curtis Brown
• Angela Warnick Buchdahl
• Christopher Buckley
• James L. Buckley
• Reid Buckley
• William F. Buckley Jr.
• Harvey Hollister Bundy
• McGeorge Bundy
• William Bundy
• Edwin Arthur Burtt
• George H. W. Bush
• George W. Bush
• Jonathan Bush
• Prescott Bush
• Frank Butterworth
• Walter Camp
• Michael Cerveris
• John Chafee
• Daniel Henry Chamberlain
• Howell Cheney
• Russell Cheney
• R. Inslee Clark Jr.
• Thomas Cochran
• Henry Sloane Coffin
• William Sloane Coffin
• Sam Collier
• Frederick Collin
• LeBaron B. Colt
• Francis Judd Cooke
• Orde M. Coombs
• John Sherman Cooper
• Granger K. Costikyan
• Rex Cowdry
• Alfred Cowles Jr.
• Alfred Cowles III
• William W. Crapo
• George Crile Jr.
• John T. Croxton
• Carroll Cutler
• Russell Davenport
• Lowndes Henry Davis
• Daniel P. Davison
• F. Trubee Davison
• Clive Day
• Henry C. Deming
• Chauncey Depew
• Albert DeSilver
• Henry Morton Dexter
• J. Richardson Dilworth
• Henry F. Dimock
• William H. Donaldson
• Brian Dowling
• William Henry Draper III
• Albert Elijah Dunning
• Timothy Dwight V
• Benjamin T. Eames
• William Phelps Eno
• Constantine C. Esty
• Maxwell Evarts
• William M. Evarts
• Tali Farhadian Weinstein
• John C. Farrar
• Orris S. Ferry
• Francis Miles Finch
• Clarence Fincke
• Irving Fisher
• Dwight Foster
• Roger Sherman Baldwin Foster
• Charles N. Fowler
• Clint Frank
• Elihu B. Frost
• Evan G. Galbraith
• Edson Fessenden Gallaudet
• Robert Gardner
• Artemus Gates
• Brendan Gill
• Charles O. Gill
• Samuel Hazard Gillespie Jr.
• Daniel Coit Gilman
• John B. Goodenough
• Austan Goolsbee
• Earl G. Graves Jr.
• Henry S. Graves
• Thomas Guinzburg
• Briton Hadden
• Arthur Twining Hadley
• Charles S. Haight Jr.
• Richard Jacobs Haldeman
• John Manning Hall
• William Hamilton
• Clinton L. Hare
• E. Roland Harriman
• W. Averell Harriman
• Burton Harrison
• Fairfax Harrison
• Francis Burton Harrison
• George L. Harrison
• Henry Baldwin Harrison
• Roswell Hart
• George G. Haven Jr.
• Thomas Hedge
• Jack Heinz
• John Hersey
• Al Hessberg
• Anthony Higgins
• Frank Hinkey
• Thayer Hobson
• George Chandler Holt
• Townsend Hoopes
• James Mason Hoppin
• Walter Houghton
• John W. Houston
• John Howland (doctor)
• Richard D. Hubbard
• Richard Melancthon Hurd
• James W. Husted
• David Sinton Ingalls
• Charles Alderson Janeway
• Pierre Jay
• Almet Francis Jenks
• Tudor Jenks
• Oliver Gould Jennings
• Robert Kagan
• Stephen Kellogg
• William Welch Kellogg
• William Kent
• John Kerry
• Hank Ketcham
• Allen T. Klots
• J. Merrill Knapp
• Hugh Knox
• Eddie Lampert
• Lewis A. Lapham
• Tony Lavelli
• Harry LeGore
• David Leonhardt
• Charles Levin
• Asahel Hooker Lewis
• George E. Lewis
• David McCord Lippincott
• Charles Lord
• Winston Lord
• Robert A. Lovett
• Henry Luce
• Chester Lyman
• Charles Fraser MacLean
• Archibald MacLeish
• Franklin MacVeagh
• James McDevitt Magee
• John Magee
• Henry Neil Mallon
• John Marshall
• F. O. Matthiessen
• Robert McCallum Jr.
• Lee McClung
• Tex McCrary
• David McCullough
• Jack McGregor
• Jimmy McLane
• Dana Milbank
• Steven Mnuchin
• E. H. Moore
• George Foot Moore
• William S. Moorhead
• David Acheson
• Victor Ashe
• William P. Bundy
• McGeorge Bundy
• Harvey Hollister Bundy
• Jonathan James Bush
• Prescott Bush
• Thomas Cochran
• Henry Sloane Coffin
• William Sloane Coffin
• Rex William Cowdry
• Percy Rockefeller
• Charles Edward Adams
• Chauncey Depew
• Charles Seymour
• William Howard Taft
• George Leslie Harrison
• W. Averell Harriman
• George Herbert Walker Jr.
• Pierre Jay
• Henry Luce
• E. Roland Harriman
• H. J. Heinz II
• Charles Spofford
• Harold Stanley
• Briton Hadden
• H. Neil Mallon
• Steven Mnuchin
• Andrew Downey Orrick
• George H. W. Bush
• Jonathan James Bush
• Winston Lord
• George W. Bush
• Raymond Price
• Robert William Kagan
• John Kerry
• Austan Goolsbee
• William F. Buckley Jr.
• Stephen A. Schwarzman
• Albert DeSilver
• Harold Stanley
• Robert Alphonso Taft
• George Herbert Walker III
• Andrew Dickson White
• William Draper
• William Collins Whitne
The most elite US secret society, largely unknown until its influence was publicised by Antony Sutton, who highlighted in particular its members' apparently insatiable desire for power and their mutual loyalty in spite often of public antagonism.

Skull and Bones is a secret society started at Yale University in 1832, which played a major role in the evolution of the US deep state. A member of the Skull and Bones society is referred to as a 'bonesman'. Until 1992, membership was entirely male. Antony Sutton speculates in The Federal Reserve Conspiracy that the three senior societies at Yale (Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key and Wolf's Head) may in fact be closely allied.

Official Narrative

The society was little known until historian Antony Sutton publicised it through his book America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones. An anonymous source provided him with an 8 inch stack of documents and membership lists. He reports that 15 final year students are initiated into the society every year, and that its members have a great loyalty to one another. The specific purposes of the society are unclear, but Sutton reports that bonesmen are quite predictable in seeking power.[1]


Yale's Secret Exclusive Society Producing America's Leaders (Dutch documentary)[2]

Sutton claims that the society took de facto control of Yale University within 50 years.[3]

Controlling the discourse

“The Order we are about to investigate [Skull and Bones] had great foresight, back in the 1880s, to create both the American Historical Association and the American Economic Association (most economists were then more historians than analysts) under their terms, with their people and their objectives. Andrew Dickson White was a member of The Order and the first President of the American Historical Association.”
Anthony Sutton (2002)  [4]

Seeking Power

The quotation "We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us" (widely attributed to Theodor Herzl) seems quite apposite in the context of skull and bones. Webster Tarpley writes that "William Sloane Coffin, tapped for 1949 Skull and Bones by George Bush and his Bone companions, was from a long line of Skull and Bones Coffins. William Sloane Coffin was famous in the Vietnam War protest days as a leader of the left protest against the war..."[5]

Notable Members

Wikipedia has a longer list of members which is probably more or less correct. While some have achieved prominence through sport or art, most are senior figures of political, legal or commercial institutions


In 1991, the Russell Trust changed the locks to the tomb and kept that year's class out because they allowed women.[6][7]


Kevin Flaherty wrote "I think that 322 at Operation Mockingbird Washington Post is them flipping us the bird and saying, “We got away with it. All of it.”"[8]

The Skull and Bones logo includes the number "322", the significance of which has been the subject of much speculation since the society was founded.[9][10] Whatever its original meaning, it has become a secret reference to the group.[11]


Anthony Sutton concluded that Skull and Bones is connected to a German group which is: "Almost certainly Illuminati" (the Bavarian Illuminati).[12] Kris Millegan has made the connection as well.[13]


Geronimo's descendants have sued Skull and Bones claiming that its members stole the remains of the legendary Apache leader.[14][15]

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Related Quotation

Election/Fraud“It is more likely that time, rather than the voting booth, will erode the secret power of this Yale group, Nothing this outrageous can survive forever.”Antony Sutton2002


Known members

42 of the 215 of the members already have pages here:

Victor AsheKentucky fellow Bonesman, roommate and cheerleader with George W. Bush, who was appointed Ambassador Poland from 2004 until 2009. Bohemian Grove
James Boasberg"The go-to judge if you don’t want something released to the public"
David BorenJobs including Chair of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board
James Buckley
Harvey Hollister BundySpecial Assistant on Atomic Matters under FDR. Chairman of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,
McGeorge BundyS&B, Deep state actor, National Security Advisor
William BundySkull & bones deep politician and cold warrior who played a key role in the US side of the Bilderberg.
George H. W. BushSkull and bones mastermind of the bush family busine$$.
George W. BushThe 43rd US President, a bonesman, former oil businessman, now being pursued for war crimes.
Jonathan James BushAmerican banker who was son of Prescott Bush and brother of George H. W. Bush.
Prescott BushBonesman father of the Bush family
John ChafeeAttended 4 Bilderbergs between 1979 to 1992
Thomas CochranAmerican bonesman banker closely associated with the leading J.P. Morgan & Co bankers such as Dwight P. Morrow and Henry P. Davidson in the firms big financial operations during and after World War 1.
Henry Sloane Coffinleading liberal Presbyterian leader. Bonesman.
William Sloane Coffin
John Sherman Cooper
F. Trubee DavisonSon of influential banker Henry Davison. Worked with deep state operatives Judge Gary and Bill Donovan. After WW2 Director of Personnel for the CIA.
Chauncey DepewUS deep state operative, classmate of two future US Supreme Court Justices, a member of Psi Upsilon, Skull and Bones, Corsair Club, The Pilgrims Society...
William Draperformer President of the Export–Import Bank of the United States. He also led the highly strategic United Nations Development Programme, the biggest source of multilateral development grant assistance, and the U.S. Export-Import Bank. Both institution have a huge influence on policies in countries in the global south, an influence which he also made sure was used. Skull and Bones. Atlantic Council. His father was active in population control.
Evan GalbraithAttended the 1982 Bilderberg as US Ambassador to France
Austan GoolsbeeSkull and Bones economist. Obama advisor. One of the WEF's 100 Global Leaders for Tomorrow. Fan of heavy COVID-19 bailouts
Briton HaddenCo-founder of Time Magazine with Henry Luce, who gained hold of company after Hadden died prematurely in 1928.
E. Roland Harrimanwell connected Bonesman banker
W. Averell Harriman
H. John Heinz II34 Bilderberg meetings, Bilderberg Steering & Advisory Committees
Pierre JayFirst chairman of the New York Federal Reserve in 1913
George Herbert Walker Jr."Uncle Herbie" had close relations with later US President George Herbert Walker Bush
Robert KaganCo-founder of the Project for the New American Century
John KerryUS Skull and Bones DSO, in Jeffrey Epstein's Black book ...
Winston LordFormer Bilderberg Steering committee, bonesman, CFR
Robert A. Lovett
Henry Luce
Henry Neil Mallon“surrogate uncle” to GHWB
Andrew Downey Orrick
Percy RockefellerRockefeller family member who sat on numerous boards. Skull and Bones.
Charles SeymourPresident of Yale University with deep state ties.
Charles SpoffordPenta Bilderberger lawyer and suspected US deep state operative
Harold StanleyOne of the founders of Morgan Stanley
Alphonso Taftan American jurist, diplomat and politician
George Herbert Walker III
Tali Farhadian Weinstein
Andrew Dickson WhiteUS bonesman,university president and diplomat.


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Document:The Secret Society That Rules The WorldArticle7 November 2018Bas SplietIn his 1999 campaign autobiography, President George W. Bush mentioned his membership in passing: "My senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society, so secret I can’t say anything more."
File:America's Secret Establishment.pdfbook30 July 1983Antony Sutton"If I have a magnum opus, this is it."
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