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Permanent war mentality is a form of paranoia that concentrates on enemy images. A reaction to trauma, it is associated with high stress and aggression, low empathy.

Permanent war mentality allows no possibility of global peace, a phenomenon which was, briefly, anticipated after the end of the cold war.

Integrity Initiative

Full article: Integrity Initiative

The Integrity Initiative was, until 2018, a generally unregarded UK group that appeared to be a charity aiming to oppose "Russian Propaganda" by "countering disinformation". Reading of the leaked Integrity Initiative documents reveals many of its members seem preoccupied with tackling a "Russian threat". Leaked documents make almost no mention of peace or negotiation, but instead speak the language of war, specifically of a New Cold War.

Chris Donnelly, IfS director, wrote in 2018 that

“But because this is not a shooting war like 1939-45, we in “Western” countries have not adopted the “wartime mentality” essential if we are to cope with the instability which drastic change inevitably brings. We are now trying to cope in a wartime situation but with a peacetime mentality, peacetime institutions and peacetime procedures shaped by the last 70 years of living in a stable, secure, rules-based environment.


The qualities we now need in our public servants

So, if we consider what qualities and characteristics we need in those whom we select for leadership today, in a period of rapid and profound change, in all sorts of institutions – government departments, big companies, the NHS - the conclusion is that we need to look for people who have abilities that suit a wartime environment rather than a peacetime one.”
Chris Donnelly (2 February 2018)  [1]
Emphasis in original

Euan Grant wrote that “The character of conflict has changed in recent years. Today, we are seeing a new level of competition among State and non-State interests. It is self evident that success in this hypercompetitive world, to a large extent, will depend on a nation’s ability to develop and deploy new forms of power, including indigenous skills in the Cyber, Signals and Electronic Warfare spheres.” [2]


An example

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Document:Establishing a modern perspective - Nation-State vs Network State"The...requirement is for the organisation to be able to get its message across, to ensure that the Government and the people understand that they are actually engaged in one (or more) instability, like it or not." Chris Donnelly believes “we are at war, but with peacetime attitudes."


Permanent war/Mentality victims on Wikispooks

Tom CottonThe most Hawkish senator in US Congress. Elected, funded and guided by AIPAC, advocates war crimes, jailing kids and aunts for "corruption of blood". Tried very infamously to sabotage the Iran Nuclear Deal.
Chris DonnellyA UK Deep politician who set up the Institute for Statecraft (amongst other groups).
Paul NitzeUS deep politician, hawkish United States Deputy Secretary of Defense.


Related Quotations

Love“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.”MLK
StopFake“[StopFake] has been criticised for a monomaniacal fixation on Russian hybrid warfare, but its work has been widely praised.”June 2018
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