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(lawyer, activist)
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As the King family looks on, William F. Pepper addresses the media following the trial of Loyd Jowers in connection to the MLK assassination. Atlanta, December 9, 1999.
BornAugust 16, 1937
Interests • MLK Assassination
• JFK Assassination
• RFK Assassination
• US Deep state
• Unschooling
The lawyer who successfully brought a legal case against the US government for the MLK assassination.

William Francis Pepper is the US lawyer who lead the successful 1999 civil legal case in which a US jury unanimously decided that the MLK Assassination was part of a conspiracy involving members of the US government.

On the MLK, JFK and RFK assassinations

MLK Assassination

Pepper initially didn't look into the MLK assassination, but believed the official narrative that blamed James Earl Ray.

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On the MLK assassination

In June 2016, William Pepper published The Plot To Kill King which contains extensive appendices of the interviews carried out by William Pepper - to prevent critics saying that he took quotes out of context. The book reveals that J. Edgar Hoover used his number two, Clyde Tolson, to come into Memphis on a regular basis and liaise with the Dixie Mafia and organize the on the ground killing of Martin King. It shows that Tolson carried $25,000 in, and that money was carried to the prison where James Earl Ray was. He - James - had been profiled and never knew this. That given to the warden, Swenson, and James was allowed to escape, and then he became part of their network. He was under a handler whom he knew as Raoul and who I later came to know as Raoul Coelo. He was an ex Portuguese intelligence officer who lived in Yonkers New York." [1]

JFK Assassination

RFK Assassination

He has been trying to establish that Sirhan Sirhan was not a "lone nut" shooter who killed Robert F. Kennedy.


Event Witnessed

Truth And Reconciliation Committee on the Assassinations Of The 1960sA call for a Truth And Reconciliation Committee
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