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PerpetratorsThe Money Trust
DescriptionThe 1913 law which secured operational control of the US dollar for the US Deep state up to the present day.

The Federal Reserve Act, passed in 1913, set up the Federal Reserve System. This has given control of the US dollar for the US Deep state up to the present day.


“The Republican leader did not know what was in the Act nor was he given the opportunity to find out what was in the Act. Later in debate Bristow directly accused Owen of inserting provisions for the profit of his own bank.

There were major abuses of the legislative process in the passage of the Federal Reserve Act - sufficient to void the act. If we have a society that lives by rules then there is no Federal Reserve Act.

Both Finance Committee Chairmen, Congressman Glass and Senator Owen, had conflict of interest with personal banking interests and stood to gain from the bill. Meetings to discuss the bill were held without knowledge of committee members. Decisions were arrived at and established without the knowledge and agreement of members. Major sections of the bill were settled without consultation and railroaded into final form. There is indisputable evidence of outside banking influence upon Congress.”
Anthony Sutton [1]

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