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Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination.jpg
Jack Ruby about to shoot Lee Harvey Oswald who is being moved by Dallas police. Det. Jim Leavelle is wearing the tan suit. Det. L.C. Graves is wearing the dark suit.
Date11:21 November 24, 1963
LocationDallas,  Texas,  USA
PlannersUS/Deep state
Blamed onJack Ruby
DescriptionThe JFK assassination plan was that Oswald, the "lone nut" patsy, would be shot, but he was captured alive. This presented a problem, so Jack Ruby was tasked with eliminating him.

Lee Harvey Oswald was assassinated at 11:21 on November 24, 1963 by Jack Ruby, at the behest of his US deep state handlers.

Official narrative

Jack Ruby, a "lone nut" with no deep political connections was incensed by the JFK assassination and decided to execute justice by assassinating him.


Ruby was a mobster connected to the US deep state.


The assassination of JFK had planned that Lee Harvey Oswald would have been shot dead, but he was arrested. As a member of the CIA his trial could have been very problematic, so his assassination was ordered to prevent that circumstance.


The Official Culprit

Jack RubyA "lone nut" who killed another lone nut to try to hide the conspiracy which killed JFK. Both were actually assets controlled by the deep state groups who ran that coup.
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