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Nixon resigns.jpg
US President Richard Nixon accepts his defeat at the hands of the Cabal and announces his resignation on live TV. Part of the deal was that his successor, Gerald Ford would pardon him, preventing an investigation into what happened.
The ousting of Richard Nixon was an important victory for the cabal and cemented George H. W. Bush in his de facto leadership role.

In 1974 Richard Nixon resigned, an important victory for the cabal, since the Watergate Coup was masterminded by George H. W. Bush. This success established his de facto leadership role of the group.

The Watergate coup

Full article: Watergate coup

After the Watergate coup successfully unseated Richard Nixon, he was replaced by the Cabal's more compliant man, Gerald Ford. In October 1974, senator James Abourezk proposed an amendment to prohibit illegal CIA activity, but was overwhelmingly defeated.[citation needed] This, combined with the successful takeover of leadership of the Cabal by George H. W. Bush was to set the scene for Bush's later "massive criminal romp".



Operation Paperclip
Cold War
Vietnam War
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Operation Condor
Great Oil Sniffer Hoax
Watergate coup
1973 Oil crisis
Piazza della Loggia bombing
Birmingham pub bombings

New Groups

Centre for Policy StudiesCentre for Policy Studies.jpg1974 - PresentThink tank
Federal Energy AdministrationGroup.png1974 - 1977
Fraser InstituteGroup.png1974 - PresentPublic policy think tank
Keenie Meenie ServicesKeenie Meenie Services.jpg1974 - PresentMilitary ranks
GlencoreGlencore logo.svg1974 - PresentPublic limited company
West European Public Relations Group for Information on Behalf of IsraelGroup.png1974 - PresentPropaganda
Fraser of Allander InstituteFraser of Allander Institute.jpg1974 - PresentResearch
Think tank
United Nations Disengagement Observer ForceUNDOF Crest.JPGJune 1974 - Present
Paedophile Information ExchangePaedophile Information Exchange.jpgOctober 1974 - 1984Disbanded

Groups that were Wound Up

Office of Public SafetyGroup.png1957 - 1974
Aginter PressGroup.pngSeptember 1966 - 1974Front

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