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Nixon resigns.jpg
US President Richard Nixon accepts his defeat at the hands of the Cabal and announces his resignation on live TV. Part of the deal was that his successor, Gerald Ford would pardon him, preventing an investigation into what happened.
The ousting of Richard Nixon was an important victory for the cabal and cemented George H. W. Bush in his de facto leadership role.

In 1974 Richard Nixon resigned, an important victory for the cabal, since the Watergate Coup was masterminded by George H. W. Bush. This success established his de facto leadership role of the group.

The Watergate coup

Full article: Watergate coup

After the Watergate coup successfully unseated Richard Nixon, he was replaced by the Cabal's more compliant man, Gerald Ford. In October 1974, senator James Abourezk proposed an amendment to prohibit illegal CIA activity, but was overwhelmingly defeated.[citation needed] This, combined with the successful takeover of leadership of the Cabal by George H. W. Bush was to set the scene for Bush's later "massive criminal romp".



Operation Paperclip8 May 19451990A transfer of top German scientists to USA.
Cold War194726 September 1991The official narrative had 2 diametrically opposed systems locked in combat with one another since soon after WW2. Each of the "superpowers" and its team of allies needed to outdo each other by creating ever more and deadlier weapons, creating a kind of perpetual war for perpetual peace, with the warring parties engaging mainly in covert/proxy wars. Deep state interests blossomed in the climate of fear and paranoia.
Operation Demagnetize19481980"The institutional hardening of Gladio", an expansion of Gladio in the late 1940s, early 1950s.
Lockheed/Bribery scandals19501976A series of bribes made by officials of the U.S. aerospace company Lockheed from the late 1950s to the 1970s in the process of negotiating the sale of aircraft.
Vietnam WarDecember 195630 April 1975The Vietnam War was a proxy war lead by US that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from December 1956 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. Millions of people were killed, mostly Vietnamese. JFK was assassinated soon after declaring his intent to withdraw US troops. The war helped the CIA to refine its methods of illegal drug trafficking, torture and the like.
Operation Snow White19601979Religious cult breaks into 100s of international government buildings to remove their own names, is not banned.
Rhodesian Bush WarJuly 1964December 1979
The Troubles19661998The sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland which flared into serious sustained violence through the summer of 1969
Markovic affair196812 January 1976When a sexual blackmailer was killed in 196, it soon turned out he had pictures of very prominent persons, including future President Georges Pompidou and his wife Claude.
Operation Condor19681989US-backed campaign of assassination and terrorisation carried out in South America.
Great Oil Sniffer Hoax19691979A fraudulent scheme purporting to be able to detect oil by a new technology. Details remain rather obscure.
Clockwork Orange1970April 1976UK deep state campaign carried out to discredit the government of Harold Wilson
Inslaw19701990Complex financial/political fraud the full dimensions of which were never uncovered, but some of which were forced onto the official record.
The Disappeared of the Yonne19701980
FBI Activities 2001-present19712001FBI activities between the 911 and present
FBI/Activities 1971-200119712001FBI activities between the official end of COINTELPRO and 911
Watergate coup17 June 19729 August 1974This is framed by the official narrative as a simple case of political corruption, one which proves that "the system works", since the powerful perpetrator was caught - if not actually brought to justice, since outgoing president Nixon was immediately pardoned by his successor, Gerald Ford. In fact it may well have been the outworking of a deeper political power struggle at work.
Guillaume affair19731974
"1973 Oil crisis"October 1973March 1974A huge rise in the price of oil, very probably created by attendees of the 1973 Bilderberg.
Bilderberg/197419 April 197421 April 1974The 23rd Bilderberg, held in France
Piazza della Loggia bombing28 May 1974 10:12:0028 May 1974 10:12:00Bomb attack carried out by Ordine Nuovo as part of Operation Gladio. Killed 8, injured 102.
Birmingham pub bombings21 November 1974 20:27:0021 November 1974 20:27:001974 time bombings in UK attributed to the Provisional IRA


New Groups

Federal Energy AdministrationGroup.png
Fraser of Allander InstituteFraser of Allander Institute.jpgResearch
Think tank
Greater Britain 1975Group.png
Abu Nidal OrganisationGroup.pngPalestinian terrorist group presumed to be an Israeli front.
Open University of IsraelGroup.png
University of HagenFernuniversitaet-in-hagen-logo.pngPrimary focused on remote learning
Fraser InstituteGroup.pngCharity
Public policy think tank
Basel Committee on Banking SupervisionGroup.png
Campaign Against Arms TradeCAAT Logo.jpgUK-based campaigning organisation working towards the abolition of the international arms trade. Was infiltrated by corporate spies.
Fritt OrdFritt Ord logo, new.jpgNorwegian grant giving foundation with Cold War origins.
Concordia UniversityConcordia coa.pngPublic UniversityEnglish-speaking university in French-speaking Quebec
Centre for Policy StudiesCentre for Policy Studies.jpgThink tank
Aspen Institute GermanyAspen germany.jpgOne of the leading U.S. influence networks in Germany, making sure decisions are made behind closed doors.
Keenie Meenie ServicesKeenie Meenie Services.jpgMilitary
Military ranks
A private military contractor implicated in Iran Contra. Bought out in 1977 by Major David Walker (SAS).
Policy Planning Staff (France)Group.png
LUISSLuiss.pngPredecessor was a founded by Félix Morlion to train anti-communist cadres on behalf of the Vatican and the CIA.
LSV MinervaLogo's-minerva.jpgFraternity
Secret society?
A prestigious Dutch elite fraternity
West European Public Relations Group for Information on Behalf of IsraelGroup.pngPropagandaStart date approximate
Social Democratic Party (Portugal)Partido Social Democrata Logo.pngOne of the two major parties in the Portugal. Like with many Portuguese parties, the name is confusing. It is in fact a liberal-conservative party.
GlencoreGlencore logo.svgMultinational mining company with particularly aggressive business style. Tied to Mossad,
Aalborg UniversityGroup.pngUniversityDanish public university with campuses in Aalborg, Esbjerg, and Copenhagen founded in 1974
West Midlands PoliceWest midlands police.png
UN/DOFUNDOF Crest.JPGPeacekeeping MissionThe United Nations Disengagement Observer Force was established by UN Security Council Resolution 350 (1974) to monitor the ceasefire between Israel and Syria in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights following the 1973 Yom Kippur War. UNDOF is still there four decades later.
Paedophile Information ExchangePaedophile Information Exchange.jpgDisbanded
Energy Research and Development AdministrationSeal of the United States Energy Research and Development Administration.pngERDA managed the energy research and development, nuclear weapons, and naval reactors programs.
International Energy AgencyInternational Energy Agency (logo).pngAn organization that was formed after the 1973 oil crisis. The IEA was initially dedicated to never let that happen again, as well as organizing the oil market and making sure big oil stays ahead of other energy sources.


New Website

Executive Intelligence ReviewExecutive Intelligence Review.jpghttp://www.larouchepub.com/


Groups that were Wound Up

Office of Public SafetyGroup.pngUS-led training of police forces in third world countries in counterinsurgency. Officially closed in 1974, but programs constitutes under other names.
Aginter PressGroup.pngFront




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Dave Yaras1974JFK/Assassination/Premature deathFriend of Jack Ruby
Charles Bohlen30 August 19041 January 1974Washington DC
DiplomatUS diplomat member of The Georgetown Set, advisor to all US Presidents from 1943 to 1968
Jacky SloaneJanuary 1974Little known member of the Integrity Initiative, possibly a film director.
Árpád Plesch18891974ParisLawyerHungarian-Jewish lawyer who became rich by fraud during World War 2. Huge collection of esoteric pornography. Mentor of Gianni Agnelli.
Dillon Anderson14 July 190628 January 1974Texas
Carl Burckhardt10 September 18913 March 1974Switzerland
President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (1945–48), where he assisted Germans wanted for war crimes escape to South America. September 1955 and 1956 Bilderberg meetings.
Arne Skaug6 November 19064 March 1974Denmark
Civil servant
Norwegian diplomat who was made Ambassador to the UK the year after attending the 1961 Bilderberg
Ernest Becker27 September 19246 March 1974Canada
British Columbia
Lewis Douglas2 July 18947 March 1974Arizona
US diplomat
Wilhelm Drexelius31 July 190622 March 1974Germany
Hamburg politician and Vice Mayor.
Georges Pompidou5 July 19112 April 1974France
Waldenström's macroglobulinemiaPoliticianGeneral Manager of the Rothschild bank who was President of France from 1969 until his death in 1974 from a rare form of cancer. 1960 Bilderberg
Richard Crossman15 December 19075 April 1974Banbury
John Earman191310 April 1974SpookA CIA Inspector General for 6 years who opposed Operation Midnight Climax. Very little information is available about him as of 2019.
Robert Cutler12 June 18958 May 1974Spook
Leif Höegh21 April 189623 May 1974Deep politician
Bilderberg Steering committee, as was his son
Stewart Alsop17 May 191426 May 1974Journalist
Juan Perón8 October 18951 July 1974Buenos Aires
Nicholas Bodington6 June 19043 July 1974Devon
Earl Warren19 March 18919 July 1974Washington DC
US chief justice. Blackmailed to go along with The Cabal's Warren Commision cover up of the JFK assassination
Clay Shaw17 March 191315 August 1974US
New Orleans
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
The only person prosecuted in connection with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Yuk Young-soo14 November 191715 August 1974South Korea
The First Lady of South Korea, murdered in 1974 by a stray bullet shot at her husband Park Chung-hee
Anton Dijkgraaf11 January 191915 August 1974AmsterdamBankerDutch banker who attended the 1972 Bilderberg
Karl Mundt3 June 190016 August 1974Washington DCPoliticianU.S. congressman. Key proponent of establishing the propaganda sender Voice of America. Member of the House Un-American Activities Committee.
M. J. Coldwell2 December 188825 August 1974Canadian politician
Valerio Borghese6 June 190626 August 1974Spain
Deep state operative
Organized a failed coup in Italy and was exiled.
Charles Lindbergh4 February 190226 August 1974Pilot
Norman Kirk6 January 192331 August 1974Politician
The 29th Prime Minister of New Zealand. An outspoken critic of US foreign policy, he died suddenly while in office, reportedly due to overwork.
Carlos Prats24 February 191530 September 1974Buenos AiresSoldierChilean army leader who defended the constitution and President Allende. His resignation opened for the September 11, 1973 coup. Assassinated in exile with bomb planted by the Chilean intelligence service.
Lee R. PenningtonOctober 1974SpookColleague of J. Edgar Hoover
Paul Hoffman26 April 18918 October 1974New York
Deep state functionary
Five time early Bilderberger, UNDP administrator
Roger Auboin15 May 189116 October 1974ParisCentral bankerManaging director of the Bank for International Settlements between 1938 and 1958.
Karen Silkwood19 February 194613 November 1974Car crashWhistleblower
Labor leader
The assassinated US nuclear whistleblower whose case was taken up by the Christic Institute.
F. Trubee Davison7 February 189614 November 1974Spook
Son of influential banker Henry Davison. Worked with deep state operatives Judge Gary and Bill Donovan. After WW2 Director of Personnel for the CIA.
U Thant22 January 190925 November 1974New York
H. L. Hunt17 February 188929 November 1974Dallas
Billionaire Texas oil tycoon who joined the US deep state through his involvement in the assassination of JFK.
Walter Lippmann23 September 188914 December 1974New YorkAuthor
Political commentator
A US journalism who coined the phrase "Cold War".
William Henry Draper Jr.10 August 189426 December 1974Banker
Deep state operative
Banker, government official, and diplomat. Business connections to Germany both before and after WW2. Also known as the "Wall Street General" who sabotaged reform in Japan. Founder of the Population Crisis Committee in 1965.



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
Katharine Gun1974WhistleblowerA Chinese translator who exposed illegal efforts by the GCHQ to illegally bug the UN offices of 6 nations in an effort to start an illegal war. Considered a hero by many.
Marko Milošević1974Yugoslavia
Leamsy Salazar1974Venezuela
Hugo Chavez bodyguard in the years before his death
Thomas Bossert1974Spook
"Terror expert"
Former US/Homeland Security Advisor
John Horgan1974"Terror expert"
Tove Lifvendahl1974South Korea
Political editor-in-chief at Svenska Dagbladet. A proponent on a liberal refugee policy, she has written several books crime-riddled areas with many immigrants. She attended the 2014 Bilderberg meeting. She is a member of the Trilateral Commission.
Peter Warren Singer1974AcademicBrookings expert on 21st century warfare
Mark Leonard1974
Cristina Martín Jiménez1974El Viso del AlcorAuthor
Alessandra Galloni1974Journalist
WEF YGL Italian journalist named editor in chief of Reuters in 2021.
Sabeen Mahmud19742015ActivistPakistani YGL human rights activist assassinated in 2015
Carlos Núñez1974SegoviaEditorSpanish media executive
Kaius Niemi1974HelsinkiEditorFinnish editor who attended the 2022 Bilderberg
Sergey Korotkikh1974Mercenary
Andrey Botikov19742 March 2023VirologistRussian Sputnik jab scientist "killed by intruder" in 2022.
Pieter Omtzigt8 January 1974Netherlands
The Hague
Dutch MP. Shadowed by the Turkish Deep State for investigating accused peadophile and justice Secretary-General Joris Demmink. Shadowed by the Maltese Deep State for investigating the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Pressured by Ernst Hirsch Ballin and Piet Hein Donner to leave Joris Demmink alone. Silenced from the investigation about Demmink personally by Mark Rutte and his own party and the Childcare Benefits Affair.
Kim Dotcom21 January 1974Germany
BusinesspersonAlleged copyright infringer in the cross hairs of Hollywood and the FBI
Joseph Muscat22 January 1974Pietà
State of Malta
PoliticianPrime minister of Malta from 2013 to 2020. Possibly toppled in George Soros regime change.
Jemima Khan30 January 1974London
Dominique Anglade31 January 1974Canada
PoliticianCanadian politician, former Deputy Premier of Quebec, as Opposition Leader promoted the COVID-19 official narrative
Damian Collins4 February 1974Northampton
Integrity Initiative connected UK politician cum propagandist member of the Center for Countering Digital Hate
Alex Jones11 February 1974US
Radio host
A very vocal and popular radio show host who occasionally has predicted deep events. Although having a very loyal fan base, several researchers have called him a spook.
Paul Kurzberg24 February 1974Spook
Dominic Raab25 February 1974Politician
Ashten Regan8 March 1974
John Glen1 April 1974Bath
PoliticianBritish conservative politician and Accenture consultant, with significant business ties.
Dominic JohnsonApril 1974Politician
Hedge fund manager
Robert Barnes11 April 1974Tennessee
LawyerAmerican lawyer who was involved with the defense of Alex Jones in his 2022 trial
Urmas Paet20 April 1974Estonia
PoliticianEstonian politician. Le Cercle
Babar AhmadMay 1974LondonUS pressure had Babar Ahmad arrested and held for 10 years in UK, although he had broken no UK law. He was beaten up by UK police in 2003. A petition signed by 149,388 people did not prevent his extradition to US - with no evidence of wrong doing provided - a country where it is likely he has been tortured.
Sam ProvanceMay 1974Uniontown
Tamara MakarenkoMay 1974
Arseniy Yatsenyuk22 May 1974Soviet Union
Marjorie Taylor Greene27 May 1974US
PoliticianRepublican politician from Georgia.
Tristram Hunt31 May 1974Cambridge
British Labour Party politician
Andrew Gwynne4 June 1974Former Chair of Labour Friends of Israel
Christophe Béchu11 June 1974France
PoliticianSingle Bilderberg French politician who by 2022 had become Minister for Ecological Transition
Isabel Oakeshott12 June 1974London
UK COVID-19 dissident, possible Cold War II connections
Jo Cox22 June 1974West Yorkshire
16 June 2016PoliticianJo Cox was a UK politician murdered in the run up to the 2016 EU Referendum. Echoing the assassination of Sweden's Anna Lindh, the event appears not to have greatly influenced the outcome, and was officially carried out by a "lone nut".
Casey Wasserman28 June 1974WEF YGL 2008 who flew the Lolita express and whose name features in Epstein's black book
Hugh O'LearyJuly 1974Accountant
Sian Berry9 July 1974Cheltenham
Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales from 2018 to 2021
Maxine Peake14 July 1974Actor
Alexis Tsipras28 July 1974Greece
PoliticianGreek PM
Nader ElhamessiAugust 1974Businessperson
Lars Schall31 August 1974HerdeckeJournalist
German investigative journalist.
Stephen Lawrence13 September 197422 April 1993
Paschal Donohoe19 September 1974Dublin
PoliticianIrish Finance Minister
Jerome Adams22 September 1974US
DoctorDonald Trump's Surgeon General
Jürgen Conings28 September 1974May 2021SoldierBelgian soldier who threatened the Covid narrative and establishment in his country physically.
... further results
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