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Member ofActivist Post, American Herald Tribune, The Last American Vagabond, Unlimited Hangout
Interests • Permaculture
• VIPaedophile
• Zionism
• Epstein Affair
• US deep state
• Operation Warp Speed
• COVID-19/Purposes
Investigative journalist who has published many aspects of The Deep State

Whitney Alyse Webb is an American journalist who lived in Chile when her reporting got worldwide recognition.[1] She relocated to Britain when the Covid-19 measures of the Chilean government became more repressive by the end of 2020.


She has written for a range of independent media such as MintPress News,[2] Global Research,[3] the Anti-Media,[4] The Last American Vagabond,[5], the Unz Review[6] and Black Agenda Report.[7] Her website is Unlimited Hangout;[8] all current social media accounts can be found here.

Patreon censorship 2021

Patreon blocked Webb's account in March 2021, since in their explanation her reports might dissuade her audience from taking preventative measures to fight COVID-19. Point of concern was her December 2020 article that covered the Wellcome Trust extensively.[9][10][11] She was asked to remove the article from her own webiste, she deleted her Patreon after that. An interview she did with James Corbett shortly thereafter lead to the first strike on Corbett's channel.[12][13][14]


Documents by Whitney Webb

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:All Roads Lead to Dark Winterreport1 April 2020False flag
Bruce Ivins
Patrick Leahy
2001 Anthrax attacks
Biological weapon
Tara O'Toole
Fort Detrick
Event 201
Operation Dark Winter
Tom Inglesby
Crimson Contagion
Robert Kadlec
Philip Zack
Document:Theresa May pushing for UK intervention in Syria following Manchester attackArticle25 May 2017Theresa May
Boris Johnson
Jeremy Corbyn
Michael Fallon
2017 Manchester bombing
Jeremy Corbyn Says What We All Knew: The War On Terror Isn’t Working
Document:Trump Set to Recognise Israel’s Claim to Occupied Golan Heights and its Sizeable Oil ReservesArticle26 May 2018Sheldon Adelson
Benjamin Netanyahu
Golan Heights
Donald Trump
John Bolton
Given that Genie Energy’s contract to conduct exploratory drilling in the Golan Heights expires this year, its investors are in urgent need of a way to extract and sell the region’s oil – and a US decision on Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights could be just the answer to the company’s problems.


Quotes by Whitney Webb

2021Wall Street and Central banks are trying to take ownership of nature and the global commons why we are being pushed into a virtual world, the "metaverse." These aren't isolated events, put the pieces together. "You'll own nothing and be happy" is the beginning, not the end.”December 2021
Operation Dark WinterDark Winter not only predicted the 2001 anthrax attacks, but some of its participants had clear foreknowledge of those attacks.”1 April 2020Document:All Roads Lead to Dark Winter
Philip Zack“An internal Army inquiry in 1992 would reveal that one employee, Lt. Col. Philip Zack, had been caught on camera secretly entering the lab to conduct “unauthorized research, apparently involving anthrax,” the Hartford Courant would later report. Despite this, Zack would continue to do infectious disease research for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and would collaborate with the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) throughout the 1990s. The Courant had also noted that: “A numerical counter on a piece of lab equipment had been rolled back to hide work done by the mystery researcher [later revealed to be Zack], who left the misspelled label ‘antrax’ in the machine’s electronic memory.” The Courant’s report further detailed the extremely lax security controls and chaotic disorganization that then characterized the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) lab in Fort Detrick.”1 April 2020Document:All Roads Lead to Dark Winter