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Of particular geopolitical interest primarily because of the fossil fuel reserves of the Persian Gulf.

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Nation states

Nation stateDate
Israel14 May 1948 - Present
Saudi Arabia

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TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Arabs Beware the Small States Optionarticle29 July 2013Sharmine NarwaniA succinct introduction to proposals, widely canvassed among Western Elites but otherwise largely suppressed, to impose a new political settlement on the entire Middle East involving the re-ordering of its national borders along sectarian lines. These proposals represent the increasingly dominant leitmotif of 21st century Globalist driven Middle-Eastern policy.
Bitter Roots - The Bases of Present Conflicts in the Middle Eastspeech1977J Rives Childs
Syria Turkey Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy Warreport12 October 2012William EngdahlA comprehensive report on the struggle to control Middle East oil and gas, exposing the plans behind Western/Israeli diplomatic and military activity towards Syria & Iran. The current state of affairs accords very closely with a publication of the Brookings Institution's "Saban Centre for Middle East Studies" - the PDF of which was removed from the Brookings web site in early October.

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